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  1. Boredom Strikes Again

    I just want to let you all know that I'am bored. I have nothing to do so I tried posting a blog for the first time. After posting this blog. I realized......... That I'm bored for sure. XD
  2. My Brain and Its Weirdness

    by , 02-16-2013 at 07:07 PM (dan's Orange Haven of Text)
    It kind of feels weird having your brain as some kind of "second person" inside you (maybe its just me, or maybe everyone else is like that, thinking its just them too!)

    well, you know, it comes up with short stories (i am a writer.) that feels like another person narrating it to me. stories that are, like, things i didnt originally come up with. as a writer, you should know what you are writing, the perspective of your characters and such. but when if it's my brain, i ...
  3. Yay presents!!!

    The Music Gods have blessed me greatly today! i am humbled and so very grateful.
    When logging into my itunes today, i found that my sweet little brother had added gift cards to my account. He's so super great!! Yay little brother!!
    Then, my darling pbf came home from a rotations game with...........THE VERY BEST MUSIC PRESENT EVER!!!
    Beats by Dre with Noel Lee and Ammunition Studio headphones.
    i am SO EXCITED!!
    Hurray ...
  4. Once Again i Will Try to Blog....Obviously This Is Just Me Babbling.....

    Ok, so i'm a writer. Not like, i write books or stories or whatever (i do that sometimes though)-i guess i mean i'm a diary keeper or journal writer.
    Anywho, blogging is something i've tried many times with the same result; i quit, it's kinda my thing.

    Now, i don't want to have a famous blog or anything; i don't even care if no one reads it ever. That is not the problem. The problem, as usual, is ME.

    i am all kinds of CRAZY (no really, i have all the ...
  5. She's my Valentine

    My Valentine is simply amazing. In every way she can bring me joy and happiness. Without her I feel similar to a lost dog who can't find his way home. she makes every day brighter with the slightest hint of her smile. She is more radiant than the sun and more beautiful than the stars. Her love feels like snow falling all around me. I love her more than anything and her laugh makes life worth living. I love the way she laughs at every stupid joke I make. She always knows exactly what to do to get ...
  6. Bunch of Randomness After My First Blog Post.

    by , 02-14-2013 at 05:45 AM (dan's Orange Haven of Text)
    I've been procrastinating a lot lately and it's been putting me to very stressful situations like working a day or two before a deadline. There's even wonderful (at least i think so) stories in my head that I'd like to write but procrastination really gets in the way, a lot. Help?

    I've just uploaded my first (?) short here on OS and i'm waiting for it to be approved by the mods. hope people like it.

    I've lately been interested in doing VOCALOID covers or some ...
    Tags: random
  7. Happy valentines :d

    So, have you had a perfect valentines day? Cause I haven't D:
    Well, just wanting to say happy valentines day to all :D and may you have a happy lovelife?
    Well, Add me as friend
    OR not ! :D

    Ja ne ~~~
  8. Chocolate for Cookies

    So I'm texting pretty much everyone I know in school that if you gimme chocolates on Valentines, I'll bake cookies for them on White Day...

    I have a really bad haircut so I don't think I'll be getting any chocolate...

    If I don't, I'm going to bake a grand chocolate cake... JUST FOR ME!!!

    Maybe I'll try posting pictures of me baking it and eating it all up so I can make people feel bad for not giving me any chocolate...

    Anyway... not much ...
  9. Cliffhangers ._.


    Oh, them cliffhangers.

    Don't you just hate them T^T They always stop at the most important moments and you have to just sit there and wriggle your fingers and cry wondering about what might happen next.

    And just when you finally satisfy your curiosity one week later, IT ENDS IN ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER.

    Or if the series is already over; You can watch the anime to your heart's content. But then it ends in a cliffhanger. You ...
  10. Scary Animes

    I want to watch a scary anime. one that makes you want to shut the comp down its so scarry

  11. HeLlO EvErYone

    hi !!!
    I want to watch the winter cup of kuroko no basket
    but i dont know where can i find it
    someone !! help me
  12. Please :d

    Please suggest me some good romance genre anime. Please
  13. hellos to all

    hello everyone its been a while since i been on....there are some questions i wanted to ask everyone can you people suggest me some anime to watch some thing realated to fairy tale, SAO, one piece, and finally Hunter X Hunter(2011)
  14. OS Writers.. AWAKEN !!

    Hello! It's been ages since I posted something here.. :D

    How are you guys??

    Anyways, I just want to call on all my writer friends to help me with this event I really want to bring back the OS Cafe fever.. But this time.. witha different theme.. So, Please if anyone is interested.. Just PM me

    by the way, Congratulation to the winners of OS idol

    and also, I'm still waiting when will be the finest
  15. Nostalgia....

    Just start watching some old anime, and it bring back some memory of my childhood hahaha
    The graphics and effects in anime now has big difference compared in the past, but there are still some that can considered as a really epic scenes