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If you truly deeply sincerely love her, pursue her, convince her parents, ask her friends, suprise her, tell her how much she means to you, compliment her, match her crazy, forgive her, do the things that prove that she's worth more than the clounds in the skies, more than the oceans of the earth, or the pearls of the sea, or even love her higher than the heavens above until it'll reach God how thankful you are to have her. Because you see ? She'll make you see great things. Wonderful things. Like her secret universe, her favorite things, and even her peculiar wanderlust soul. If she shows you those, respect her. And that's when she'll know you're for keeps. I swear she'll love you more than the life she could live for eternity. She'll love you more than the universe she treasured, and more than the favorite things she have shown you. Inspite the love you have shown her, No matter how many whisper of "I Love Yous" and "I cant Live Without Yous". She'll only whisper back "Thank You." And honey, dont be upset. Believe me, just dont. Her "Thank You" only means courage on how she have sum up her whole being that even "I Love Yous" couldnt forfeit. Because It only means a lifetime of sharing, and accepting the beauty left in her broken soul. "I Love You" couldnt be even deeper than the "Thank You" she have kept deep in the very abyss of her being. If she says that, heed even to the darkest parts of your heart that she's worth more than the earth or the planets or galaxies. That she's unexchangeable. And will never be. Treat her that way. Live with her that way. And she'll show you many more.

Credits to the owner of the picture ������

Picture: Kaori - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Caption: Serenea (yours truly) lol

P.S. Just wanna leave this here, I kinda have this hype to update my blog here on OS. ������ Ciaoooo ~

Updated 09-15-2016 at 04:55 AM by Serenea