The untold story of sir ban

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    Exclamation The untold story of sir ban

    A long time ago there was a prosperous kingdom name Fruitylandoo, this kingdom is ruled by a king name Apple mc'arthur, king Apple was loved by his citizens and have hauled respect from the nearby nations. king Apple had many faithful knights that served and protected his kingdom. these knights are members of the great round table of the king. namely sir Orange the mighty, sir Purple the wise, sir Salmon the pure, and sir Ban the brave.

    The kingdom grew strong and mighty for the past decades until the unfaithful time when there loving king have grown too old for his time, laying on his deathbed the king has summoned his faithful knights to bid his farewell. Inside the room of the king not even the slightest sound of wind braising to the castle walls can be heard, as if the whole kingdom is sympathizing to there beloved king and as dawn approaches there beloved king has died. The next morning no songs can be heard, no taverns nor shops, not even a single booth is opened as every citizen of Fruitylandoo gather into the altar of kings to offer their final farewell, at dusk the ship of the king filled with floral decoration and gold has set sail into the river of realms, while the ship slowly drifts away the priests has offered a prayer to guide there king to his next life. "Arrows!" sir Ban shouted at the archers giving the command, the archers then took an arrow from their quiver, "Flame!" the archers then lit the tip of the arrows, "Ready!" only the sound of bending wood can be heard as the archers pull the string of their bows, "RELEASE!" after sir Ban gave the word dozens of flaming arrows came flying towards the ship of their king burning it leaving a trail of thick white smoke the people stood there for a whole hour until it was completely dark. That same night no songs were sung nor any whores were spoiled.

    lacking any heir to the throne the king has left the kingdom leaderless and without a ruler this kingdom will soon fall into chaos. The knights of the round table have started a meeting on who would be the one to take charge of the kingdom, The once who were once faithful knights during the life of there king has now become savages. Each knight has the power to take over the kingdom by force, each knight has there own army that are willing to support them if it means ruling the entire nation, but even so. These knights are held by the mercy of sir Ban, for they all know that sir Ban has the power to kill all of them right there and it will be decided that he will rule this country.

    "we are all sacrificing our life for this for this kingdom, that doesn't make you much more deserving for the throne" - sir Salmon spoke softly as he placed his feet on top of the table and pushing his chair slightly backward as tilts he chair diagonally. "The only way we could settle this is bye a royal duel between us knight." sir Salmon added as a slight grin marks his face as if waiting for sir Purple to take the bait. Sir Purple is old and he knows well that a duel between these younger knights will mean the end of him.
    "tsch!" sir Salmon murmured as if annoyed in this situation. He then starts to focus on the real problem sir Ban, who is sitting calmly as if not even giving any attention to his fellow knights.
    "for now we should do our best to defend this kingdom, we all know that a death of a king can be fatal. there will be people who will take advantage of this situation to raise chaos." sir Orange spoke calmly.
    "My my, the mighty of the south has spoken. We should all appraise the glory of this old relic. sir Orange." sir Salmon spoke as if trying to annoy the knight.
    "You should learn some manners otherwise I will be teaching it to you." sir Orange responded. all sir Salmon could do was to raise both of his hand signalling a retreat. The sound of a wooden chair dragging across a concrete floor has caught the attention of the whole knights, sir Ban has stood up and said "As of now the death of our king is still new, we will not make any hasty decision regarding the new king. This meeting is over". sir Ban then proceeds to walk besides sir Salmon and whispered to him. "Take your dirty feet off of this table, before I separate your legs from your body." sir Salmon smirked and quickly removed his feet from the table. Sir Ban then proceeded to walk towards the door and left the room. The whole room grew silent. "We both know that sir Ban needs to die before we could truly rule this country. No?" sir Salmon talked as if trying to tempt the knights, then he proceeds to leave the room as well.

    The next morning a knock on the door have woken sir Bar it was his old friend sir Gray. "how are you. you look like you've been dead for 3 days" as he slyly joke around. Sir Ban let him entered his quarter. "A bit of an uproar happening outside. The citizens are curious on who will be taking the throne, since there isn't any royal blood in this kingdom but only nobles" sir Gray murmured.
    "This country will be in ruins if not sooner, it is our sole responsibility to establish order for the sake of our king." sir Ban murmured.
    "That may be so but I don't think your fellow knights are into establishing order."
    "what do you mean?"
    "well, you should see for yourself" sir Gray trying to lead the knight outside of his quarter
    as sir Ban glanced outside of his windows he can see group of footman's fighting. One from sir Orange's army and one from sir Purple's. Both sides throwing hard punches and disgusting words. One of sir Purples soldier then took one of his shield and clashed it towards the soldier head knock him off to the ground. Another soldier from sir Oranges army tackled one of their opposing soldier sending him off to a nearby wall hitting his face directly to the concrete, blood came oozing out of the soldiers nose instantly.
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