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  1. Blog for my Book

    I decided i would start a blog about the book i'm currently writing and ideas i have and how i'm progressing.

    The basic idea for the book is that this kid was born into a sadistic cult and the story spans his life. The main idea is his struggle for sanity as he grows up and tries to figure out what he really wants while the demons of his past keep haunting him.

    Right now i have mostly been focusing on how the first chapter is going to play out. I have ideas for the ...
  2. What do you do when your lonely?

    Quote Originally Posted by satsuirakuen View Post
    Uhm, would killing people in the neighborhood be considered? If not, well, uhm, nothing? I just continue with what I am doing because there's no means for me to stave off loneliness other than drown myself with work. lol
    killing people counts...i guess...probably...........you might need to see someone XP
  3. My book

    So im writing a book in my imaginitive writing class. Its really fun to do because ive allways wanted to write but i never found the time. Now having it as a class i gett all the time i need.

    The book is my own story ive created, but its based off the group in the OS called the Legion of the Inferno. I made everything up except the names of the people (except the antagonist...i made him up) who are actually people in the group. I used our usernames for it and its pretty cool. except ...