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Lucky Star


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I don’t make the best choices but at least I’m willing to stand up and confess My love to a girl, or say yeah i did this wrong. I have had my lies but I’m not afraid to say that. I have wronged people, but I try with all my power to fix my wrong. I can take you crap, but when i get home I cry(yes I’m a guy, but you tell me how you feel after getting put in a bad place or forgotten or betrayed by someone, and yeah I say I give no fucks sometimes I don’t and other times I do.) I’m only human I get hurt but I’m not scared to pick a friend that i think I’m close to a spill my heart to them. But you see when I get shot down I think hey I’m glad we can at least be friends. I’m a sweet guy, not for my gain, for everyone else’s gain when others are happy I am. But see I’m different that’s why I love theatre cause everyone there will love me for who I am not. But not everyone is close Theatre is about being close its a family where everyone is welcome at least that’s what I thought, but me being Brave and confessing to the girl I like, take it as a great friendship to come, but others think I’m a freak cause I can confess or speak my, life cause you know what as long as I have the friends that I confessed to and they care about me I wont worry about being married I would be happy cause i have those friends. I’m not a freak just a sweet guy who like girls not every girl. But for My friends who are willing to listen to me and you all know who you are if not ask me and try to see why I your a good friend. Just give me a chance I came from a **** school, and now to here I’m not a bad kid just want friends and to make people smile happy and laugh. It’s who I am and I hope that you all can forgive me for being mean then and just get to know me more. So what do you say?