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Taco boy

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So im writing a book in my imaginitive writing class. Its really fun to do because ive allways wanted to write but i never found the time. Now having it as a class i gett all the time i need.

The book is my own story ive created, but its based off the group in the OS called the Legion of the Inferno. I made everything up except the names of the people (except the antagonist...i made him up) who are actually people in the group. I used our usernames for it and its pretty cool. except it will be really serious and my character comes in....whos name is Taco... But i think its fun to use it.

One thing i am having trouble with is coming up with a name for places. I want to make them based off the OS since its the reason i am writing it. If anyone has any suggestions on names that would be great. The country i want to relate to Otaku streamers, just have it sound a little different. and towns and islands i want to make based off of the popular forums. If you come it with something that would be great.

Taco boy


  1. coldground93's Avatar
    Creative Writing as a class, that's awesome. Being an engineering student, My creativity side is pretty much hibernating. man, I wish I would have gone to Bachelor of Arts instead.

    "The Corner" : leaving it as it is is fine but if you want you can name it "The World's Corner". It is a place/land that define the border of civilization and the unknown. Anything beyond the The Corner is uncharted and no one ever dared to venture in it.

    your country could have 3 main cities based on "Anime Talk", "Manga Talk" and "Gaming Talk"

    Anime Talk would be the capital where the Blue(jbluey) Palace stands.
    Manga Talk can be a city of scholars and academic pursuits.
    Gaming Talk has the Arena where the greatest warriors put their might to the test against monsters or other warriors..

    I suggest those since the title of your book sounds like a medieval fantasy one. don't be afraid to add guns, lasers and stuff and make it a modern/futuristic medieval fantasy..

    Well good luck
  2. Taco boy's Avatar
    thanks for the ideas. i didnt think of using the entire forum base.