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Rated-MA:Contains Disturbing Text, and Strong Language
Genres: Horror/Psychological Thriller

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Episode 1:Encounter
It was the final class of the day before the students left for home. Rain has been falling for days. Dark clouds covering the sky. The streets wet and people out with their umbrellas.
Ken was laying his head in his open palm, looking out the window, watching rain drops glid down the glass. During this time, the class in session of a lecture and he was really the only one not listening. He was the type to loose interest in class easily.
Ken had few friends, but his closest ones were Aki, a sweet and caring student, and Daiku, a guy that looks out for others. Most people treated Ken as normally. Saying good morning, how you doing, and good bye. The teacher closed his book and stopped writing on the board just as the final bell rang.
"Alright class, remember to study up for the test this Friday."
Ken hesitated on packing his bag to get out of class. His sight remained on the window looking out to the court yard.
"Ken? You ready to go?" Aki asked as she came up to his desk.
Ken sighed and got up from his seat.
"You okay?"
"I guess. It's just the rain. It just keeps coming down." Ken said as he packed his bag.
"I thought you liked the rain Ken." Asked Daiku as he came up with his bag over his shoulder.
"Yeah, but around this time of year, it just feels grim." Ken put his backpack on and pushed his chair in. Ken was like the leader of the trio, leading them home, being ahead of the group.
Ken walked between the desks to leave the class room.
"Did you hear about the body they just found?"
"Yeah, I heard it was like all the others. Pale skin, soulless eyes and five injuries as if five swords was shoved through his chest."
"Man, that's just gross."
A few kids were talking about the monthly body that was claimed by some unknown killer. Ken knew all it, so did Aki and Daiku. Ken had no interest in the story but Aki was scared to death about it, while Daiku was like Ken.
"Hey Ken, you heard of the body they found right?" Daiku asked Ken as he walked up to his side as they walked down the hall.
"Yeah, what of it?"
"Just asking. I mean really, every month for over seventy years, has been found with pale skin, empty eyes and five stab wounds in the chest."
"Can you guys please talking about that?" Aki shrugged and held the straps of her backpack.
"Alright, alright." Daiku smirked as he thought it was funny seeing her act the way she does in that topic.
As they reached the school entrance, Ken, Aki and Daiku opened their umbrellas as they entered the rainy outside.
Students had no time to stop. All they wanted was to get home and out of the rain.
"So you wanna come over Ken? I thought we could do our little study group to prepare for the test that's coming up."
"Nah, I just wanna go home for the day"
"Oh come on, we always do our study groups before tests."
"I said no thank you." Ken said in a stern voice as he walked a bit faster to go ahead of the trio.
Aki came up to Daikus said with a worried look, "Daiku, what do you think is wrong with Ken?"
"Don't know. Mabye he doesn't feel good or something like that. Or perhaps, the murder is on his mind."
Aki was quiet. She looked at Ken as he walked hunched over a bit. "I hope he is okey."
"Same here."
Ken stopped at the curb to wait for the light to change to give him okey to go. Daiku and Aki cough up with him stood behind him. Crossing the street and onto the road leading to Okota.
The road was all dirt, but now muddy from rain.
Ken, Daiku, and Aki had to walk on the side of the road to avoid getting stuck in the muddy road. Reaching a fork in the road, Daiku and Aki had to part from Ken sence they live on the other side of the village.
"So, I guess we'll see you tomorrow Ken." Daiku waved bye to Ken.
"See ya Ken."
Ken waved back at Daiku and Aki as they parted and headed for home. Alone in the rain, Ken walked along the muddy road and into the small town. Few people were out and there were few shops in the village. Usually everyday after school, Ken would stop by the quick mart and pick up a magazine and a drink. Entering the mart and getting out of the rain. The only one in the shop was the cashier and Ken. At the magazine rack, Ken picked through the magazines to find one that interested him. Grabbing an entertainment magazine and a soda, Ken paid and left the mart to finally head for home.
"Finally, get home and just relax." Ken had a small grin on his face.
Having his stuff in a plastic bag, Ken walked through town to get home.
"God, when will the rain stop?" Ken looked up but bumped into someone, making both him and the person fall over.
"Oh god, I'm so sorry." Ken said as he saw the mans glasses. They were thick and pitch black. So black, that you couldn't even see through them. Picking them up he handed them to the man. "Oh, thank you." Ken handed them over, but froze.
"Hey kid, you okay?"
Before Ken was you average person, but had hollow eye sockets with a deep darkness and a small shining red light in each socket.
Ken dropped the glasses and backed away and got up, running away.
The man looked at Ken as he ran and placed his glasses back on. The man said getting up and slightly smirking.
Ken ran as fast as he could through the streets with no umbrella. He left it out in the streets and just ran in the pouring rain. His cloths and hair drenched and completely soaked.
Leaving the town, Ken slipped and fell in the mud. On all four, he looked down and then behind him, shacking.
"Wha...What the hell was that?" His sbody trembled and shook from fear than the cold.
The sight of deep darkness and red eyes were burned into his memory.
Getting back up, Ken started to walk, soaked, covered in mud, cold, and frightend.
Alone, and walking up to his house, he reached for the handle but the door opened by itself. In front of him was his mother.
"Ken? Oh my God, what happened?" His mother was shocked to see him like this.
Walking past her, he took his shoes off and walked upstairs still soaked and dirty.
"Ken!?" His mother called again from the bottom of the stairs.
Ken stopped at his bedroom door and looked down at the ground.
"What? What was that? Why was I scared?" Ken asked many questions in his head, but had no answers.

