• David Ackerman (Detective/Vampire)
  • Maria Ackerman (Sister/Vampire)
  • Jessica Stones (Fiancé/Sky Spirit)
  • Lily Stones (Jess´s sister/Water Spirit)
  • Mr. Laurence (Werewolf)
  • Mrs. Finch (Cashier/Spy)
  • John Stowl (Partner/Esper)
  • Bartolome D. III (Boss/Elf)
  • Mrs. Sickle (Assassin)
  • Mr. Anderson (Vampire Hunter)
  • Junji Ito (Writer-Horror Manga/Novels-)
  • Miyu Stitch (Princess)
  • Sally Tucker (Princess´s Guardian)
  • Ana Finn (Ghost)
“David Ackerman that’s my name or that’s what I always say to someone, I am a detective but also a vampire, I keep it concealed because not all humans know that creatures exist and those who know about them created organizations to guide them in the human realm but there are others who hunt beasts as well as some creature hunt humans but that’s as far as I can tell.”

It was a very cold and rainy night in the city of Chicago, date August 23, 1998. While coming from home, at the center part of the city, I realized that the murder cases were growing by the days and that report by the witnesses that show that strange figures showed and ate only the heart of the victims, it apparently seems to be some beast. When I got to the station to give my regards to my new partner his name was John Stowl apparently he is an Esper which I didn’t give any importance after we talked to meet each other it seems that two of his colleagues disappeared a week ago here in Chicago.

It seemed suspicious but my boss called me to tell me that there was another corpse found but this wasn’t like the others this one only had been killed which looked like an object that had an slanted edge. Well it was getting late but talking to John on the way home I told him that this murders might be connected to the disappearance of his colleagues and the recent murder.

I left John at his home and went to visit my fiancé and her sister, they both live in The Stone´s Manor.

To Be Continued

I am atually new at this, posting my stories, this is one of my newest ones it ins´t finished but ill make sure to finish it