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  1. Poem: Mabon

    Mabon is the Gäelic Sabbat in autumn celebrating the harvest season, it is much like thanksgiving, It is thanking the gods and goddesses for the bountiful growing season, the fact that our plants thrived, life thrived, and that were still alive and well. This is a Poem I have made for the upcoming Holiday of Mabon. Mabon is Pronounced (May-bon).

    For now is the time of the harvest
    As we draw nearer to the years end
    Now is the time of Mabon
  2. Poem: I Opened My Heart To You.

    Written by Nele Molkov (AfterRäyne)

    Poem: I Opened my Heart To You.

    I opened my heart to you
    I've danced to this song at funerals, no rush
    These lyrics I've heard a thousand times, so hush
    A baby girl you've held so tightly, this pain it visits almost nightly
    Missing those times you read to me, I could still feel your touch
    As you said with a smile, I love you my little angel

    I will wait, my patience of eternity, a
  3. Poem: Time Passes Me By.

    Time Passes Me By.

    I hear the clock count down
    I wish the minute hand could be rewound.
    So much to do and there is so much i still needed to say.
    I wonder if tomorrow will be too late.

    I feel the moment slip into the past
    Like sand through an hour glass.
    In the chaos I guess I just Forgot to do the things I said.
    Like all things Time passes by.

    I never thought I'd wind up a step behind
    now I've made up
  4. Poem: I Lost It All

    Poem: I Lost It All

    As I Stood with these hands, I shook the heavens to the ground
    I stood above these mighty castle walls
    I stood above another war, another jewel upon the crown
    I held the key, to the kingdoms lions guarding my castle walls
    Hail the King, I never thought he'd be the end of me

    I felt so safe; so protected in his arms
    But then I lost it all,and now my backs against the wall
    I'm just trying to breath; just
  5. Poem: Nyx


    Shadows fall, as the wind kisses my face
    as I walk this moonlit path, I feel my heart race
    shifting of the trees, and rusting leafs, among these tales of thieves
    I go where noone leaves.

    I know the sound of each rock and stone
    A place where everything breathes, and everything thrives
    for me it means life, for others it's death.
    as I stand basking in this airily light, The peace of night withen moonlight

  6. Lullaby: Lullaby Of Death.

    Lullaby Of Death
    This is a poem with a more Gäelic feel and structure, it is both a poem; as well as a haunting and alluring verse that can be sung in a slow and eerie yet high pitched voice. When you read this think of it as a hem from the days of old. Think of it as a spiritual curse or a song of mourning, a song of death. Let me know what you guys think, did I do it well, What can I do to improve on making you the reader feel what it is intended to be. A FAIR WARNING! THIS IS A VERY
  7. Lullaby: In The Morning.

    In The Morning.

    This Lullaby has been passed down in my family since the days of old. I recently sang it to a little boy I had been taking care of while his parents where away, he had trouble sleeping becuase he was afraid of the rain storms. After singing this he fell asleep and seemed so peaceful. there is a sense of magic behind this lullaby.

    Little child, be not afraid
    The rain pounds harsh against the glass
    Like an unwanted stranger
    There is
  8. Poem: Samhain Opening Poem 1st night.

    Opening poem/hem
    On October 31st-November 1st the holiday known as Samhain begins. Pronounced Soh-win, It is a Gäelic festival, however it is also one of the sabbats for Wicca and Pagans. It is also known as the day of the honored dead, All Hollows Eve, and in a way is Halloween minus the trick or treat. For two nights the ancestors come to the world of the living and can be spoken to, honored and remembered. This is a Poem that opens up the festival. Each who celebrate
  9. Poem: The Dragon Born Comes! A Skyrim Composition.

    The Dragon Born Comes!

    For the world wide popular game from The Elder Scrolls collection Skyrim, The song of the Dragonborn Lyrics and literature. I did not write this however I found it very moving and wish to share it among the members of OS. This is not posted in the category gaming for the simple reason it is targeted for the literature purpose not the game discussion. I have Composed it to the best of my ability and I am a fan of the game.

    Our Hero, Our hero, claims
  10. A Nights Kiss, With A Subtle Temperance.

    With every breathe I take, the shadows fell; the cool nightly winds blew in my direction. Kissing my face softly with a subtle temperance, as I walked this moonlit path alone. I can feel my hair moving in a feathery motion, every step; a dance in the shadows. Sounds of life could be heard all around me as I moved care free, toward my destination. An array of light, illuminated by the star struck and moonlit sky above was cast down into the shadows along the path. With each whisper of the wind, rustling
  11. Poem: An Echo Stronger Than Words.

    An Echo Stronger Than Words.

    Written by: AfterRäyne.

    In an echo stronger than words.
    Where neither pen nor sword Reins from the lords.
    A master stroke in deed.
    A wound Struck deep, leaving me in a time of need.

    The crimson flowing down.
    Like water as I hit the ground.
    Angers deceitful embrace caresses me
    Feeling cold and numb, Cruel eyes I see

    A seed of evil, like poison slowly entering a bloodline.
  12. Affinity of Seasons.

    Ok this was originally a post however it was a good review so it is being added to my blog and topic.

    We all have a specific time of the year where we share a favorite season or have seen a season that they love. What are your favorite seasons and why? what is it about the season that makes you feel at peace and happy for you to call it your favorite time of the year.

    My personal Favorite season is, well i have two Spring and Autumn. The reason i love Spring is it brings
  13. Poem: At Frost Fall.

    At Frost Fall
    This is the end.
    Hold your breath and count to ten.
    Feel the earth move and then.
    Hear my heart burst again.
    For this is the end

    I've drowned and dreamt this moment.
    So overdue I owe them.
    Swept away, I'm stolen.
    Let the frost fall.

    When it crumbles, we will stand tall.
    An face it all together at the frost fall.
    Cold and wet, battered and beat.
    We feel small.

  14. Cause and Effect of Global Warming!

    Global Warming is Without a doubt this single most environmental and humanitarian crises on this planet. The Earths atmosphere is overloaded with heat -rapping significant amounts of carbon dioxide, which threatens large-scale disruptions in climate with disastrous consequences.

    Heat waves, wildfires, floods and droughts hit us hard in 2012 (the warmest year on record for the United States). Scientists warn that if we don't address climate change, this is just a taste of what we could
  15. Depresion, and the fight to be happy

    -March 18th 2005

    Echoes of the past.

    Fighting depression, forgetting the past, and moving on.

    Written by: Nele Molkov (AfterRäyne).

    Another day in this carnival of souls.
    Another night ascends, as quickly as it goes.
    The memories are calling, just echoes of the past.
    The pain I feel, how long will it last.

    My memories are made up, of a million shattered dreams.
    The faces of people,
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