Episode 2:Visions of Evil
"What? What was he?"
Ken laid on his bed in his boxers. Looking up at the ceiling, still thinking of what he saw. He reached up and made a fist.
"Perhaps. I was just seeing things" Ken moved his hand, to see a giant eye looking down at him.
"AHHHH!" Ken grabbed his pillow and threw it at the ceiling and quickly jumped from his bed but stumbled and fell down. Looking back up, there was nothing there.
"Wha...What the hell?" Ken thought as he started to shake again. Ken jumped again as a knock on his door startled him. "Ken? Ken, you okay?" His mother heard his scream and came to check on him.
"I'm...I'm fine." Ken was not alright though. He was shacking, scared.
Getting up to his feet he looked back up and only saw a blank ceiling. "I need, to think of something else. Get my mind off of this." Ken turned to his bed an drenched under it to just pull out a dirty magazine. "This should do the trick." He smirked and sat on the edge of his bed. "Nothing like a piece of good literature." Ken chuckled and opened his magazine.
When ever he needed to clear his mind, he always went for his dirty magazine. Flipping through pages, looking at the women, putting something else in his head to replace other thoughts.
He never really read the words but if he really needed a clear mind, he would read a few paragraphs.
Flipping to such a page he started to read about on of the models.
"Never thought I'd have read this thing. But what the hell." Ken smiled slightly and started to read.
As he kept reading, the words for some unknown reason started to get all smudgy like mud or wet ink.
"What the!?" Ken got pissed off and held the magazine out in front of him. Next, the words turned red, and the words were now unreadable, and started to go down the pages, like blood. Dripping from the pages Ken couldn't let go. He shook and looked down at the ground. The blood soon became a small puddle and grew. From the puddle reached out a skeletons hand. Grabbing Kens ankle and started to try to pull him into the expanding puddle.
"Let, let me go!" Ken cried out as he dropped his magazine and started to beat on the hand.
"Ken!? What's wrong!?" Hi smother asked from the other side of the door.
"Mom! Help me!"
Hi smother opened the door but just looked at him. "Ken?"
"Mom! Help...me?" Ken cried as he looked down.
The blood and the skeleton hand was gone.
"Ken, what on earth is that?" His mother pointed at the ground right were the magazine was.
Ken blushed and looked at his mother. "Mom, I, I can explain."
"Explain what? How a magazine like that got here?" Hi smother walked deeper into his room and bent down to take the magazine. "I'll be taking this, and I'll put it were it belongs. Now go to bed." His mother said as she left him and taking the magazine with her.
"But." He reached out but just sat back down. Looking down he looked at his ankle. His eyes expanded seeing a small bruise on his ankle. "Then...That was..."

