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The most immature excuse an otaku could give to go against SOPA...

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I've been lurking around threads that talks about this SOPA thing going on and i find that many "otakus" are saying that they are against SOPA because if it took place, they wouldn't be able to stream free anime online. <-- This here is a very stupid reason.


Have you notice that many seiyuus have voice out against free online streaming? There was an article posted last year (i read it here in Otaku Streamers) from some news about seiyuus voicing out against free streaming websites. It was something like this..(this was last year so there might be some error in the speeches but i know what it was about cos i still remember the two sentence that one particular voice actress said which left a big impact on me...)

---When the seiyuu read about where people watch anime and netizens commented "I watch it on an overseas website" "I just stream it online lol xD". She commented back "Do you think it's funny that we don't sometimes earn enough to be able to eat? We may die of hunger, is that LOL?"---

It went something like that but i clearly remember the hunger bit and LOL cos it was a big impact. So yeah, if you watch and like or love anime, you should be doing the right thing. They earn lower than what they deserve and that is not right. I mean..if you are still not convinced of why your excuse is still immature (the excuse being "if that means i cannot stream anime online anymore, then i will protest against it), then imagine yourself as a singer and everyone is downloading your songs illegally. Guess what? Your not making any money...Happy? I guess not.

I know that some people are young so you might not really understand what i'm talking about but one day, you'll know and you'll regret what you did <-- no offense btw.


  1. notanotaku's Avatar
    Oh..i forgot to add, seiyuu's is the name for Japanese voice actors and actress.
  2. Megpoid07's Avatar
    Im sorry, but as big and world wide as anime is I HIGHLY doubt voice actors are LEGIT starving. Personally, I think their money earning depends on how much effort they put out for their job. And I'm not saying this person doesn't give it their all, but If they took it more seriously they could end up like Vic Mignogna (and Im shore you've heard of him.)
  3. musikalles's Avatar
    Its true a voice actor never has a consistent guaranteed paycheck, there is no such thing as a yearly salary, but its project by project. And with all arts, sometimes catching a break is hard and no good work is available to you. I'm all about Dan Green's cause right now, famous english actor whose wife recently passed away giving birth to twins, their only children. He won't be able to work much being the sole caretaker of babies.

    This is a stretch from where you originally went, SOPA and all, but still dependent. Many people are holding fundraisers for this man's tragedy out of the kindness of their hearts. Yesterday I watched some youtube 24hr project plus auction thing that would be donated to his family for the boys' needs.

    SOPA is a crime anyway. Hopefuly it shows people big government is not better government. But that's my opinion. Seems I'm not alone.
  4. notanotaku's Avatar
    @Megpoid07 -- I wrote half a page on on criticising your comment but then i realise it was not worth it. You truly did not understand the context of the blog and you wouldn't be able to understand if i did post the half-page criticism anyway. Putting up Vic mignogna as well was a very bad example. Do you really think that all (yes all, because originally it was seiyuus) voice actors and actress do not try as hard as him for auditioning a role in an anime? Only a few will get pick because there's a limited amount of characters in an anime therefore only a few will make it big. Btw, this is totally irrelevant to SOPA?

    Before you reply a comment back (if you do anyway), please check if their earning is as "big and world wide" as they could have got. You already pointed out the main support to my blog which i just quoted but you took the meaning as a different way.
  5. notanotaku's Avatar
    @musikalles -- Yes, it's somewhat a stretch from SOPA but it's still related. I'm glad you understand it, well part of it =) You shouldn't have use an English voice actors/actress as an example like what megpoid did. An english dub anime airs more internationally in many different countries so the companies would earn a lot more, thus the voice actors upon signing a deal with companies when they're selected would get paid a lot per episode or until the end of project.

    Btw, i wouldn't call SOPA a crime although it is some pretty serious stuff. But yeah, i'm against it anyway just so anyone misunderstands if i was supporting it.
  6. musikalles's Avatar
    The general chant against SOPA where I live is "Punish pirates, not free speech" about the bill. That's what makes it a crime, that second part.

    People do effectually "steal" anytime a copyright is broken, even if no one knows or gets hurt or whatever... it is a theft. Today my professor told us how students in past semesters were going down to copyshops to photocopy textbook pages en masse, and got sued by the publishers of those textbooks.

    Yes, books can be hundreds of dollars and it was for learning's sake, but they stole copyrighted text. To me, I know that publishers of textbooks get waaayyy more money than the professors and researchers who write them for decades of their life. Imbalanced... that's close to home theft if you ask me.
  7. Liberator's Avatar
    I read your blog and you're right, such a flippant reason is silly and inexcusable. Honestly, if online streaming were taken away it would be unfortunate for me because I rather enjoy this community and the content therein. I have no other way to enjoy anime/manga besides online streaming/manga sites. I have no way to afford such things and because of my location I really wouldn't know what there is to buy. There isn't any big calls for the industry near me so any store that has the materials is extremely limited. So in effect, if SOPA were to pass I would miss the experiences I have shared and would from there on not take part of.

  8. notanotaku's Avatar
    @Liberator -- Nice comment =] Your reason is the perfect example of why an otaku should go against SOPA. Talking about location is more better than spamming "I won't be able to stream free anime online anymore" because for people where their location is isolated from manga/anime, streaming/manga sites is the only way to get closer to the Anime Culture. Finally someone that understands!

    @musikalles -- I'm kinda lost at what your trying to say. I know that they are ignoring free speech but then you say it's a crime when your quote says "Punish pirates, not free speech". So what your trying to say is that they should punish free speech as well? <--Because you said 'the second part'. Unless your talking about how the Government is ignoring free speech and that's the crime because everyone has the freedom of speech and expression rights. Am i on the right lines? Cos we're getting further away from the point of the blog lol.

    Btw, I do agree on the part about the books.
  9. Megpoid07's Avatar
    Im sorry I miss understood your meaning
    But honestly I'm just gonna side with wanting free anime, because even though its not a very excusable excuse, Im gonna stick to it. Also, its not that its a "Immature" thing to think or want, but that its a selfish thing. Sorry again if you still disagree . . . because I'm shore you will.
  10. notanotaku's Avatar
    @Megpoid...It's alright...It wasn't suppose to be a big deal. I'm just frustrated at people that keep spamming that particular excuse that i vented my anger on that point towards you. Therefore, i apologise. I hope we're cool now.

    Don't worry, i'm not going to disagree if you put it as a "selfish" although it does come under immaturity anyway haha. That's different because even myself (well, everybody) are -selfish- about the SOPA thing. We all want freebies xD Damn, i just stated that i was cheapskate. Even i want free anime...who doesn't? We're on the same side. I just wanted to pointed out to the people to stop spamming that excuse because simply, it's a bad one.
  11. ZenNaari's Avatar

    Something I ,made... though it has no relation with the current topic... I hope this will put in some smiles in people's faces as I try to cool down this conversation...

    I will add LOZ in the 9gag post...
  12. Monkill's Avatar
    LoL never stopped to think about it. When we stream free anime, people lose the minimum money they need to survive...
    I'm not in the side of SOPA, but it's inhuman in some way...
    in a side are these people that depends of this work and receive no rewards,
    in the other side are the ones that need free stream as only way...
    But i am opposed to SOPA, it's a extreme project that will make internet as useless as the Apple gadgets.

    Hahaha ZenNaari, its funny,
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