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  1. Do not read this!!!

    am a former high ranking scientist alien who was thrown away from my work and loss my rank because i was guilty,you know why?!, its because of this experiment were planning on you, are you even aware that you are held captive and that all around you is just plain illusion being done by our super duper mega high-tech computers!, i know it sounds crazy but its true, your family is safe in earth but you, you're no safe human here, right now your reading this letter, this letter i made with many hardships, ...
  2. Freeeee!!!!!!

    ive been head over heels with a certain guy(for four years)yeah i do really like him and his friends teases us but it doesnt mean that he likes me back,,,when i pass by him our eyes would always meet(Why would he do that?!?! its not like theres some dirt on my face0.o)...i just dont know what goes into his mind every time he does that (i dont get some guys really) then just recently he then was going out with this girl and i was like...WOW so it ends here huh??? is this what id get from being too ...
  3. To see or not to see

    i was just wondering whether seeing supernatural things do happen and does it make anyone special,,,in my case i wanna see one and maybe seeing one really do makes you special,but i also want to know whether they're real,,hmmm?

    will it be a curse or a gift?

    if its me i think its a gift
    but i think seeing the real thing for the first time might really be scary
    that if they're lurking invisibly around:D

    Has any of you Otakus see any of them?:D ...
  4. Madly in love with SWEETS!!!

    There is this time when i only think of eating lots and lots of sweets,wanting it so bad until i find myself drooling(not really drooling),i just love it when it melts inside my mouth and when it makes me smile like the world seems to be a better place,sweets that are so sinful yet so heavenly makes me forget problems when i eat them,there's just something in sweets that makes me laugh even when im alone(im afraid of myself sometimes)haha,And when i'll have a toothache it feels like the world has ...
  5. i feel so so so alone being...LEFT!!!

    so..uhhh.. i was just wondering,why are left handed people so rare??? theres no other left handed person in my house but me,and only few of us in my classroom, its just that im born in this right handed world, almost anything created are for the right handed people(door knobs,belts,GUITAR!!!,sigh and many many more), and when i googled it in the internet bout facts of being left handed i realized that left handed in the past were not treated well(BOOHOO!!!),SINISTER they say,tsk tsk tsk, is there ...
  6. Wish I was a Japanese!!!

    Well..uh I thought that being a Japanese has a lot to do about my dream of being a manga artist,,,actually I've been making my own manga(but seriously needs practice),I seriously wanna work in animation studious in Japan!!!!,What will I do???????,I wanna go there and plan on joining studious where they make mangas and anime but Japanese people might criticize me for not being one of them,Would they even accept me if I happen to go and apply work there(Look im still young and im confused....really ...
  7. My own piece of poem (Second time)

    The silvery moon shines it's brightest
    And the lights were suddenly dim
    The love in the air was in the highest
    And the sweet voices started to sing

    As I gaze up I saw my dreamy prince
    And he looked at me like I was the only one around
    I always dreamed of us dancing ever since
    And this dreams tonight I have found

    He took my hand and we started to dance
    I bet he could hear my heart beat so fast
    I never said no cuz ...

    Updated 08-29-2011 at 09:18 AM by animefreak11

  8. My own piece of poem

    It's really hard to bear
    this feelings I felt inside
    my heart aches as it tears
    but these feelings I must not hide

    I thought everything will be alright
    when I confess it to you
    but then I loose my might
    when you shut your heart adieu

    I know I did my best
    in having the guts to tell the truth
    I'm now contented and I find rest
    cuz it's all gone now, the feeling that is the root

    Now your with ...
  9. Other people think that OTAKUS are strange

    well this is my first blog and i just don't know how to do it (cant blame you if you find it in an unblogish way..huh is there a word) well uh i just wonder why other people think that OTAKUS are strange, I for sure is a certified otaku but people are saying that I'm being weird and really hard to understand, they even get annoyed if i would say some japanese words (well sorry for getting carried away hmp!) why can't they just leave us alone in our own world i mean they are too mean to criticize ...

    Updated 09-11-2011 at 06:21 AM by animefreak11