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    Reviews and comments -- Thread

    The scars of life are deep and bloody. For anyone to come out of tragic or depressing situations in life, both mentally and physically, is a miracle in its own sense. For Victor Tranzski this is everyday life. He was known as
    "The Shrink" to many friends and acquaintances, yet no one knew that Victor needed help too.

    In the beginning, He was young soon to be middle schooler and he was looking forward to the days of seeing familiar faces and new experiences. Victor didn't even know that during the break from school many friends he once knew had changed and now saw him as a door mat. The weeks were hard at first and the hazing was gruesome, but he persevered. The later part of the year was the back breaking challenge that destroyed what everyone saw him as. Finally, they had broken him. The day had come when he was brought to his point and fallen. All that was heard was a snap in his ear and the shatter of the other boy's teeth as he slammed his foe into the wall and, after that, blacked out. Only to be awoken to the sound of the other boy crying and the sight of blood rolling down his cheek gave him a first time surprising thrill. He noticed that it didn't freak him out. Instead he enjoyed the sight of blood and wanted to see more. Victor began to get into fights more often and would usually win, even though he didn't care just as long as someone was bleeding. It was all in vain though because he started to notice that he hungered for much more. He needed to see it. The blood drove him and he started to abuse himself just to see more.

    What happened next in life was a complete surprise. Friends began to come into his life two years later. True friends that would watch his back and wanted to help him. They would do anything to help him cure the urge for blood. One of them was in a similar situation in life and understood how he felt. Her name was Kacey and she would talk to him like he would do for her. They were close friends and she was to breaking his addiction when all went wrong and he snapped again. This snap wasn't the same as the first. Instead of attacking someone he attacked himself. It became an internal battle between his true self and the newly found alter egos. Psychological and physical blows were being dealt and causing major damage that would be sure to never heal unless stopped quickly. Kacey tried the best she could, but to no avail. The battle had ended and the victor was an ego. Unlike the true Victor this ego was twisted and felt no emotion except happiness at others pain. For Kacey to see what had become of her mentor as well as her best friend was horrifying. The damage was dealt and Victor didn't recover. All that could be done was for the friends to show support and try to get another ego to take over. Eventually one did a year later and it was like the first, but had compassion and understanding. The friends had succeeded in changing the ego, but little did they know that inside Victor the battle still raged on.

    Starting anew is how Victor looked at it as another year passed and he was entering his first year of high school. During the past six months he had joined a few sporst teams, an anime club, and a military program. It was a new look at life and a fresh place to start, or so he thought. The new ego had made friends with fellow players and students and had an excellent reputation for book smarts as well as psychological skills. He could be a shrink just like the original and maybe even do it better. Of course having the reputation came with a price. Fights would break out and it could go either way. Victor was accused of many things that were not true. One of those fights broke out into an all-out brawl. A considerable gang type fight, in which resulted in him losing two dear friends. One injured by Victor's own hands. The other from fear of what he might do to him in the future. This brought on series of losses in his life that ultimately led to drinking and drug abuse as well as physical abuse again. He would even go as far as to break the beer bottles he just drank from and stab himself with them. No one knew at all because of the simple fact that he stopped talking to others about his problems and didn't want family to know about it either. Victor suffered from self-loathing and needed to be found on the inside. The most devastating loss of friends happened a year later. A full week of death and pain. Two friends died in an accident. Another to suicide. Then it happened. This day of the week was the hardest. His most dear friend Cassie had died. She was found strangled and apparently raped multiple times. It was a wound dealt straight to the heart for he loved her and it left a terrible scar.

    The new life had ended and so had Victor's sanity. The past few weeks had been unbearable and he had made many scars across his body since then. Always close to blood loss effects, but just not quite. Life seemed to hold no meaning to him now. He had lost so much in short amount of time and was destroying and self-mutilating himself everyday. There was no hope for him. No one to look out for him. He shunned everyone close away and denied their help. He didn't want it. He only sought out pain and death. He had lost the will to live on that week and there was no hope of life to return.

    Finally, He had come to an ultimatum. That he would end his life and be able to see those friends again. He had it all planned out on a few pages and even had a date to it. He didn't know someone was watching and had looked over his shoulder only to find that he was planning such a horrendous death. The young girl knew him. She was another friend of Cassie's and was aquainted with him before. She told Victor's friends about the plot and they took action. A sit in was called in the Anime club by the friends so they could talk to Victor about it and maybe talk him out of it. It was a long, hard talk that swayed back and forth holding his life in the balance. In all the arguements they were able to convince him into realizing that death wouldn't bring them closer to him. Victor scraped the plan and began to open up again. He even met a girl that he can take care of and help since she has gone through similar situations. Karma bit him, but he doesn't mind because he is here until his scars reopen. The days of abuse stopped and he became happy with what he had standing in front of him.

    The scars that we tow are signs of past pain and suffering, but with people to care Victor was able to make it. Everyone has a will. It just depends on how you use it. Fight the pain and don't be afraid to show your scars. To hide them only shows your weakness and that's what Victor learned to face up to. The scars of his past.

    * This is a true story from my area with the people's names not mentioned in my writing and a few altered scenarios or added. It's a dark story with a happy ending and i hope everyone enjoyed it and if you didn't please critique it and not flag my writing please and thank you*
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