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Belated greetings everyone (do people read these??)

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Uh hello, considering that I've been away for a year straight, I go by Spartan or Happy, doesn't matter, what matters is how is everyone doing tonight, or day... lunch, breakfast, or even linner. You know small talk. It's been quite some time and the site seen its days of active chatboxes (my guess) it's odd for me to lurk semi annually to see things go quiet. I got used to chatting with everyone while watching shows here back in 2012... yeah... it's been years. I was attending school and that got busy over two and a half years before going back home from financial issues. Just took a year off from school in general seeing what the heck I'm supposed to do with my life. Popped up here couple times a month before going back to life.

Days where it's rarely quiet (it's actually nights when everyone is asleep that it gets quiet) I think back and remember chatting here... I do miss those days. I know everyone has gotten busy. I miss those guys and gals. It was a mini fam I had here; wouldn't be surprised if they're rarely on here, but I think about y'all every so often. Hope y'all are having a good life...

-just have little things to say, got a void inside me, dealing with the inability to finish school for what I wanted to become. Dug myself in a hole that I'm stressing out on how to get out. Lot has changed, damn... took things for granted. I do hope everyone is doing fine. I'll be more active low key little active but still is something. Have a good night everyone-