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I'm Back :)

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Life took hold and wouldn't let me go. I've finally been suddenly freed from its grasp to shout and gasp a hey.

It's been long time :) I've been going to a community college for my Associates, but now I'll be going to a University in the capital. Life is about to get extra crazy, way more than crazy but more like an epic adventure type mixed with unbelievable events that'll probably gallop and flourish in my subconscious only to be remembered 5 years down the road.

Bring on the hectic insanity and turn me into a fully enthused intelligent maniac ;)

(Ps, I'm going to University to become something foolish and risky. Mommy/Daddy, I wanna be an impoverished writer)


  1. azukare's Avatar
    welcome back!
  2. Nyamh's Avatar
    Ha! I know this is super late--thanks :D