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Pen Name Zen Naari

Creativity Rush #1 - The Novelist

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Controlling fate. Is it just a dream?

My name is Zen Naari. And I live that dream. The dream of controlling fate.

I am blessed with a book that fell out of the sky entitled, The Novel, Owner: Zen Naari.

Just by writing, I can control the fate of others, the world, and my own.

Fate, doesn't seem like it is anymore like that.

I thought it was impossible myself.

I abused it.

I used The Novel and turned myself into the richest and loved-by all emperor of the world.

But it wasn't worth it a all.

The thought of becoming the most powerful man that ever roamed the world, just by writing it down.

It's cheating. I am cheating life. As long as I have The Novel, I am a cheater in this game we call life.

I am a disgrace to the creator of this game. The Novel is real.

The Novel doesn't work unless The Novelist and The Pen writes on it. Whatever fate I want to alter happens. As I write it down, the event erases in The Novel as it is engaged.

I wrote that it was all a dream after I wrote down myself to become emperor.

Because of my guilt, I only use The Novel for troubling purposes. Lost items, forgotten events, things I need to re-do or re-take.

I can just write down the grade I want in The Novel for an upcoming test and I would have gotten it.

I sacrifice a life full of suprises into a self-controlled life.

I will search for whoever gave me this book, and I will curse him.

For I have gone into the point of no return in using it.

Whenever I try to throw it away, The Novel comes back to me somehow.

That is the curse given to me. I have to use it.

Can my Life be any worse.

Do you think I'm lucky?

Think about it.


  1. CythilVen's Avatar
    A book dropped from the sky.

    Another story from Zen! yosh
  2. Capone3830's Avatar
    Gotta say I like the Story on that one.

    Though it has some Death Note characteristics I have to say that if there would be a good plot backing it up in a book, I would read it with pleasure.

    Keep on walking, Sir!
  3. animefreak11's Avatar
    i think its fun living life when you don't control it, it makes you all excited on what will happen to you, if it will happen to me I'll burn that cursed book but it'll be really hard letting it go...hahaha It's fun reading it its like death note^.^