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    Fan Specials 2

    And we’re back with Midguard's favorite gang. I’ll be your new interviewer today since our last one had a very.. gruesome accident. Now guys tell us, how do you cope up with this very aggressive community you guys live in?

    Azura: Aggressive community?
    Zero: Mmm.. I like aggressive women.

    Yes, you know, racists, scammers, that sort of thing.

    Zero: Regardless of race, everyone says the same thing!
    Maika: And that would be?
    Zero: *gleams and faces everyone* Boobs.
    Rei: *face palm*
    Azura: True story bro.
    Maika: *looks down and starts massaging her chest*
    Azura: *stares* Mommy, I know what I want for Christmas.

    So, you guys haven’t heard of any issues regarding people discriminating others because of their origins and stuff?

    Rei: I could care less of what they think. In the end, everyone wants me to be in their party.
    Azura: It’s because you’re a Assassin! If we had that kind of attack speed and crits too we’d be just as important as you!
    Rei: But you don’t , do you?
    Azura: *raises fist in the air*

    Uh, guys? I was talking about racism. I haven’t reached the job discrimination issues yet. But since you guys are at it, let’s hear your concerns about people being specific when it comes to creating parties.

    May: Hey, just because a single person did something wrong doesn’t mean the whole world should blame the entire race.
    Maika: *nods* I agree. People are so simple minded nowadays.
    Ariadne: *mutters* Those people should be tied up in barbed wire, hanged upside down and repetitively used as a dart board.
    Azura: *keeps distance from Ariadne*

    Are you guys even listening to my questions?

    Zero: Boob sizes can go as high as the letter D which is a band size 38, meaning E and F is a mere man’s fantasy. May is an E.
    Maika: Women have a longer attention span compared to most men.
    May: The difference between fire and flame is that fire is the physical state of burning through combustion while flame is the visible part of fire which consists of glowing hot gases. Do you wanna see how fast a human could burn?
    Rei: The Katar was designed for mobility and swiftness as compared to the legionairies’ long swords which provided more protection in the expense of movement. I wish I could throw Katars.
    Ariadne: Decapitation is not only used to swiftly execute a person, but also used as a means of collecting trophies. I find boys who look like girls very attractive.
    Azura: No such thing as ugly to a man who’s extremely horny.

    *faces the camera crew* They’re not paying attention!

    Azura: *faces the interviewer* Oh I’m sorry, what was your question again?

    *strangles Azura as the camera crew tries to pry the interviewer away*

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    Chapter 19
    Santa’s Kinky Helpers

    "W-W-W-Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. All this time, you’ve been following me around in an Archer’s uniform hoping to join my party of traps and reverse traps without blowing your secret to everyone else?" Azura asked as he distanced himself from the transgender elf sitting on the sofa.
    "That about sums it up." The Taira smiled.
    May crossed her arms. "So you’ve been observing us then?"
    "Stalking is more I like it." Zero blurted out.
    "Hey, I meant no disrespect. I was just making sure you guys were keeping each other’s secrets that’s all. I wouldn’t wanna join a party who would announce to the world that I used to have a hotdog down there." female archer chuckled nervously.
    Ariadne stuttered. "S-So yo-you’re not Taira?"
    "The name's Taison! Nice to meet ya. But I don't use that name anymore call me Taira" The elf archer extended her hand as Ariadne nervously shook it.
    Rei tilted his head. "Why didn’t you just follow Azura back at Prontera? Saves us the trouble of having to interrogate you like this, and pay for the window repairs."
    Taira rubbed her chin. "Well.."

