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    Default Compiled How to Upload Thread

    For aspiring uploaders

    • When uploading to osddl DO NOT USE numbers at the beginning of the filename.
    • Use the html version when uploading on osddl

    For those who want to contribute to OS and become yewow here's a compiled guide of accepted methods for uploading anime/drama into OS.

    *Any of the methods used here is accepted, you just need to pick the method you find most comfortable with
    *If any other seasoned uploaders use another method to upload pm me I'll add it here (It will show as your post just like the other methods below) just make sure that your method can stream on os without problems AND that the finished filesize for the anime is similar to bencos. (Abt 50-60MB for a 24 minute anime)
    *All uploads must now be uploaded to
    *This has been overlooked lately but now will be enforced again. Starting now, all incomiong uploaders must MUST upload at least 12 episodes before you will be given the Uploader color
    *To those uploaders with less than 100 uploads we will be changing you to inactive uploaders soon btw. So for those who want to keep the uploader color better get it up to 100.

    Table of Contents:
    Links will open a new tab. You can scroll down if you want though.

    For any questions and clarifications feel free to use this thread: Link
    For seasoned uploaders you may answer the questions if you're familiar with the problem. :)

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