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The Life of a Wandering College Student (Part 2)

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I suppose I should update any readers that I might have. First, I would like to report that although I was struggling financially, overly stressed (though most of the time I managed not to let it consume me), busy, tired, and totally worn out, I still managed to survive all four of my classes. And not just survive, mind you, but I actually did quite well with two As, a B, and a B+ and an overall GPA of 3.57. There's a lesson here to be learned, I suppose, that even when we feel completely overwhelmed by life and what it throws at us, it is still possible to achieve what we want, we just have to want it bad enough.

Second, I guess I should have to report how my kiddos are doing. Well, Peanut (my 7ish year old cat) is not very fond of her new roommate, Princess (a 1.5ish year old cat). At first, Peanut just hid in a corner under an end-table and refused to move except for food, water, and a trip to the litter box. There have been some issues that I can only think to relate to stress. The most concerning of which is finding tiny spots of blood about the room. The occurrence of this has begun to lessen now and I have managed to find a probiotic for her as well to help with her very loose stool. She as also begun randomly exploring the room we are staying in and coming out for cuddles throughout the day. She has even started approaching Princess or allowing Princess to approach her. Now, if only I could get Princess to stop randomly chasing and smacking my cat (an attempt to get the older cat to play, no doubt, but it still upsets my little one). Toshi, the 2-year-old turtle, had some issues upon arriving at his new home as well. Again, I can only assume to attribute it to stress. When we first arrived, is shell looked terrible (for those of you who may not already know, I have been trying to battle a slight case of possible shell rot for a couple of months now). I feared that he was going to loose a number of scutes prematurely. However, with careful observances and a change of water every two days or so (as I'm keeping his water level low for now so that I can better keep it clean and healthy for him) he has come to look much better. Though, I suspect he has lost some scutes, it does not appear to be premature. The hardest part is keeping him warm enough when I have to dry-dock him for intermittently since the windows in this apartment are not energy efficient and let in the cold air and the only place I can put his tank is near that window...

My roommate and I are getting along well, which I'm not that surprised of. And my old Walmart finally accepted my transfer so I am finally working again, which takes a bit of stress off of me since bills are coming closer to being due again. Eventually, I will attempt to apply for food stamps like my roommate to better help with groceries. My roommate and I have also been talking about all the wonderful places we can go that are nearby for some mini-vacations. Things seem to be going quite well and I'm very excited for school to start again.