    A few years ago back in the town of Prontera, Azura and Taira just came out of the uncharted parts of Payon Forest tired and slightly bruised. The acolyte smiled at the archer as they limped back to the vigilante training camp. "I swear I’ll never get used to that willow kick of yours."
    "Oh you just like looking at my panties." Taira giggled as she walked ahead of Azura. "You almost died at one point when I did that skill infront of you and that minotaur nearly squished you."
    "White, cotton. It was all worth it." Azura laughed.
    The two were the best of friends, but one wanted something more. When they both reached a point where they were ordered to head out for Izlude Village, Azura asked Taira to meet him by the town gates.
    "Oh good, you came." Azura said smiling.
    "What’s up?" Taira asked as she double checked her stuff before heading out of town.
    Azura swallowed and faced the archer with all seriousness. "Taira, we’ve known each other for a while now, and I just wanted to.."
    The archer tilted her head. "Want to what? Oh god, don’t tell me you wanna do it."
    "N-No! I mean yes I do, but no! I mean no, that wasn’t what I was about to say." Azura was sweating all over. "I just w-wanted to say.. I.. I lo-"

    Ariadne squealed. "Did Azura just confess!?" She was smiling and hugging a black stuffed animal bunny in excitement.
    Rei looked skeptical. "Wait, didn’t he know that Taira is actually-"
    Maika covered Rei’s mouth.

    Taira was speechless. She didn’t expect things to go so far. She wanted to tell him her secret, but now that things developed into this, she couldn’t bear to say anything.
    Azura waited for a response, wondering if what he mentioned ruined their friendship or something.
    Taira began to open her mouth. "Azura, I.."
    Suddenly a large crowd of people moved through them, pushing and shoving them apart. The mob was a batch of adventurers also heading out for Izlude Village. Azura shouted from the crowd. "Taira! Taira where are you!?" He couldn’t see her anymore. As the crowd dispersed, the warrior found himself alone. He waited, waited till the moon was the only light he had left. He wiped a tear in his eye and lifted his mace over his shoulder and began his journey alone back to Prontera Town back to where his sister was.

    Zero couldn’t help contain his laughter. "You fell inlove with a dude!? Man! That’s epic!"
    Ariadne was still squealing in excitement, thinking of who’s the seme or the uke in the male couple.
    Maika glared at Azura. "And here I thought you were straight. You homosexual pervert."
    Azura protested. "How was I supposed to know Taira was actually Taison!? I fell for a trap, big deal!"
    Rei looked away. "You’re a failure as a human being."
    Taira just scratched her cheek. "Sorry, I ran away when the crowd came. You looked so serious, I didn’t wanna humiliate you infront of so many people."
    Azura’s face flushed. 'I’m pretty humiliated right now as it is.'
    May shook her head. "Silly brother, next time you want a real female I suggest stripping them first. In this world of Rune Midguard, most females here used to have sausages."
    "What kind of suggestion was that!?"

    After hours of pointless conversation, the group decided to continue with their seemingly unending chain of quests. Azura was infront of the group as he opened the front door and stepped out. "I swear, no matter how many times I finish that stupid quest on Master Mode, it ends up still on the help wanted board."
    Maika kept quiet. 'Azura, you’re a natural born idiot.'
    Suddenly, Azura tripped, crashing head first into a pile of what seems to be like decorations. Everyone looked around and saw Payon Village covered in festive colors and bright lights. The girls looked quite happy as the guys tried not to step on the décor all over the floor.
    Ariadne jumped. "It’s the Christmas season!"
    Taira gazed at the banners and wreaths on top of window frames and doors. "These guys move quick."
    Zero helped Azura up. "When did the villagers find time to do all this?"
    May motioned forward and touched a shiny Christmas Ball dangling infront of her. "Must have placed all these things during the last maintenance."
    "The what now?" Azura asked.
    "Anyway, we should look for Irine and get oriented with what’s going on around here." Rei suggested as he began to walk across the stone bridge.
    The group made their way towards the Events Planner and the moment they saw her, Zero and Azura's jaws dropped. "I think santa knew what I wanted for Christmas."
    Irine was wearing a red festive uniform with a much shorter skirt than her usual Palace uniform. As she waved at every passerby, a momentary peep show was available for all to see, clearly exposing her white cotton panties to everyone near her. "Nice to meet you! I’m the world events planner!"
    Maika pushed the boys aside and asked, "Anything new?"
    "Oh yes! You see we need help with our decorating. Would you please go out of town and kill some ducks for us?" Irine smiled.
    Taira rubbed her cheek. "Ducks?"
    Rei scratched his head. "What does ducks have to do with decorating anything?"
    Ariadne tapped May's shoulder. "W-Where do we find these d-ducks? Are they s-strong?"
    May rubbed Ariadne's head. "Oh even if they were strong I’m sure you’d have no problem dealing with them at all. And if you kill enough of those, we can have a grand dinner tonight."
    Irine interrupted. "The ducks spawn randomly, so keep an eye out!"
    Rei exhaled. "Alright, let’s get this over with." The assassin looked around. "Where the hell are those two?"
    Zero and Azura remained crouched down behind Irine. "Best seats in the house."
    "Do it again!" Zero said excitedly.
    "Oh yeah!"
    "This is fappable."
    "Taira, call the police." Maika requested.

