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Terrifying Experience

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I just want to share my experience since its getting me bothered. I'm getting paranoid and everything. I just want to post it because someone told me, if I have anything that is bothering me, try writing it down,since I'm near my computer,I'm gonna write it here.

I decided to go out to buy something...Ive ask some stores if they have what they want..none of them have it, so I decided to go to the convenient store to buy my food and also to see if there are otaku magazines available..

When I got there, I sense trouble and fear, I don't know why so instead of heading inside the store, I walk and walk...Until I saw a jeep, it is followed by a motorcycle,2 men occupied the motorcycle, I dont know why but I kept on eying the jeepney which has 1passenger, then the Jeepney stopped and a man from the motorcycle goes in the jeep. suddenly i hear a loud "bang" I was so shocked that I've seen blood came out and stained the jeepney. I was so scared that I cant moved my feet for me to run and escape the seen. So I decided to look at the man he look at me too. Im so scared, i thought that he too will kill me, Im lucky because my cousin saw me and he hugged me and bring me to a safe place. Well, he is a policeman. He asked me if I'm ok I just nod He wiped my tears and that I didnt even know that im crying. He drove me home and ask me what am I doing there...I just couldn't speak.. So, he carried me to my house, there he met my mom and told them what happened... I never spoke to them until now..im scared...im terrified... I dont know what to do anymore.. well, i tried to watch anime to divert my attention but still, the scene always flash back.....

i know that almost all of you will not believe what i just wrote but..hey..its not impossible to happen to any of you... i was just unfortunate that it happened to me....

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  1. Layracee's Avatar
    so terrible. 0___0
  2. musikalles's Avatar
    Oh my goodness. I don't know you, you don't know me but this is just my nature, I'm giving you a comforting hug right now. what a shock. I do believe you, we have no reason not to, it's just this absurd and insane world we live in where there aren't warnings.... I understand you being freaked out, and it's okay to let yourself be freaked out, but I don't like you feeling scared, at least scared of those men... your cousin got you and you're safe now. You're safe now, and just know that had nothing to do with you. It's good to divert your attention with things you love, like simple anime stories, the company of a good friend, just hold on to those things that bring you peace.
  3. maihitsugaya's Avatar
    that's okay...ugh! i think im useless i can't give any advices! and if i give some...it's really nonsense! so ill just give you ice cream and a hug, even if you don't know me.
  4. musikalles's Avatar
    Never underestimate the powers of yummy food :D
  5. nakahara24's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by maihitsugaya
    that's okay...ugh! i think im useless i can't give any advices! and if i give some...it's really nonsense! so ill just give you ice cream and a hug, even if you don't know me.
    i love icecreams....thanks!
  6. Chessie1999's Avatar
    Well, my mother had that feeling when someone was shoot 15 m from our house.
    When the suspect hasn't been found, my mother is always bothered by the person who was killed like, someone has poke her, watch her, he even closed the door when my mother was in her room.

    But after we prayed for him and found the suspect. The victim had finally rest in peace.
  7. Chessie1999's Avatar
    Maybe, try not to watch or think things that let you remember that incident like a convenient store, a jeep, a motorcycle and etc. but it's impossible to avoid those things coz you always see them..