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first time blogger

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so what is a blog? what should i do with my blog? are there any rules in writing a blog? i really have no idea what to write and so i searched the meaning of it.

Blog= a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences (thanks to merriam webster dictionary)^^

so what now?? haha.. i really want to learn blogging.. any tips out there? ^^


  1. ZenNaari's Avatar
    Yo there KG and welcome to the OS Blog.

    Feel free to type down whatever it is you want as this is a blog. Just type whatever you want.

    A blog is something you want to share with people.

    So whether you want to shout out at how cute something is... or venting out your anger of the cruelty of life... let it all out and keep posting here... ^^

    Welcome to the OS blog.

    -ZenNaari (Monster Blogger)
  2. kilogram's Avatar
    Thanks ZenNaari.. I will try to post more blogs..