    The gang finally made it out of town and regrouped around the quest board. May browsed through the requests. "Hmm, the most claimed quest here is.."
    "Another master run?" Rei blurted out.
    Maika whispered at Ariadne. "Did he say masturba-?"
    May took the sheet of paper pinned on the board. "Guess we’ll take this one. Let’s go."
    Azura moved infront of a stone gate which opened the moment he got near it. "So this is the Sanctuary place I keep hearing about."
    "What’s so good about this place?" Zero asked as he kicked a few goblins away.
    Maika spun a full 360 in a mere second. "Circle Slash!" She sheathed her sword on her back and looted a few things on the floor. "I heard this was the best place to train. Said it was quite easy."
    Taira shot a fan of arrows infront of her and tumbled to the side. "I heard that too, so far everything here seems easy."
    Azura motioned forward. "Well if this place is filled with just goblins and weaklings, then this is gonna be- ack!" The monk was flung backwards, causing him to roll and crash on a nearby wall. "Dammit, I think I stepped on something!"
    The group stood infront of what looks like a bunch of holes on the ground.
    "My Adidas has a freaking hole in it now!" Azura complained.
    Rei rubbed his chin for a moment. "Azura, come here a minute. Stand on that."
    Azura tilted his head. "Huh? Over here- ack!" He got flung backwards again.
    The assassin nodded. "Yep, it’s a booby trap alright."
    "Why am I you’re test dummy!?"
    Taira leaned on Azura. "Oh Azura, you always seem to fall for traps easily nowadays." She chuckled.
    Maika smiled. "I see what you did there."

    At the end of the path, a pair of trolls began rolling towards the group. Almost instinctively, and as if it was choreographed, Maika jumped up in the air and slammed her sword to the ground. "Ki Explotion!” The slam caused the monsters to stop rolling and launch them upward a good few feet.
    Simultaniously, as the trolls were in mid air, Taira dashed forward and kicked the beasts further up, followed with a short volley of arrows.
    As the trolls began falling back to the ground, Ariadne turned and swung her axe at them quite hard, launching the monsters up in the air once more.
    In the air, the half dead beasts got stepped on by Taira as he performs a solid Eagle Dive and using the trolls as a cushion for his feet.
    The rest of the boys were dumbfounded. "E-E-Epic Trap Combo!"

    After a short flight of stairs Ariadne found herself in a center of what seems to be like an intersection of closed hallways. In the middle was what seems to be a huge stone button. She curiously looked at it.
    Azura sat on the ground. "Man, those annoying dark elf girls really know how to juggle me up in the air! Yet I can’t seem to bring myself to hate them. Mmmm that smexy hip dance."
    Rei looked around the circular room and ran his palm across the stone doors. "There has to be a way to open the next path."
    Ariadne looked at the button again. "M-Maybe this one?" She pushed it.
    A painful scream was heard.
    "Ahhh f*rking! Shizzy f*rk!" Azura ranted as he rubbed his buttocks. "I swear one of those iron spikes gave me another butthole!"
    Ariadne bowed continuously infront of the aching monk. "I’m sorry! I’m sorry!"
    May giggled. "Well atleast we know that activates the trap and opens the doors."
    Taira quickly motioned towards Azura. "Here I have some ointment for that. Just let me rub it-"
    "Get away from me!"