"Morning Ken." Aki greeted Ken at his desk. Getting no reply, she pondered. "Um, you okay?"
"Sup Ken." Daiku greeted as he entered the class room. "Where were you this morning? I thought we always walked to school together."
Ken didn't reply to them, just silence.
"Ken what wrong?" Daiku grabbed Kens shoulder.
Ken looked over to Daiku, "Look, I just," Ken saw two skeletons dressed like Aki and Daiku.
"Ken, what's wrong?" The skeleton dressed as Daiku said but with an echoing voice.
"Get away from me!" Ken yelled as he punched the skull off its shoulders. The head flew across the class and shattered on the wall. The body fell over and when Ken looked down, he saw Daiku laying there with a black eye."
"D, Daiku." Ken muttered.
Aki was to shocked to speak and Daiku sat up covering his eyes.
"What the f*** man!" Daiku yelled.
Ken was frozen in shock. "B, but I, I thought."
Daiku grabbed the collar of Kens shirt and got in his face. "What was that for!" He yeiled and shoved Ken out of his seat then marched out of the class. Students that saw the argument were shocked and speechless. Mutters echoed and Ken looked around. Jumping from his seat he ran out of the class leaving Aki behind.
"Why? Why am I seeing such things?"
Being so shaken, he even ran past Daiku in the hall.
"Ken?" Daiku was confused of why Ken was running. He only saw him with one eye cause he covered his other one.

In the bathroom, Ken splashed water on his face and looked at himself.
"Calm down Ken. Please, calm down."
"Ken?" A voice called.
Ken looked over and saw Daiku.
"Ken. Why did you do that? Why did you punch me?" Daiku asked as he showed his black eye.
"Daiku, look, I'm sorry, it's just,"
"It's just what?"
Ken paused and thought of how to respond. "How, can I tell him?"
"Daiku. Please believe me."
"Believe in what?"
Ken paused again. Hesitating on answering.
"Well Ken?"
"I...I..." Ken held back until he couldn't hold it back.
"I ran into someone yesterday after school. He lost his glasses and I helped, but when I saw his eyes, I only saw dark hollow sockets with red lights. And I when I got home, I started seeing things. An eye in my ceiling, a skeleton hand trying to pull me into a pool of blood, and when I saw you and Aki, you guys looked like skeletons. So I got scared and punched you to get that thing away from me."
A pause was between them.
"Ken...is this the truth?"
"Yes." ken whispered.
"Ken...I believe you."
Ken looked up at Daiku. "Really?"
"Yes, you know why? Because, you are not the only one who has had experienced this."
"Ken, I have read about someone who has this sort of experience. This person was a normal everyday guy. But one day, he started seeing days, started going insane. So he was put in a mental home and went more insane by the day. But one day, the visions went away. The visions were gone, so he was normal again, but one day, police found out that he committed suicide. It's believed that the visions came back in one huge blast."
Ken was speechless. "When, when was this?"
"A couple years ago. I only read about it though."
The two just looked at each other.
"Does anyone know, how he got this?"
"No, but it turns out there were actually four others that have had this. All dead from either suicide, or a heart attack. And they gave this a name."
"What's the name?"
Daiku was silent for a moment.
"D.E. Syndrome, or Dead Eye Syndrome."
"Dead, Eye."
"I guess the name came from what the victims see when they have this. Coase unknown, no treatment."
"So...I'm not, the only one." Ken looked down at the ground and slightly shivered.

