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Pen Name Zen Naari

Chatbox times?

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People should really create time to visit the chatbox... everytime i enter, it's dead... and everytime I complain that it's dead, there's also another person who complained that it's dead...

We should really like... get back together... I really miss the times when I chat with you guys on my phone during class and stuff...

So please... Chatbox members... come back... I miss you guys, VERY VERY much...

mlcdl, musikalles, kobowo, cloverleaf, evil, karin, paper, lordnight, zevlag, ALL OF YOU!!! I miss you all!!! I can't even remember all of you! PLEASE!!! Come back~~~


  1. mlcdl's Avatar
    Ah. About that, the deadness lately of the chatbox is the reason why Im not visiting it atm. Anyway, Ill try to stay on the box and waits for people to come again.
  2. musikalles's Avatar
    It seems this really has become an issue. But its nice to called to arms about it by name, thanks my friend. Next time I get to a desktop (versus my mobile) I'll be sure to stop in, too.
  3. jeiru01's Avatar
    Whenever I come to the chatbox, it's dead. Everyone's leaving because of it.. Well I guess if people stay there for a while even though it's dead? a tab won't hurt anyway.
  4. animefreak11's Avatar
    hmm...i never really visited the Chatbox
    but then Tulle Doll was worried about it
    so i kinda visited there,yeah i agree that the CB is
    somewhat dead and it has been quite a concern now
    hmm...maybe changing or making the Chatbox appealing can gain
    members back i guess.....