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Notice me senpai

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Hi guys i'm a returning member from olden times ?_? ... ?_?
Ill just be blunt and most of you are gonna just "seen" this blog or my post in the forums, no offense though. *cries ahahah well I just want to tell people that the chatbox is lonely and it only has system message as an active chatter ;( anyways i'm just reminding people that chatbox exist huhuhu

Yes idk what am i talking bout but hey huehuehue *lies on puddle of tears on floor


  1. Josiee's Avatar
    hello! i never used the mini chatbox before (even though it's been more than 6 years that i joined OS..)
    i'll definitely give it a try :D
  2. LastVanguard's Avatar
    Well, in the spirit of being realistic, OS is becoming an emptier place in general.

    A lot of the folks who were here when I first joined have moved on to other things, including myself. Most of the people I'm friends with from OS I actually talk with on Skype, since we do voice/videos calls and OS doesn't accommodate that function well.

    If I'm being honest, I only come back here on occasion to talk to some old friends that I can't communicate with on Skype or Facebook. I don't use OS for anime anymore, and I know a number of people who are the same way.

    I'm not sure what OS's future looks like, but it's definitely looking a lot more like a ghost town than it was 2 years ago.
  3. Achlys's Avatar
    yeah way back it was really active in terms of "chatting" ahahah i don't know maybe people just thing that the shoutbox is the "chatbox" now and that people have their own circle of friends to talk to, but i just want to meet new people again cause when i was in the chatbox before my behaviour was really disgusting XD and i can probably say i changed? somehow ahahha but yeah i also chat with the people i met here on facebook also i just come back here trying to socialize and live things up again and watch some yuri animes from time to time but yeah i can agree with you that it is becoming a ghost town
  4. flipdiving's Avatar
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