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  1. Achlys's Avatar
    You're never done with research papers or any kind of paper if you're in a field that needs legit research everytime ahahha.
  2. september11's Avatar
    Yes, Cheer up! try to mingle with other people. you will just get more upset if you think about how he doesn't care about you.
  3. dnnashazmeen's Avatar
    yeap yeap
  4. ryanbreck's Avatar
    I like to see it more as "what you would regret the least." Unfortunately we will grow and become interested in many different things. Just consider what is important to you (i.e. people, money, relationships, success, creation). It's different for everyone, and definitely a tough decision no matter what! GL!
  5. Watonzon's Avatar
    Oh I bet you won't screw up. Just pick something that you enjoy doing.
  6. ZenNaari's Avatar
    write down a list of things you feel like you're too lazy to do...

    Do one once a week...