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Mirai Nikki.I can relate.

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So, I watched Mirai Nikki recently and I really liked it. I thought the storyline was really something. The whole thought of having a diary that tells you your future is pretty exciting. I really liked Yuno, too. At some points, she reminded me of myself, except I'm not a complete psychopath. Like Yuno, I would kill for the person I love. My boyfriend is really important to me.


  1. minja09's Avatar
    Cool, Mirai Nikki is one of my favorite anime.. :)p some how this anime reminds me death note.. :D and oh my, don't murder anything for love, not worth your effort.. Do not cry because of what has happened in the past, take comfort in the fact that you got to experience it. Well here's a tip in advance. :D what anime you watching now? :)
  2. NyteStalker's Avatar
    Right now I'm watching Clannad: After Story