    As the doors open, a flood of monsters filled the center room and began attacking. On one of the paths however, a big round yellow creature wearing a santa hat walked back and forth randomly. Zero moved closer to it and sat down. "Is this.. a duck?"
    The yellow monster turned around and faced the group with an odd expression. A moment later, it bit Zero’s finger.
    "Ow! What the fark!"
    Everyone stared at it for a while. Rei then pushed Azura forward. "Go kill it."
    Azura looked back at the assassin. "Why me!? Isn't killing for benefit your job?"
    Maika pushed Azura as well. "Quit your yapping and just do it!"
    Azura scratched his head and slowly walked towards the duck. 'Here goes nothing.' The monk lifted his hands up punched it hard downward.
    Suddenly, the duck seem to have sprung to life as it began to hop and bite at the group. Everyone panicked and ran.
    Taira jumped on top of the stone switch in the middle of the room. "Eek! It’s as freaky as a flying cockroach!"


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    HEY EVERYONE! Oh God it's been so long since I last wrote something. I've been very busy with school work etc etc. I never really thought my work would last more than 20 chapters but since a few of you still wait for my work weekly I will do my best not to stop!

    I'm currently, yes currently as in right now alt+tabbing, typing the next chapter so I'll post it sometime after lunch when I'm done. Stay tuned! In the mean time, here's a new segment for you guys:
    __________________________________________________ _
    Rune Midguard Did You Know Facts

    Did you know that..
    ..The Battle for Rune Midguard is a Ragnarok(and a little Dragon Nest) fanfiction based on the crazy relationship of me and my friends i met online? A slice of reality mixed with weird anime-style antics creates the baseline for this story, making it quite easy for most people to relate to the situations in it. 99% of the cast came from people I have chatted with and talked to in a cool anime steaming / forum website called Otaku-Steamers. [http://otaku-streamers.com/index.php]

    Did you know that..
    ..Azura is your typical, straight-forward, captain obvious yet curious monk in the story who often sees life in Midguard as a huge anime fantasy? He likes talking to himself.
    ..Zero is Azura's first friend in the story, a highly perverted, jouvenile archer, who's main goal in life is to get Azura's older sister's attention? He has X-ray vision.
    ..Maika is the brains of the group and the first trap shown in the story, portraying herself as a male monk to the public and often gets angry at what the boys when they get the whole party into all sorts of trouble? She's bossy yet girly.
    ..Ariadne is your typical timid, shy cutie with a vicious split personality and has a huge interest in girly-looking boys, and hides her true identity as a male blacksmith? She's the luckiest person in Midguard.
    ..May is the devilish, big-busted priestess in the group, portraying a role similar to an evil queen, who enjoys watching her little brother suffer in the most horrible ways imaginable? Every step she takes, her chest vibrates violently.
    ..Rei is a no-non-sense kind of assassin who believes that everyone in his god-forsaken party is an idiot? He's not emo yet looks like one.
    ..Taira is a very energetic and optimistic trans acrobat who is often percieved as the gay person in the party? She kicks harder and dances smexier than most acrobats.

    Did you know that..
    ..The Rune Midguard gang is the only group that surpasses the laws of the game, making a party that has more than 4 players? Go figure.

    Did you know that..
    ..The author of Rune Midguard, yes me, types the story on the spot, uses only a notepad, and posts it the minute he is finished? I don't over think things.

    Did you know that..
    ..The current file size of all the text in this fanfic is 151KB? That's like.. 0.15MB man!

    Did you know that..
    ..In the story, Zero is older than Ariadne, Azura is as old as Taira, Rei is older than Maika, May is older than Azura, Zero is as old as Taira, Rei is as old as May, Maika is as old as Azura? Yup, Ariadne's the baby of the group.

    Did you know that..
    ..The author of Rune Midguard, yes me again, made his first story as a experiment and because he has too many ideas in his head he needed to place somewhere? Some ideas aren't allowed on the Forum site so I keep it to myself mwahahaha~!

    More 'Did You Know' facts coming soon!

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    Chapter 20 :
    A Cow Gang Bang!

