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New chapter and a new story

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Chapter 14: Jokers and Princesses...
is now posted,,, arigatou gozaimasu

.and i have a story coming up soon too...

Taishoku ai, Hatsu ai..

its a romance story^_^

..well here's the spoiler of Summer romance Chapter 14
"That witch," he muttered angrily. "YOU STILL HAVE CENTURIES OF LIFE TIME TO SPARE!" he shouted back at her; he sighed again. He flopped back onto the bed and closed his eyes.

C.C. heard it all too well. "Idiot, you wouldn't want to experience those centuries of immortality?" she muttered.

And please do post some comments....



  1. Snoozy19's Avatar
    I'll be sure to read Ch. 14 right away.. XP
    I'm a bit curious about that new story of yours but since its romance I might like it..