Episode 3:Dead Eye
"And as you can see, to make sure that this is the correct answer you do this." The teacher was showing the class how to check answers for math currently. Ken tried to clear his mind, but the conversation was still running through his head.
"There were actually four others that have had this. All dead from either suicide, or a heart attack."
"They gave it the name Dead Eye Syndrome."
"Cause unknown, no treatment."
"Cause unknown. No treatment." Ken mumbled to himself.
"You say something Yugo?" The teacher asked Ken.
"Um, no sir." Ken looked at the teacher and back down at his textbook.
The teacher stopped writing on the chalk bored and the class fell into a silence. Ken looked up and looked around.
"Class dismissed." The teacher said and turned. He walked to the window, opened it, and jumped out.
"Mr.Sow!" Ken cried as he jumped from his desk.
"What is it now Ken?"
Ken looked at the chalk board to see his teacher still there.
"Um...I have to go to the infirmary!" Ken said out loud as he ran out of the class room and slamming the door behind him.
Ken stood in the hall. Looking both ways and seeing nothing. Only classrooms were in session.
Ken took a deep breath and started to head for the infirmary. "I should probably lay down for a while."
At the infirmary, the nurse was at her desk and all the beds were open.
"Um, excuse, I have a head ache."
"Oh really? Well if that's the case, then lay down for a moment, Im sure it will go away after a little rest."
"Thanks." Ken walked over to one of the beds and laid down. The beds were not that comfy but they were alright for a little rest. Laying down and looking at the ceiling he closed his eyes.

"Yugo...Mr.Yugo." A voice called. "It's time to get up. Your friends are in hall waiting for you."
"Really?" Ken opened his eyes and saw the nurse over him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
"Oh, this should help you with your head aches." The nurse pulled out a needle.
"Wait, how is a needle suppose to help?" Ken said trying to get up.
Something grabbed his arms and pulled him back onto the bed. Ken to the sides and saw small little demons crawling out from under the bed and onto the mattress.
"No...No. This is not real. This is not real."
"Time for your shot." The nurse slowly leaned down to him with the needle coming closer and closer to his neck. He closed his eyes in in fear hoping it would go away.
"Ken!" A woman's voice called out.
Ken opened his eyes and saw he was only dreaming. Looking up, he saw Aki and Daiku looking down at him.
"Guys? What are you doing here?"
"No, the question is are you okay?"
"Y, yeah. I'm fine."
"Ken, don't lie. Daiku told me what's going on. You're seeing things."
Ken sighed and nodded.
"I don't think your lying about this, because I've heard of this sight you have also."
Ken got up from the bed and looked out the window.
"Why do I have this sight? What have I done to deserve this?"
Aki walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Ken, It will be alright. We'll help you find a way to loose t his sight. Because we're your friends."
Ken looked his shoulder to Aki. He smiled and placed a hand over her hand. "Thanks Aki."

"Man for once I wish I could eat outside." Daiku said as he took a bite of his white rice.
"I'm sure the weather will change soon." Aki looked out the window. Ken took a bit of fried rice and looked around the class room.
"So Ken, wanna do a study group today?" Aki asked.
"Um, sure. I probably should. May help me not to think about this visions." Ken move dhis mouth around and grabbed a napkin spitting out his food.
"Got some bad rice?" Daiku laughed.
"Guess so." He looked down and saw guts and blood in his napkin.
Ken closed the napkin and covered his mouth.
"Ken?" Aki looked at Ken in a worried way.
Ken gulped and looked insid ethe napkin to just see his rice.
"What did you see now?" Daiku asked.
Ken hesitated in his answer. "Guts." He whispered.
"Man. Those visions just pop from out of no where." Daiku shook his head and ate some more rice.
Ken looked at his food and out the window, then the class, but saw no one. "Daiku? Aki?"
"Ah, so sad. Poor little Ken is all alone.Ken turned around and jumped from his seat to see a tall figure dressed a large long sleeved coat with a large collar and sleeves hiding his hands. And dark glasses that you couldn't even see through.
"Who, who are you?"
"I am the one who gave you your sight."
"You...You gave me these visions?"
"Correct, and this, is a great gift that you have."
"Gift? How is this a gift!? I see terrible things that no one should ever see."
The figure took his glasses, revealing hollowed sockets and small shining lights for eyes. "You see, what I see. You have my sight. If you have my sight, then that means you can see me in society."
"Wait. People who get your sight? Then." Ken stepped back slowly. "It's you. You are the one who is killing those people."
"Smart boy." The figure rose his hand and from the sleeve came long sword like claws. "But lets see if you live through this vision." Ken froze in his place, and woke up at his desk.
"Ken?" Aki looked at Ken.
He zoned off into that empty world.
"I...I saw him."
"Who?" Daiku asked.
Ken looked at Daiku with serious eyes. "The thing...that has been killing people. I saw him. The Envoy"

