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Student council ._.

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Hello OS blog!
I won't make this long.

I haven't post any blog for a month xD
Oh well, luckily I survived the first week of school! >:3
And I'm running for a position for SBO members ( student councils )

My chance of winning for this position is 70%.
Since we're kinda famous cause I'm in a school band :D( not bragging >:( )

BTW, ZenNaari and jzero. <<< They're part of our campaign.
ZenNaari = PRO xD
jzero = Sergeant at arms XD

Our group's name is "Democratics" 8)
Hopefully, we'll try to win our schoolmates vote throughout the campaign on Monday :D

Well, wish the three of us goodluck and win the position we are aiming for :)

And btw, This is our last year in HS :(
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  1. ZenNaari's Avatar
    TROLOLOL!!! OMG!!!

    You still had to make this?
  2. CythilVen's Avatar
    Of course! >:) I dont know what to post :D
    Its not too long :3

    Goodluck for us and log in your YM! Show me the fliers :3 when you're done :D
  3. Hikary's Avatar
    Gambatte for the three of you :)))
  4. ZenNaari's Avatar
    you 4got that 23lansengan is our vice pres.