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The Life of a Wandering College Student (Part 3)

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So today marks the first day of classes. Three days ago I had my orientation and got signed up for classes-5 of them, 14 credits. I also learned that not all of my financial aid has been made available, so with limited funds and low financial aid, I cannot purchase my textbooks until...I'm not even really sure. There's another issue as well, since I didn't know my class schedule until 3 days before classes started, I couldn't give my job my availability for when school starts until Saturday, so hours are pretty scarce...for the next three weeks...*sigh* However, I've done the math and I can survive off of 24 hours/week-well, survive as in all my bills get paid and I can afford gas. Food? Yeah...not. I'll be applying for food stamps soon.

Anyway, so today I had two classes, was supposed to have three classes, but my last class for the day was cancelled due to a water main break. Sadly, that was the class I was most looking forward to. Intro to Literary Studies feels like it's going to be a walk in the park while Quantitative Biology might just test my limits with math in my Biology. World Mythology, that promises to be my most intriguing class this semester.

So, double major: Environmental Science and Creative Writing. Probably the best news I've learned so far is that for my Creative Writing degree I have to take a foreign language...again, but this college has Japanese. Oh yeah! So next semester, that will be on the schedule.

On another note, living with a roommate has been great. We have much in common so we enjoy doing things together. Right now, we are re-watching Sherlock so we are ready to see season 4. We also have been eating pretty well. I haven't had a single bowl of ramen since I moved in. Many nights I sit and read while my roommate plays her video games. I like watching her play her RPGs, it's entertaining for some reason.

As for my kiddos, Peanut seems to have settled in finally. She's been exploring the apartment now and has even stolen Princess' box to lie in, though in her defense, Princess' toys smell of catnip. She's still having the same problem and I would like to take her to the vet to have it checked out, but I can't afford it. She's eating well, drinking normally, and more active now than she has been now that she's feeling more comfortable. I'm not really sure what to make of it. Toshi...well, I'm beginning to wonder if he ever suffered from shell rot. I've been doing more and more research into it and it is entirely possible that the spots on his shell are part of the natural shedding process. I've decided not to worry about it anymore unless something changes.

Oh, and it seems my exceptional immune system is still struggling to return to its normal strength. I seem to have come down with a minor head cold. I suppose it could be worse, but this is the 4th illness I've come down in in less than half a year. It's quite annoying. There used to be 7 years between illnesses.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Wish me luck.

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