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  1. Selvaria Bles - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (Alter) Hath Arrived and some other stuff

    Its been awhile since my last post here so I thought I'd post something now..

    Yes I picked this from the post office today. Honestly I was expecting the Nendo?s I ordered to get here first but I guess Selvaria won that race.

  2. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD ver.

    Anyone have it it? I need people to play with darn it!

    Also I got a nice new figure, Its Saber Extra from the PSP game Fate/Extra
  3. Hello People!

    Here's a pic of my headshotting a Jinouga.

    Also If anyone want to play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, using easier the PSP version or the HD.version on the Japanese Ad-hoc party, go ahead and send me a message.

    Am usually playing with a friend or two, so there's always 1 or 2 slots open. Things are always abit more fun with a full party ^_^.
  4. Something else for the Osananajimi wa Daitouryou Fans!

  5. I Upload a couple of new videos on Youtube...

  6. I got Jibun wo'd

  7. Wanko!

    Yay Wanko’s route is finished! Ah it was pretty good…

    It even had a part that reminded me of Asura’s Wrath ahahaha. So I guess its finally Miyako’s turn next, but I guess it’ll be awhile till her routes translated maybe, So I’ll probably get on with something else….I quite behind on my anime episodes >,<

    Updated 03-13-2012 at 09:24 AM by Chrystofax

  8. Momoyo!

    And thats Momoyo’s Route Clear! Woohoo! It was pretty awesome, that last part was giving me Dynasty Warriors vibes (“Enemy Officer Defeated!”) and all that wahaha.

    And my timing couldn’t be more perfect cause the Wanko Route patch was just released!…well to be honest I haven’t done Momoyo’s After Story yet…but that will probably be just ...
  9. Gal*Gun

    So did anyone get Gal*Gun for PS3?

    I got my copy afew days ago, I just haven't haven't played it yet. Cause you know my Sister has been home and I don't want to to hear all the moaning and the TV I use for gaming


    Thats really annoying cause there are times I don't wanna disturb the peace. but ah well... It also has a funny Panic Screen, Ar Tonelico Qoga has one ...
  10. New Exciting Stuff

    Hatsune Miku Love is War DX


    MGS HD Collection

    Wow I spend to much money heh?
  11. Just thought I'd Try this

    Its was quite nice
    Tags: foods
  12. Black Rock Shooter Artbook: BLK and BRS Beast Figma

    Got a new Figma...

    And art book

    Woot! More details here...
  13. Final Fantasy XII-2 and shirt

    Final Fantasy XIII-2Now has arrived Pretty cool eh? Its the LE that comes with a bunch of stuff like a free Omega Weapon

    I'll be cool to have an Omega Weapon in the party. It still have to defeat it first Ehehehe….yeah.Even before I knew it was a DLC. I was hoping if you could get something like a Weapon to join ^_^

    I'll Probably play it sometime later.
  14. Anyone else heard this song?

  15. Inu X Boku SS Episode 03

    If you have seen it and are reading this what did you think of the episode? Also here found this part cute
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