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  1. Poll: Baby Seal cuteness duel: Harp Seal vs. Weddell seal.

    When you watch baby seal videos there are two that stick out: the Harp seal and the Weddell seal.

    The harp seals are the white ones with the big black eyes: ...
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    Poll: Do you ever call your Aunt "Aunty?"

    Wondering if anyone ever actually uses this instead of Aunt. Don't remember ever hearing someone say this outside of movies and other media.
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    Poll: How much do you like Mexican food?

    Mexican food is something that took me awhile to actually try. I generally like it, but not perfectly. This poll is to determine how much OS like Mexican cuisine. Whether it they love, hate, or...
  4. Poll: 6 year old walks in house: call police or handle it yourself?

    If a child of about six years were to just walk into your house what would your first instinct be? Would you call the police, or would you try to handle the situation yourself first?
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    Poll: Bears: Scary or Cute

    Bears have a weird duality about them. On the one hand they're an apex predator and one of the scariest animals you can come across. On the other hand they're a relative to canines and when they...
  6. Poll: It's like I said, no fall from any height can...

    It's like I said, no fall from any height can hurt you. You can jump off a mountain and you would be fine.
  7. Poll: The Third choice is that all cars immediately...

    The Third choice is that all cars immediately grind to a halt the second you walk onto a road.
  8. Poll: Pick a Super Power II: Useful but not Powerful

    This is the sequel to the first Pick a Superpower poll, however this time the powers are things that would be useful for real world living, rather than abilities that would make you some kind of...
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    Poll: It does it terms of their demeanor. Non venomous...

    It does it terms of their demeanor. Non venomous snakes tend to be gentler than venomous ones.
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    Poll: Are snakes cute?

    They aren't usually seen this way, but there is an argument to be made about the cuteness of snakes. There are some snakes who look like this 55723

    Some snakes (especially constrictors) are...
  11. Poll: Are Walruses Ugly? (Make sure to look at a picture of a Walrus before voting)

    The Walrus is an animal the most people know about, but have you ever actually looked at one? 55721

    Would you say this animal is ugly? Maybe they're more funny looking than just straight up ugly....
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    Poll: Ducks vs. Parrots

    Out of all the different kinds of birds there are two that I find particularly cute.

    First there are ducks: Friendly creatures, the way they wag their tails when they're happy makes me think of...
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    Poll: I've never had cobbler so that's out, pies are...

    I've never had cobbler so that's out, pies are what my mom bakes so I guess I'll go with that.
  14. Poll: Hololive/Nijisanji/Holostars comedy Contest (Watch videos before posting)

    As a follow up to the previous poll we will now look at some of the funnier moments from Hololive, but also a similar company called Nijisanji and Holostars, ther Male couterpart to Hololive. Unlike...
  15. Poll: They're real. I think with Matsuri they're just...

    They're real. I think with Matsuri they're just cutting out all the parts where she's actually talking. This is her from a stream the next day where she is drunk again ...
  16. Poll: Hololive Cuteness contest (Watch videos before voting)

    Here are some videos of Vtubers/Idols belonging to Hololive (most popular vtuber company) acting cute in one way or the other. You get to choose who is the cutest out of them.

    First video is...
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    He's not here anymore. This post was made in late...

    He's not here anymore. This post was made in late 2019. Spartan has been inactive since 2019.
  18. Poll: How quickly would you want to break a curse that made your skin taste like Kipper?

    If you had a curse placed on you which made your skin taste like kipper how desperate would you be to get rid of the curse?
  19. Aquarion poll follow up. What did you think of the song?

    This is a sister forum to the following poll specifically it's to ask the people who heard Aquarion's theme what their...
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    Poll: What about the song?

    What about the song?
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    Poll: How familiar are with Aquarion?

    Sousei no Aquarion is a mecha anime that contains one of anime's greatest opening songs so much...
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    The Amagami SS problem

    I've noticed that every once in awhile system message will say that the anime Amagami SS has been updated... despite the fact that all the episodes were uploaded ages ago. This is clearly some sort...
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    Poll: Pick a Superpower

    In this poll I'm giving you the choice between four super powers you can either have:

    1. The ability to become a human rocket (can produce jet flames from hands and feet allowing you to fly like...
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    Poll: Dolphins vs Seals

    This is a popularity contest between two of the cutest animals in the sea. Between these two creatures, which do you prefer?
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    Sticky: I just donated $37 and would like my blue please

    I just donated $37 and would like my blue please
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