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  1. Back after 6 years.

    Yo! I don't think anyone would be reading this short blog, but what the heck.

    It's almost midnight from where I'm from. Obviously, I'm bored since it's the weekend and I just got off from a 8-hour PS4 binge playing. To be honest, I've forgotten all about otaku-streamers, and how it was a big part of my life during my highschool years. I guess my priorities in life just shifted into studies, work, and my vices.

  2. Taking a break

    It's been months since my last post here in OS and I want to take a peek on what's happening here. Trololololol it feels like I'm a highschool student again!
    It was only Cherriedreams who remembered me, and posted a message on my profile.

    Although I still talk to AnimeYuio (not sure with the spelling anymore T_T) on facebook. Anyway, it feels good to be back! I don't think I would be streaming any anime for months cause I'm too busy with school. And, what the heck. No ...
  3. Student council ._.

    Hello OS blog!
    I won't make this long.

    I haven't post any blog for a month xD
    Oh well, luckily I survived the first week of school! >:3
    And I'm running for a position for SBO members ( student councils )

    My chance of winning for this position is 70%.
    Since we're kinda famous cause I'm in a school band :D( not bragging >:( )

    BTW, ZenNaari and jzero. <<< They're part of our campaign.
    ZenNaari = PRO xD
    Tags: zennaari
  4. Career?

    Oh noes ._.
    Next school year I'll be fourth year HS!! still, I don't know what course I should take T_T

    Recently I've been thinking IF I should take Architecture or Engineering.

    Yes, I can draw, But I'm not gonna say I'm PRO. Cause I'm not that good.
    And If I fail as an architect.....

    I don't want to be a draftsman -_- Which literally means I'll get low salary O_O
    BUT, If I become a successful architect, I'll be successful
  5. Another work.

    I decided to change my avatar
    But theres a problem :O

    So I browse for picture and do some rendering and viola I'm done!

    But the problem is .png don't work here in OS.
    No Idea how they can make the BG of avatars transparent
    Heeeeeelp me
    In return I promise to thank you 3 times >:))
  6. A friend.

    Yey! a friend came over to my house 6am in the morning ._.
    And last night I can't sleep cause I'm reading a manga so I slept around 3am and woke up at 5am -_-

    So yeah he came over to my house. Then play dota.
    While he was playing I sleep ! For about 3 hours or chamting >:3

    After that, I woke up and tell him that its my turn to use and let him watch me play