    The group found themselves panting as the shadowy figure died infront of them. Azura rested his fists on the ground and sat down, trying to catch his breath. "That.. was.. hard! And people do this over and over again?"
    Maika wiped the sweat off her forehead and stood up straight. "Yeah, they say Sanctuary is the easiest and most rewarding. Man, what a work out!" She began to stretch her arms upward, making her shirt hug tightly around her chest.
    Zero and Azura observed this. "You have to admit, she still has some, even though they’re quite small.."
    Maika glared at the two perverts. "What. Did. You. Say?" She began cracking her fingers.
    Zero and Azura swallowed and faced somewhere else. Ariadne caught their attention, who was trying to fan herself using her shirt and drying off her sweat. Her upper clothing is soaked, making it easy for them to shape her boobs and expose her bra. Ariadne continued to rant about how sweaty she was. "I r-really need to take a bath! C-Can we go back home for now?"
    The two boys continue to stare at Ariadne with flushed faces. "If only she wasn’t a murderous psychopath.." Azura muttered.
    Zero suddenly stood up. "Well nothing’s gonna make me change my mind! I’m still going after your sister!" He exclaimed as he looked for the busty priestess. "Oh I bet she’s also sweaty all over, making it easier to see her ni-Ack!" Zero’s heart sank.

    May was dry and well as she sat on a make shift throne of ice. "Are you guys done?"
    Zero began to cry. "So much for my hopes and dreams."
    "Hey, where’s Taira and Rei?" Maika asked.
    Across the other side of the area, Taira and Rei found themselves staring at an odd looking creature with circle, red eyes and black skin. It was wearing a large, white top hat and had long ears sticking out. Taira leaned forward. "What is this thing?"
    Rei drew his Katars. "Maybe we should kill it." He swung down hard.
    Suddenly, Maika jumped from nowhere and stopped the assassin. "Don’t do that! That’s a Dimensional Rabbit!"
    The rest of the group followed with Azura trailing behind. "A Dimensional what now?"

    "Rabbit. It’s like a reward for those who finish an Abyss dungeon. And we’re lucky too, it’s a rare Gold Dimensional Rabbit." Maika sat infront of the creature. "See that box it’s sitting on? That’s the Dimensional Box. You need this to open it." She pulled out a drill-looking key and gave it to the rabbit. The creature then gave Maika a bunch of items and began to drink tea.
    Zero whispered to Azura. "Must be British."
    Azura replied. "Must be a ******."
    Maika then faced the group and showed everyone what she got. "See this? It gave me gifts for the people in town, a bunch of fragments I can trade in for stuff, oh! And an epic skill heraldry!"
    Rei motioned closer. "I’ve heard of heraldries, they’re like runes that make your skills stronger."
    Zero stared at Maika’s heraldry. "You mean like drugs?"
    Rei turned away from Zero. "Go die in a hole, please."
    Ariadne also walked towards Maika. "W-What heraldry did y-you get?"
    "Let’s see.. oh Spirit Release. Now that skill’s gonna get a damage boost."

    When the rest heard about this, they ran towards the rabbit and quickly checked their inventory. Everyone suddenly sat on a corner, poking the floor. "We don’t have keys.."
    May started laughing at those who couldn’t open the box. "Next time, don’t automatically sell the things you pick up. Just because it looks useless doesn’t mean it is."
    Azura blurted out. "How the hell would we know that a drill-looking key could actually be usefull!?"
    May simply smirked. "Just remember Gurren Lagann, silly brother. Simple as that."
    Taira hovered around Maika as he stared at the heraldry she got. "Hey, can I have that?"
    Maika glared at Taira. "No."
    "I’ll do a smexy dance for you."
    "Hell no!"
    "Why not?"
    "For one, you can’t even use it. It’s for monks only."
    "Then I’ll just sell it!"
    "Would you please go somewhere else."
    Ariadne tilted her head and checked her pocket. Something poked her finger so she pulled it out. It was a Dimensional Key. As the group argued and ranted, Ariadne gave the key to the rabbit. Suddenly, the rabbit’s box began to violently shake. A second later, it began erupting a fountain of items and epic heraldries non-stop. Ariadne tried to close the box. "H-Help!"
    Maika’s jaw dropped. "B-Bunny glitch!"

