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  1. The Failure Epiphany

    I see your picture and all I feel is sorrow...
    No hate no love... No barren signs from above

    Can I be you for a while?
    Let me see
    Can you be me for a moment?
    Let it be... Resolution

    Only regret seals the night where I uncover myself...
    For those bygone days amid scenes of dread

    Resolve my love into sheer mercy...
    God knows how many mornings I woke in torment;
    Staring into the daytime void, lost
    Tags: darkpoetry
  2. No Greater Sorrow

    I am bewildered by this cruel fate -
    Clouding my judgement.
    Sowing the seeds of life in soil of ruin...
    The winds feel silent and kissed Death's wings.

    It's colder than before, still the winter's passed
    And springtime haste fully took all it came for.
    Often I stare at the clouds drifting by, imagining you there -
    Like formations of a dream adrift from me.

    The moments are gone but you remain,
    If we had wings we would
    Tags: darkpoetry