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Life as an Otaku

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I don't consider the term Otaku as something that only applies to anime viewers. In my case it has a lot of different aspects to it, and I still don't really consider myself an Otaku because I feel like I'm taking something away from diehard otakus.

My life as an "otaku" hmm. I dont know what to say there because to me, sadly, it's secondary. My life is kinda difficult and hard, so I dont have the time to sit back and go "ahhh this is the life, I feel good about this". Instead I sit down to watch anime and I am interrupted 5 minutes later by another dramatic debacle around here. Or I'm doing countless hours of homework. Or listening to another complication that has arisen.

So if I DO have a life as an otaku... it'd be my few seconds or items of sanctuary. The moments I get to watch anime right before bed, the moments I get to watch a k-drama if I have a day off and its a lucky quiet day, the moments where I listen to music on repeat on the bus, the fraction of seconds when I can look at a website online and see a plushie I really like and wish I could have but then I look at the price and say "well. at least I got to look at it. I hope whoever gets it will treasure it a lot.". and so on. I don't have the luxury of calling myself an otaku. I have the constant responsibility of moving forward and I can't even stop to enjoy the weather. Half the time I don't even know what colour the sky is at the moment.


  1. liz948's Avatar
    i like ur blog Life as an Otaku ^_^ even though i love anime, watch dramas, and draw them, im still busy either cleaning, cooking, or doing homework. i love to go to cons and buy pocky, hello pandas, and/or honey's bunny. life is to short to spend time doing other things that is no use to u in the future. life is precious so go have a little of lot of fun and relax once in awhile. i really do like ur blog, sushilovesnori ^_^
  2. animefreak11's Avatar
    Yeah I kinda agree to that you can't watch anime peacefully when theres work to be done and there are lots of distraction all around you you'll have to finish it first before you could even enjoy yourself
  3. Hikary's Avatar
    You're right... really right. I'm like that too.... can't even finished one episode of an anime.. because I got interrupted ... Haha. I can relate to that.
  4. Range's Avatar
    So True...there's a lot of things to consider.. i sometimes cannot focus my attention on watching when i know that there's a pile of work to do, tsk.
  5. Steelkill777's Avatar
    It is quite a hassle when other things around in your peripheral vision tend to smack you upside the head. (mainly home work or Job interviews) Just gotta find that time where you can chillax and enjoy Life. It's there we just have to look harder for it. :D
  6. yasoufxlife's Avatar
    Otakus forever
  7. Kaiser Loli's Avatar
    Would you consider hardcore gamers and readers otaku as well.