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    Reviews and Comments -- Thread

    Ok so I've been working on this story for almost 8 months now and i feel confidant enough to share the first chapter with you all. this is for comments, critiques, feelings of what you think, should this book be finished and made into a series, what do you as the reader think needs to be clearer, keep in mind alot is explained in the next chapter and even more in the third.

    Ghost lights
    Chapter 1 The Hunt

    My quick blue piercing eyes scanned the environment through the wooded terrain where I was camouflaged and hidden in the bright white snow, not even my face revealed much skin. In my hands I held a loaded Mosent Nagant custom scoped bolt action rifle, while I aimed through the magnified scope slowly tilting the gun, my hands were steady despite the biting cold and howling winds. The gun had been the only thing I could salvage after being marked as a failure and condemned to die. Forced to run I stole it off the corpse of a young guard in the Russian secret facility. It was able to fire six shots in quick succession, the only drawback is each shot required me to use the bolt action, which took time. This made it my prime choice in both sniping and hunting but not for a close quarter skirmish or battle.

    There was an upwind in my direction where I was hidden. The bitter cold forcing my eyes to water and blurring my vision, my face covered by a ragged white cloth, muffling my breathing and shielding skin from the cold while my breath exhaled a short burst of warmth that quickly cooled between my lips and the cloth. My location was on a elevated wooded and snow covered terrain overlooking a outback. My firing range would allow up to a mile in accuracy, past 200 yards the bullet would drop slightly which meant I would have to aim slightly higher on the cross-hair if my target was beyond the 200 yard marker.

    In the middle of the outback lay Igor Pachenko dead and frozen, He had been a survivor of Operation SRAI (Secret Russian Assassins and Intelligence) for as long as me, since he was fifteen. We were both recruited and families killed at age five, ten years later we were marked as failures and condemned to die. We escaped with one other and created a small organization of assassins from the same background. He finally died from illness caused by the cold. Temperatures had dropped to about -66 degrees Celsius. It was enough, Pneumonia was his undoing. He was now my bait pile. Wolves would be sure to come now that game was scarce. They would scavenge. I would do the same. We needed food, and furs to stay warm. Our food supply would only last another week and we would all starve. Fires were getting harder and harder to keep burning with the suffocating winds. Making furs for blankets, clothes and cases for our weapons would be critical in the upcoming months to survive this winter.

    I'm Natasha Slavenske, out of all of us I am the best marksman of coarse this meant it was my job to hunt as well. I am also one of the oldest survivors and in a way I became a mother to the others. Igor had died only recently and the death of Illness came as a shock to allot of the younger kids who have only been marked recently and are still learning how to survive in this harsh environment. I am the leader, my second in command, Fang is the same age as me. We have survived to 21 years of age, both having been marked at 15. Fang was the third that escaped with me and Igor. We made a point to protect and raise as many kids that were marked as possible. We call ourselves Ghost lights.

    A sign of movement directs my attention to the east west and south. "So they have come after all." The pack was moving slowly from three flanks, cautious and careful. The beta would be sent first. The wind was a north wind my scent would be hidden and I was undetectable. A silencer on the barrel of the Mosant Nagant would make the sound hard to pinpoint. The beta would fall first. the others would not rush they would wait till night fall to try to take the bait. the moon would be their undoing however. no coverage to hide within shadows. the moon would rise from the west and illuminate the entire outback.

    I only had to wait for a few seconds, quick as a arrow the beta sprinted toward the bait pile. Taking a steady breath, while moving the site of the gun slowly and evenly timing her pace, as she neared 350 yards I had a clear shot. Releasing my breath on a slow exhale I squeezed the trigger timing the pull with my release of breath..

    The gun kicked on recoil feeling the familiar bruising of my shoulder, as I watched the bullet hit it's mark. The beta fell dead momentum still carrying her a few feet more, the bullet struck true between the eyes. She did not suffer, it was quick and painless. The distant howling echoed from afar. They would wait for night fall before trying again. Words from a distant memory flashed in my mind. "of all animals the wolf is the one to hold a grudge. Their hatred embeds into their soul, vengeance in their hearts. Be warned, If one ever is unlucky enough to enrage the spirits, the wolf will come for it's revenge." These words echo eerily in my mind as the howling continued. I dared not move, staying still and quiet, my breathing slowed out of fear of being detected. A cold haunting chill ran down my spine. The words were still swimming in my head as I remembered my father telling me those words after shooting a wolf that had strayed too far into the small town we lived in. His words could have never been more true, and I was about to find out just how angry the spirits had become.
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