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Flame Haze

  1. Need Help! :(

    Since I don't know where to put this post, i decided to post it right here..
    I want to become an uploader. But how? Don't know where should i start. Arrgh. Please somebody help me!!
    I'm so very frustrated I could do whatever I can to be an uploader.

    Any tips or suggestions you can share with me??
  2. Daily Life of an Otaku

    Konnichiwa minna!
    Wow. It's been years since i've watched Anime for the first time -- and that is when i was in elementary. After school, i always go home early to watch Anime. Since then, i decided to dedicate myself in Anime. Eventhough i'm not "kid" anymore, still i can't force myself to stop liking and adore it. For me, it is one of the important part of my childhood memories.

    I don't care how old i am but i will never stop loving anime.