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  1. Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer (2nd Chapter)

    Greetings OS readers,

    Well, I took a break from writing pieces for submission, the freelance work. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, because I just couldn't deal with the rejection letters or not hearing anything back. Two, because I was busy with my classes. At 17 credit hours and 32 hours a week at work, there just wasn't time for another job. Also, I was in a poetry class that was helping me become a stronger poet. It only seemed ideal to wait until I could learn new techniques ...
  2. The Life of a Wandering College Student (Part 10)

    It's been a while. It was never my intention to be away for so long, but life happens sometimes and things don't go according to plan. However, in case people were wondering, I'm not dead.

    Let's see...
    Little Peanut is doing much better. While she still has her issue every now and then, it happens fewer times and is not as bad. I'm still keeping a detailed record just in case, but I haven't even had a call from the vet about seeing her again. Whatever. My new biggest concern with ...