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Louise Chan

  1. Music Quotes

    Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

    For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness

    Music in y Soul, i can hear it, everyday, every night, there's something sings my mind....

    happy evening everyone ^.^

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  2. Love Quotes

    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

    Let's always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

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  3. Clannad Lyrics

    Romanji Lyrics

    sukitooru yume wo miteita
    yawarakai eien
    kaze no you na kasuka na koe ga
    takai sora kara
    boku wo yondeiru

    kono mama tobi tateba
    doko ni datte yukeru

    hikari no naka yurameita
    kotoba mo omoi mo zenbu
    nokosazu tsutaete kitto

    futashikana kimochi wo idaku
    doushitemo fuande
    ima wa mada shiranai keredo
    itsuka sono me ni
    utsuru toki ga kuru

    sekai wa

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  4. what im doing right now

    Oh my gosh! I don't know what to do! its hot in here! What I'm doing right now is watching my brother while playing his online game ! and what I really do is chatting my friends here in OS that's a relief hehehe earlier I ate my favorite spaghetti and its really yummy well, its so boring to say but, I'm feeling sleepy now so...

    Good bye and happy watching and chatting here in OS
  5. qoute i think?

    roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you ^_^ good evening everyone!
  6. Quote for the Day

    You're my best friend,a friend that will always by your side ready to help and protect you no Matter what happens...that will tell you that here's my shoulder to cry on and hand to help you up :)

    Good afternoon ^_^
  7. Brothers Conflict (Spoiler)

  8. add me to be your friend

    hi every can you please introduse your self and add me and of course what country you from?

    add is on
  9. otomate games becomes anime

    hello everyone, i'm just wondering why does the other otomate games adapted as anime?? urggg!! but , it's okay since our admins is always updating us! so it's okay...

    uhmm btw...

    can you suggest me an anime? if it's okay ^^

    well,, if everyone could read this.. just hoping.... add me as friend too!
  10. diabolik lovers we nessd season 2!!!