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We all have our views in life and in life we meet other people that we want to interact with and hang out. As time goes on we learn a lot from the people we meet and we might as just label them as friends, some will stay with you and get closer to you and they will reveal their true colors and some will go, they will be forgotten or not. When you're comfortable enough in your circle of friends you tend to be with them every time, so you might get used to their personality, attitude, behavior and character, so you might also end up imitating some of their traits. If one of the friends in your circle doesn't like a person, of course they would give you that persons bad traits instead of the good ones that they've done and they will manipulate the way how you look at a certain person and I think that when they do that you're just a puppet for them to manipulate. Telling you what you like and can't like. I don't know this is some of my views if there are a group of friends or "cliques." Another factor would be peer pressure. Of course you don't want to lose these circles of friends that you've been with for a long time so you'd fall for the pressure and just end up disliking that person.

Are you the ones pulling the strings and are you in-denial if you think you are?

A person’s word can affect another person’s behavior towards another individual. It's powerful enough to make other people stay in the corner and look at the world as a really dark and scary place.

Would you cut the strings and stand for yourself and stand for what you know is right and accept the consequences for doing so?

Have you experienced things like this? In my opinion I've done this sometimes manipulating people with words, but it's wrong and every person has their own perspective towards everything and we shouldn't hinder them from their beliefs. It's another thing to share thoughts and ideas, but to forcefully tell them what to do is wrong for me.

Anyways just had that in my brain for a while, Sorry if you didn't understand and if my English sucks, because English isn't my native language, I would like to read opinions from other people and learn more. If you also need someone to talk to you can message me. ;D

So If you get yourself manipulated like that are you still holding your life? or are the people around you holding the strings attached behind your back?


  1. oheemjeee's Avatar
    I'm not the "one manipulating" or the one being "manipulated". I have my own perspective. If a friend of mine told me something about someone, that wouldn't affect my judgement to that person itself.