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I was born a winner.

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Amidst the tight schedules that I have, I was dragged by one of my friend to a Youth Jam.
You may think that it was just purely fun and music but no, it was not. It was digging deeper to who you are and I was bale to discover a new part of me.

There were a lot of sharers but one sharer shared something that really struck at me. What he was was this:
"You were born to WIN."
When I heard those words, series of flashbacks, failures and success, came right to me. I was confused. If I were to win, why do I feel so empty and lost?
He gradually answered it with
: "You can never succeed without having right decisions that are backed up with experiences from wrong decisions."

I was never clarified like anything like that before. I was glad that I was able to attend the Jam and was able to gain confidence and courage for the upcoming more years.
I imparted this experience, though not significant to you, but for me it is; just to help you clear your way.

And if you still are discouraged by all the failures you have experienced, then
read my title out loud. Trust me. It helps.


  1. Monkill's Avatar
    Yup, we are winners... only if we wanna raise, though
    thanks for helping open our eyes a little
  2. Skipress's Avatar
    What that sharer said was super true. Good luck Geeky!
  3. erin92's Avatar
    Youth Jam, Is that a youth community wherein one's religion is not alike?
  4. ysabells21's Avatar
    aye, "Im a Winner!" :)