    The group went back to town, dragging a sack filled with dimensional fragments and epic heraldries. Everyone in town thought they murdered a Dimensional Rabbit and squeezed out everything from it’s corpse. Zero then tapped Azura’s shoulder. "Dude, by the way, when we divided all the loots earlier, how come you had more gifts that the rest?"
    Azura scratched his cheek. "Ehehe.. remember when we thought we needed keys to open the box? Well, I kinda.. tried to.. open the box with my bare hands and.."
    "You what?"
    "It turns out that all you need to do is strangle and shake the rabbit long enough for it to spit out atleast gifts."

    Taira suddenly noticed something that looks like a huge, red, bug shell on the pile. He picked it up and examined it. "Guys, what’s this?"
    May quickly recognized the item. "Oh! It’s a Minotaur Nest Entry Ticket!"
    Rei looked skeptical. "That’s a ticket?"
    Zero tilted his head. "Minotaurs have nests?"
    Azura’s eyes widened. "Minotaurs lay eggs!?"
    May cleared her throat. "A Nest is like a very difficult place where a group of people can challenge the owner of the nest and get the chance to earn epic tier equipment."
    Maika’s ears twitched. "E-Epic?"
    Azura began counting with his fingers. "That’s like.. higher than rare!"
    Rei face palmed. "Why do you need to count?"
    Taira was too busy using the Minotaur Entries like a pad for her chest. "Look guys! My boobs are larger than Mai-"
    Maika did a Extremety Fist on Taira's belly.
    Zero took one of the Nest Entries and began walking towards the gates of Payon Village. "I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to that Nest!"

    A few minutes after preparing themselves to enter the Minotaur’s Nest, the gang stopped infront of the entrance. A large minotaur, covered in spiky, red armor, stood infront of the path, blocking everyone. Suddenly, the beast began to speak. "Are you the one who defeated Elena!?"
    Everyone looked at each other in curiosity.
    Zero asked, “Who’s Elena?”
    The monster roared. "I will only talk to the one who defeated Elena!"
    Rei huddled with the group. "This is bad. Looks like he’s not gonna let us get passed him unless we answer."
    May faced the minotaur. "I defeated Elena."
    Maika faced the priestess. "You did? When?"
    "Long story dear."

    The minotaur laughed. "You? You defeated Elena? Don’t make me laugh! Prove it! Bring it on, brat!" The monster swung his axe upward.
    Everyone took out their weapons. "Get ready!" Azura exclaimed.
    Suddenly, the minotaur sheathed his weapon on his back and a weird disco music began playing in the background. Everyone was dumbfounded.

    May giggled. "Oh this? It’s just a short dance battle for him to determine if you can enter the nest or not. It’s like playing Dance Dance Revolution. Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to-"
    Zero, Rei, Azura and Taira stepped forward looking like a dance crew. "Oh it’s on, biyatch!"
    Above their heads, a bunch of arrows appeared.

    Left. Left. Right. Right.

    The boys side stepped left twice, and right twice.
    The minotaur got enraged.
    May scratched her head. "Guys, you don’t have to-"

    Up. Up. Down. Down.

    The boys stepped forward twice, and backward twice.
    The minotaur got enraged.

    Left. Left. Down. Right. Left. Up. Down. Right. Right. Down. Up. Down. Up. Up. Right. Up. Left. Left. Up. Right. Right.

    The guys did nothing. Taira tried to do it but ran out of time.
    The minotaur roared. "Fail! Last battle!"
    May waved her hands around. "Guys, seriously. You don’t-"

    ENTER. Q. K. Q. H. ENTER.

    Rei said, "Q. K.Q. H."
    Taira said, "Q. K. Q. H."
    Zero said, "Q. K. Q. H."
    Azura said, "Q. K. Q. HJK/."
    Everyone looked at Azura.
    "What? I panicked."
    The minotaur stopped dancing. "I underestimated you, brat. Maybe you did defeat Elena. My name is General Ummanba. You will see me again." The beast stepped back into the nest.
    The boys slumped on the ground, wiping the sweat off their heads. Azura couldn’t help but smile. "We sure showed him!" He then faced his older sister. "You were saying?"
    May stepped infront of everyone. "I was trying to tell you guys that you didn’t need to do that. You guys looked stupid."
    They never said a word.


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    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Chapter 21
    Sad Day to be a Man!

