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Slipping down that all too familiar slope

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It's happening again, that thing that happens when someone stands out from the crowd and I take notice and a crush begins to develop and deepen a miniscule amount more with every syllable they say. And when they have a lot to say, a miniscule amount per syllable really adds up quickly.

It's becoming increasingly apparent that all I want to do is come home and talk to her on Skype. Her stories are exciting, the way she uses words, incredible. I can relate to her in so many ways, but is all of that the cause? I don't know. I've met plenty who talk in an amazing way, have fun stories, and I relate to. Why here? Why now?

I don't know why. But I like her.

All my experience has tinged this feeling with fear, though. Fear that this feeling will continue to grow beyond a harmless crush, as it has already begun. Fear that I will one day speak how I feel about her. Fear that she feels the same way.

Is this fear so strange? To many, maybe. To me, it makes all kind of sense.

I'm scared of love and the power it has to build up and break down. Call me weird, but I feel like I'm not meant for relationships. Things break down quickly and turn bad. I usually get really hurt, and in that pain, I say hurtful things. Things I will come to regret.

And yet in my thoughts that I am not meant for it, I run into people that I begin caring for in such a way that I desire to be with them. Am I fighting my nature or is nature fighting me? Sometimes I cannot tell.

So it's no big surprise that the past few days I have become a strange whirlpool of melancholy and happiness. I just want to close my eyes and savor the fresh feeling of the emotion, but the corruption of jaded worry seeps back in.

Tomorrow I work for one measly hour just to learn how to do something. Not enough time to get my mind off things, but long enough to get me out of the house, I suppose.

*tips hat and trods off to bed*


  1. musikalles's Avatar
    It sounds wonderful and frightening and cautious and human. All of it.
  2. Paperroses's Avatar
    I was going to write an immature but harmless response to this but I don't feel like doing that anymore. Congratulations, you have changed my mood =)

    Perhaps I should offer some advice then, since I've already decided to drop by. When people get hurt in a relationship, I believe they go one of two ways. Blathering douchebag or most gentle, caring, and considerate person in the world. Idno why I'm pointing that out but... hmm. Fear might not be wrong. Maybe you *should* be careful. Maybe you *should* take little steps, always testing the water.

    That's the mood I'm in right nao. I feel like telling you to be careful ._. I don't really have anything else to say.
  3. asdfghJHEYkl's Avatar
    First of all, you must tell her how you feel since you have all the time to tell her, don't wait for her to be taken(unless she already is.), but even if she is taken, CONFESS, you don't know, maybe she likes you too, i may be a kid(i'm 14) but i know what to say cuz i've been there and it hurt me badly, and yeah, i never told her how i felt, she's taken now, i don't have another chance. so don't be like me, tell her what you feel and say it truthfully, tell it to her privately, most things should be kept secret, you won't want people to go weird on you.