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My Anime Life Struggles

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I have come to this point in life where I have come to love anime lesser and lesser.

I don't hate anime in general, but there are some specific ones that I came to. Plus the way that I love them before is totally different from how I see them now.

Over time, I started to critique them instead of actually enjoying them - judging from the animation, voice actors, and plot. Thus the value of enjoyment has lost. And maybe one of the reasons why I hated some of it.

Every time a new anime comes out, I always think, "It's just another anime with the same plot all over again". I don't even give a chance. And most of the time, I just watched them for the reason that there are new ones coming out.

And that is kind of sad...

I just missed those old days where my eyes sparkle waiting for episodes and my heart goes *Doki* *Doki* every time there is an exciting scene.

Recently, I have met some of my friends, one is an otaku and the other is also an otaku, but I was the one who introduced anime to her.

During that time, we were watching anime episodes of some random anime channel on TV (Yes, it still exist). Then they started talking about latest episodes and new anime that I am unaware of. I was not able to keep up!

As they keep up with the discussion, there were some random previews shown on the channel and I thought to myself, "Hey, those are not bad at all. Wasn't that a cool preview just now? What happened to me? What planet did I teleport too!?"

And it hit me, "Damn! Did I miss out that much?"

The fact that I was moved by a preview, maybe, just maybe, there is still some spark left in my heart?

Do I give them a chance? But what if that attitude comes into place again? I don't want to hate another anime. (And by hate, I mean to the core.)

*Sigh* And I continue to struggle.


  1. MaraMaraChi's Avatar
    I totally agree! I feel the same thing as well. I found myself just looking at ratings on anime pages and if I see that it didnt receive higher ratings, I wouldnt give it a chance as well.

    Sometimes scrolling through animes, looking for the best one every season so I can look forward to it.

    try reading it's synopsis first before watching it all and judge if its the same plot all over again. Im sure this'll help! :)