    As the group entered the Minotaur’s Nest, they found themselves in a long, stone path surrounded with bull statues in a roaring pose.
    Zero touched one of them. "This mino dude sure is vain."
    Azura stood by Zero and observed the rest of the identical sculptures. "This is nothing compared to my sister’s room. She has pictures of herself in various positions and outfits."
    Zero quickly grabbed Azura by the shoulder. “Take. Me. To. Her. Room. Now!”
    As the two boys try to pry each other off, Rei stood a few meters from what seems to be a couple of sleeping minotaur guards. He silently observed the beasts.
    "Found something interesting?" Taira asked as she motioned towards the assassin.
    "Keep your voice down and tell those two idiots to shut up."
    Taira shrugged and face the rest of the group. "Oi minna! Rei said keep it down!"
    Maika waved from afar. "Okay!"
    Azura yelled. "Sorry!"
    Rei wiped his face out of frustration. 'I swear these people have a serious lack of brain cells. Well atleast they’re still asleep.' Before he could even turn his attention back to the guards, a loud crash was heard and echoed throughout the hall.
    "What the hell!?" Rei exclaimed, keeping his voice down for as low as he could.
    The group faced Azura who then pointed at Zero who was standing infront of a pile of rocks.
    Maika quickly grabbed the archer by the shirt. "Are you trying to get us caught!?"
    "I-I was just trying to get the axe from the statue! Thought I can make a few bucks out of it."
    Taira placed her hands behind the back of his head. "Relax guys, they’re still asleep."
    May and Ariadne walked towards the resting bulls and began poking and even sitting on them. "I doubt these guys would wake up."
    "T-They smell funny." Ariadne covered her nose.
    Azura released a sigh of relief. "Wew.."
    Suddenly the two minotaurs woke up and roared, alarming the whole nest of intruders.
    The group started running away from the beasts, with Rei shouting at Azura. "What is it with you people and this 'wew' thing!? Every f*cking time! 'wew' this! 'wew' that! I swear, if I ever hear anyone else say 'wew' one more time I’m gonna-"

    After miles of senseless running around the nest, the group finally managed to kill off the last minotaur. Azura and Zero lay flat on the ground, spent. "This nest thing is hard!"
    Maika kicked a carcass out of her way. "It should be easier for us since we’re on a 7-man party." Which is technically impossible but for some reason we managed to make one.
    Taira was recycling arrows by removing them from the dead bodies when she noticed some people were missing. "Where’s Aria and May?"

    On top of a mountain of bodies sat Ariadne chatting with May beside her.
    May stopped talking and noticed the rest below them. "You guys done?"
    Azura remained staring at the two girls. 'It took us quite a while to kill these guys yet it only took those two a minute to rack up their kill count. I can imagine the poor sap who’d end up being in a relationship with those two. They’re like.. devil queens.'

    Zero was thinking otherwise. 'I wish I was in a relationship with those two. I’d take their punishments any day! Just thinking about it makes my sword reach up to +15! They’re like.. vicious angels that I wanna put my-!'

    Suddenly, the sound of steel gates filled the arena as 2 of the 6 doors suddenly opened. Out of curiosity, Ariadne and Taira walked closer towards the opening. "W-What’s in it?"
    Taira looked at the entrance for a while. "Nothing. Just a path that seems to go in loops."
    Rei then noticed a pebble near his foot. The small stone began shaking, slow at first then it reached a point it was hopping around. The assassin’s eyes widened. "Get away from the door!"
    Everyone rolled and dodged away from the rumbling pathway. Azura looked at everyone. "What’s up? Why are you all so jumpy?" Then a message appeared over his head. "Crazy.. cows.. are.. charging.. ack!"
    A stampede of gigantic, grey cows appeared from the gates and stormed the dome. Before the young monk could even react, he got crushed by every single one of the mad beasts.
    Ariadne sat down infront of Azura and began poking him with a stick. "A-Azura turned into a g-ghost."

