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  1. Crruently Taking a Break From Anime for Awhile... Back to Classic Cartoons...

    I suddenly had a GRAVE craving... even more than just playing with my new PSP...

    The grave craving told me, "There's that certain series I wanna finish! But I forgot what... >.<"

    Then it hit me! Charlie Brown and Snoopy!!! Good ol' Days...

    Anyway, I'll be watching that for now... 12 episodes per season... and >.>... there are 2 seasons available online... >.>...

    Anyway, that's it then... I'll be back as soon ...
  2. CLANNAD AMV MASHUP SLIDESHOW!!! Brian McKnight - Marry Your Daughter!!!

    DEKITA! I FINISHED IT! I made this!!! Yeah I did!!!

    Spoiler for Spam Exclamations!!! Contains troll and Jejemon!!!

    Updated 05-15-2011 at 03:57 PM by ZenNaari

  3. Short: AniCom Synopsis Reaction


    Maachi is a 15 year-old girl who loves her brother Riichi. Actually, the two of them are not related by blood, but due to their parents work situation they are forced to live alone together. Riichi, whose looks, personality, and grades are top-class, is the idol around school. But he has a huge secret that only Maachi knows about. Riichi is actually
  4. Vlog: Random Anime Rant

    YES, I know that I'm a fat bastard! (I did not watch this, I just uploaded it.)

    Updated 05-15-2011 at 05:14 AM by ZenNaari

  5. I Got My First PSP!!! FOR FREE!!!

    Hey guys. So I'm BACK!!! And I'll be more active than I was a week ago...

    I know there's been a lot of rescheduling but believe me it's been a pain.

    Yeah, sleptover a week at my best-friend's house.

    So I'm pretty sure you know what we did there.

    Laugh at corny jokes. Laugh at how opposite we are. Watch anime. Play LOL. Eat and don't sleep.

    And just last thursday, I GOT MYSELF A FREE PSP!!!

    i was looking around ...
  6. Creativity Rush #4 - The Novelist 2

    I was approached by a friend today, asking me for help.

    To be honest, he wasn't a friend to me. He was just another human committing another grave mistake.

    He was led astray by lust. He slept with a girl and was caught. Her parents were deeply angered. They were those kind of parents. His life was in the point of danger.

    He boldly came to me and asked for help. A place to stay, a gentle prayer.

    I would not pray for one who does not pray ...
  7. Creativity Rush #3 - Stalker

    You tell me not to follow you
    But I follow you anyway
    You tell me not to come near
    But I just keep moving closer (yeah)

    So no matter what you say
    I will still be led astray
    By you

    I'll be your stalker that won't let you go
    I'll be the ghost that keeps haunting you
    I'll be right beside you
    I'll be right behind you
    Cuz no matter what you say
    I will still be led astray
    By you

    Turn ...
  8. Creativity Rush #2 - Sentimental

    Tell me how much I am worth
    If I am worth anything
    A useless person like I
    that should just drop down and die

    Do I have any value
    Or do I have none
    A worthless presence like mine
    It's okay you don't have to lie

    Can someone please give me worth
    Give me something to live for
    Can some one please give me value
    Before I leave this place
    If I become useless without value
    Will you still treasure me ...
  9. OMG Teto's Back-up voice!!!

    Okay, as some of you may know, I have fallen in love with Teto's voice in the back-ups in this song.

    Although I think a few people might disagree... but I have seriously been moved by hatsune miku singing with Teto in the background...

    I'm glad they kept her back-ups in the Nico Nico Chorus...

    Are there any other songs similar to this one with Miku singing and Teto in the BG...?

  10. Creativity Rush #1 - The Novelist

    Controlling fate. Is it just a dream?

    My name is Zen Naari. And I live that dream. The dream of controlling fate.

    I am blessed with a book that fell out of the sky entitled, The Novel, Owner: Zen Naari.

    Just by writing, I can control the fate of others, the world, and my own.

    Fate, doesn't seem like it is anymore like that.

    I thought it was impossible myself.

    I abused it.

    I used The Novel and ...
  11. Blogging from a friend's house...

    Yo guys, I know I said that I'll be back on Sunday but it seems that will be delayed until Thursday... Hopefully Wednesdays...

    As you can see, I haven't been pretty active... jz dropping by the cb hoping for a good topic...

    So right now my best friend is right beside me despairing cuz he can't play League Of Legends (LOL) and as a result, is now playing and singing-along to FM Static - Moment Of Truth...

    It's gonna change soon though...

  12. Gotta go somewhere~! Be back at Sunday!

    Hey guys, so for my readers, I'll be on a 2 day hiatus... or something... cuz I got somethin' to do today...

    As we speak, I am leaving for my ol' hometown where my friends are in 2 more hours and 30 more minutes... (This was written in OS Time 10:30)

    Without my knowlege, my best-friend's mom added me on a list of cottilion dancers for a wedding that's coming up...

    No, it's not a replay of the royal wedding...

    Just a frick'n wedding and ...
  13. 2 latest GIF's

  14. Bilnking eyes challenge

    first, I would like to thank kimono031 for the tutorial as that opened my eyes to making a new gif...

    of course, I didn't follow everything and I just did it my way using Photoshop 6.0 and photoscape...

    so... how's my work?

    yeah, it's already my avatar...

    Updated 05-03-2011 at 05:40 PM by ZenNaari

  15. ZenNaari's All time favorite song, Simple Plan - I'm Just A Kid (Life Story below)

    Official Music Video: http://www.woodstock.com/music-video...-m-just-a-kid/

    Okay, let's talk about my favorite song.

    This song has never left my heart and it never fails to calm me down whenever I'm enraged about something...

    Okay, believe it or not, I started thinking about my own death when I was four... I know it's unbelievable but... if you don't believe me then don't... For ...
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