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The Life of a Wandering College Student (Part 10)

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It's been a while. It was never my intention to be away for so long, but life happens sometimes and things don't go according to plan. However, in case people were wondering, I'm not dead.

Let's see...
Little Peanut is doing much better. While she still has her issue every now and then, it happens fewer times and is not as bad. I'm still keeping a detailed record just in case, but I haven't even had a call from the vet about seeing her again. Whatever. My new biggest concern with Peanut is her increased levels of anxiety. I was really hoping she would get better over time and the two cats will begin to get along, but that's not what's happening. Now I can't even bring her out of the bedroom without her shaking like crazy and peeing on me. Poor little thing. Today, I'm going out to get some cat calming spray in the hopes that that will help.

I had a pretty fun summer. My roommate and I explored the town a bit by going out for walks almost every day. We took a day trip to Traverse City for the Cherry Festival, saw Sleeping Bear Dunes, and hung out with one of her friends at their campsite for dinner. We did some hiking, took photos of me for my grandmother, and I got new piercings in my ears (the tragus of both ears). I also got my hair dyed for the first time in my life. It was really cool. I got fourteen colors put in on the under layers of my hair, a hidden rainbow. Most of the colors have faded now, but I want to get something new done when I have the time and money. I know the piercings and the dye doesn't seem too daring for many, but for me, they were things I had wanted to do for a long while, but kept chickening out.

School this semester was hard. The hardest class was Calculus for Business and Life Science. Didn't help that my teacher kept using business examples for everything and I'm a life science person with absolutely no interest in business. Needless to say, I failed that class. Lowest grade I've ever gotten in a class, highly disappointing. However, it has also been a tough semester, too. I guess considering how the semester went and how tough it has been with about 32 hours with seventeen credit hours. Still disappointed, but I can't let it get me down and I just need to go into the new semester with a clear, dedicated mind.

As for my job, I'm still there. However, I got a promotion and am working on getting trained in other areas of the store so that I can be as versatile as possible. Though, the closer it gets to the holiday, the worst the customers are. I even have the first customer in over ten years of customer service that I refuse to help. I can't wait for the holiday to be over. I've also managed to get my first write-up in a while... At least I'm at a point where I don't have to worry about if I can pay all my bills.

This next semester is going to be busy again, but I will try to get on here more often. I've missed you guys.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a blessed New Year. Peace and blessed be, readers.