    Out of frustration, General Ummanba pushed his men aside and stepped forward, running his thumb across his neck.
    "Sh*t just got serious." Zero muttered as he gazed at the gigantic, red mintaur infront of him.
    The general placed his huge axe behind him and began throwing smaller ones at the group. Zero luckly blocked the 1st one. "Ha! Look guys! I blocked the-ack!" The tiny axe exploded, sending the archer flying towards the other side and crashing into a wall.
    Maika rolled to the side. "Run! Those things explode!"
    Rei quickly ran clockwise as he was being aimed at by the general. "Heh, this is easy."
    Suddenly, Taira bumped onto the Assassin while he was running counter-clockwise. The two got bombarded with exploding axes.
    Rei yelled out. "You moron!"
    May stepped forward and raised her hand forward, creating a ball of light out of nothing. "This should kill him faster."
    Ummanba quickly faced the priestess and roared at her.
    May shrugged it off and swung her hand. "Eh?" No light. She did it again. The only thing happening was her chest bouncing violently again.
    Everyone looked at the priestess.
    May smiled at them and began hopping away while laughing. "I’m silenced, ohoho.. Sorry guys! Bye!"

    Maika was dumbfounded. "She left! Just like that!"
    Ariadne nervously held her axe as she faced the giant bull. It began charging at her, creating flames at every step it took.
    Maika quicky dashed and pushed Ariadne aside. The two girls rolled on each other for a few meters before stopping. "You okay?"
    The female blacksmith simply nodded with innocent eyes.
    Azura, as a ghost, rubbed his chin. "So this is what yuri couples look like."
    Ariadne's eyes suddenly widened when she saw Ummanba raise his axe above them. "Look out!"
    Maika rolled aside, dodging the initial swing. "What the!?" A wave of force shaped like a cross emitted from the axe and hit the two girls, sending them off their feet.

    Azura, as a ghost, rubbed his chin. "So every swing the boss makes creates a wave."
    Rei slowly got up and held his left shoulder. "Would you stop contemplating and start helping us!"
    Azura grinned. "Oh alright, alright. I’ll get rid of this cow for ya." He resurrected, and a 5 second timer began counting down. "Don’t worry guys, I got this." He then faced the general. "Listen you oversized piece of steak!"

    Ummanba scratched his head. "Did he just call me a steak?"
    May shook her head at the minotaur. "My little brother isn’t really good at taunting."
    "I noticed. Can I kill him?"

    Azura waved at the general again. "Hey! I’m talking to you!" He then put on his steel knuckles and pointed at the red minotaur. "You better prepare yourself, for when I’m done with you, you’ll be nothing more than a big, pile of-"
    Count down ended.
    Crazy cows are charging in.
    "Aaaaack!" Azura got rammed and dragged to the other side of the area again.

    Taira just chuckled. "Forever silly Azura."
    Rei rubbed his temples. "I don’t know why we even have that incompitent fool in our party."
    May crossed her legs and faced Ariadne. "Dear, don’t you think it’s about time we ended this?" She grinned.
    Ariadne faced the huge, crimson minotaur with an evil glare. She dragged her axe as she motioned closer and closer towards the beast.
    Ummanba couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable as he swung his axe vertically at the Blacksmith. A loud thud echoed throughout the dome.
    “ARIADNE!” Maika shouted as she tried to look for her in the dust cloud.
    When Ummanba lifted his axe, there was no blood nor body. "Where did she.." The general turned around and saw a girl standing just between its legs.
    Ariadne clenched her right fist. "You’re not going to like this one bit.." The female blacksmith performed a demolition fist right at the bull’s nut sack, creating a bone-crushing sound that roared throughout the ruins.
    All the boys held their balls.
    To make things worse, Ariadne quickly followed up with a flying swing at the same spot, inflicting a massive critical damage to the minotaur, sending it crashing down on the ground. Blood splattered all over the group.
    Ariadne’s figure emerged from the dust cloud. "Axe Art: Death of a Thousand Potential Children." Random japanese characters appeared beside her as her eyes continued to glow red and her axe coated in blood.

    Zero couldn’t help but cry. "I thank the lord everyday that she’s in our side."
    Rei concluded. "Amen.."


    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    Well that was the latest chapter to my silly story guys!! hope you enjoyed it! ok now due to fan requests I will start a back story for Ariadne! It will be entitled "The Devil's Favorite Daughter!" It will be up soon! so keep reading! and thanks for supporting my work ^_^

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