A Little Snowflake
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    Red face A Little Snowflake

    Soooo I'm back! Tried making another story but please tell me if I should continue this. I didn't take this seriously at first, but I hope this makes sense.

    Reviews and Comments: Thread

    First Chapter: The Girl from the Skies

    It was a snowy night when I saw an enchanting sight. A beautiful maiden, her short hair as black as the night, her lips a crimson red, skin as white as the snow on the ground. She was falling from the sky like a precious little snowflake. No one else was around to see. I caught her with my jacket before she hit the cold ground. As I walked to my apartment with her on my arms, her eyes fluttered open. The bluest eyes I've ever seen. She looked at me innocently.

    "Good evening, miss. I am Kuro. Might I know your name?"

    "I.. I don't know."
    She spoke with an angelic voice. I stared as her eyes started to water.

    "Don't cry, miss. Shiro Yuki.. does that sound fine? You fell from the skies like a snowflake. Can I call you Shiyu-chan?"

    We entered my apartment and I let her sit on my couch as I scrambled around for clothes.

    I let her change into a simple dress that once belonged to my little sister. I put her into my little sister's bed and draped a blanket on her.

    Those were her last two words before she drifted to sleep.

    I went to my room and laid down on my bed. My thoughts wandered from Shiyu to my little sister. It was my fault she died. She always had a weak heart. She was 8 when we first discovered it. I was 12, and we played tag. She was it, so I ran as fast as I could. She didn't catch me. Instead, she fainted halfway. Since then, my parents let her stay inside the house. She was homeschooled until she turned 11. She wanted to go school normally, to have friends and go to school festivals. I was on her side, saying I would take care of her at school, make sure she won't stress herself too much. My parents put their trust on me, and I betrayed them. My sister wanted to join track and I hid it from my parents. For 2 years, she did pretty good. Won medals and hid them in a box in her room. The next year, she decided to show our parents that she's all better. She showed them her medals invited them to her competition. I didn't know she was joining the farthest track. She had gone all out and we thought she would win. A few feet from the finish line, she fainted. Her last words were, "I'm sorry I didn't win."

    If only I took good care of her, she wouldn't have died. I couldn't sleep. I heard my door open and watch as my little sister came in. She whispered in my ear.

    "Onii-chan, it's not your fault. Thanks for taking care of me. I love you."

    I tried to reply but sleep came over me. Before my eyes closed, my little sister transformed.

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    Second Chapter: The Transfer Student

    "Hey, Kuro. Who's that girl? Why is she walking with us?"
    My best friend, my only friend, Ecchi(his real name is Ichijou, but he's slightly perverted and has a fetish for ears), whispered while nudging me.

    "This is Shiyu-chan. She's my long lost cousin."
    I reply with a shrug as he nods with an expression he thinks is mischievous but he honestly looked constipated.

    "Cousin, eh? You never mentioned you had a cute cousin. Red lips, blue eyes. Short hair that shows her oh so white ears-"
    I resisted the urge to palm my face and looked straight ahead, unlike Ecchi, who walked straight into a half-closed manhole.

    Shiyu giggled at Ecchi's little act, and I ended up smiling.

    "Come, now. We'll be late for school."
    I finally said after a moment.

    "See ya at the classroom, Kuro, Shiro!"
    I watched him go and I went inside the faculty room with Shiyu.

    "Good morning, Hikari-sensei. This is my cousin, Kuroma Shiyu. She'll be studying here from today onwards."
    I spoke with a bow.

    "Good morning to you, too. And to you, Shiyu-chan. Welcome to Hanai Academy. You may go now, Kuro."
    I nodded and went to the classroom.

    I sat at my chair, which is located beside a window at the farthest part of the room, and waited for the bell to ring.

    It rang, and after a few moments, Hikari-sensei entered.

    I stood as our class representative commanded.

    "Good morning, Hikari-sensei!"
    We all said.


    "Good morning, class. Help me welcome your new classmate, Kuroma Shiyu."
    And as she spoke, Shiyu entered.

    All eyes were set on her. An angel, in our classroom. She spoke and her voice was very soothing, like a beautiful lullaby.

    "Good morning, everyone. My name is Kuroma Shiyu. Please take care of me."

    Everyone clapped, so I ended up doing the same.

    "Okay, everyone. Settle down, now. Shiyu-chan, sit in front of your cousin."

    She walked very gracefully that everyone thought she was floating. She smiled at me before sitting down and I felt everyone's eyes shift from her, to me, then back to her.

    As Hikari-sensei started talking about the upcoming school festival, Ecchi elbowed me.

    "Hey. Are you really sure she's your cousin? You don't look alike."

    I was about to answer when Hikari-sensei called Ecchi.

    "Yes, Sora-kun? You were gonna volunteer to be the director of our movie? How kind of you."
    "Wait.. what? What movie?"
    "The one we were gonna make for the school festival. About a girl who fell from the skies."

    My eyes widened at those words. I looked at Shiyu but she seemed perfectly calm.

    "But, sensei-"
    She already wrote Ecchi's name on the board. There's no turning back for him now.

    "Sensei! Then at least I could choose an assistant? Kuro!"
    "Okay then."
    She wrote my name on the board. I didn't have time to protest.

    "Who'll be our girl from the skies?"

    Everyone except Shiyu and me answered.

    We watched as her name was written on the board and stayed silent as the other duties have been divided.

    They chose the real thing. The real girl from the skies.

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