Episode 4:Flaw
"Look guys, I'm glad your helping me out. But really, so far we have found nothing about that thing. That only thing people know about it is its name and what it looks like."
"Yea, tall, about six foot four, wears a long black cloak with long sleeves, has curved claws that are like swords, wears thick black glasses, and has short spiked back hair." Daiku tossed another book onto the long table along with about six other books relating to other world beings, supernatural beings, myths and legends.
"Um, do you think we'll find anything in these Daiku?" Aki asked as she reached out for a thick book. She opened it and scanned the pages finding nothing of use, while Daiku was at the book shelf's digging through them.
Ken let out a yawn in boredom and closed his eyes.

Kens eyes opened to a sharp blow to the face.
"****! What was that for!" Ken yield.
"Shhhhh, we're in a library remember?" Daiku smirked.
"But still." Ken held his cheek and in pain.
"Hey, I thought you were having another vision or something."
"What made you think that?"
"Well you were moving around."
"Idiot, I was dreaming."
There was a long pause. "Oh." Daiku chuckled and rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.
"Hmm, I thought you would of seen things more if you slept."
"Well, I never saw anything bad with me eyes closed."
"Eyes, closed..." Daiku pondered and looked up, thinking.
"Eyes closed...closed...closed." Daiku said to himself as he turned over to the long table and picked through the books. He picked out a history book of their village and flipped through the pages till he got to the one about the victims of these Dead Eye Syndrome. He sat down next to Ken and traced his finger through the pages.
"During questioning, every victim claimed to not have onel vision while sleeping or had their eyes closed. Tests were done to see if there was a way to prevent the visions from happening to the victims." Daiku read out loud.
"Wait, every one of them never had a vision in their sleep?" Aki said in shocking tone.
"Yea, but listen to this. Tests were performed by giving sleeping masks to the victims and to see if blocking their sight had the same effect as closing them. All came back positive of not having a vision. More complex tests were performed by giving each victim a pair of dark shades the darkened their sight. Results showed that all the victims only saw shadow like figures walking around slowly, as if they were wondering spirits." Daiku read.
"Wait, if there eyes are closed, then they won't see anything, even if they wear a sleeping mask. But with dark shades they only see faint figures wondering around?" Aki pondered.
Ken looked at his wrists and saw the small claw marks from the little demons from his vision back at the infirmary and he looked down at the bruise the hand gave the previous day.
"Is there anything about the victims getting warmed of unknown reasons?" Ken asked.
Daiku scanned more and came across a paragraph that may answer his question.
"Let's see. During daily surveillance, victims claim to have been struck by some visions and got bruises or scratches. One victims was even strangled and came close to death and own also obtained a broken arm from one vision. But from teh results of teh tests with the dark shades, victims say that if the got in the way of a wondering spirit teh spirit would either move away or push the victim aside."
Ken and Aki looked at each other. Ken smirked and closed his eyes. "So, there's a way to beat this little so called gift huh?"
"Looks like it." Daiku read more to make sure no details were left out. "Yep, that's the flaw. We just need to get you some shades." Daiku grinned and pushed the book aside. "Lets go and get you some."
As the three started to leave, a librarian stopped them. "Excuse me, I believe you have a mess to clean up before you leave."
Ken, Daiku and Aki shrugged and had to go back to put the books back on the shelves.

"Damn, I hate it when adults do that." Daiku hunched over with his hands in his pockets.
"Oh come on Daiku, it wasn't that bad." Aki patted Daikus back.
Ken was silent and moving his head left to right as if seeing things. And he was. As they left, a dog and its master walked by and the dog had no skin, on the other side of the road a bum was holding a sharp piece of glass to his neck and a bystander was dragging herself on the sidewalk cause she had no legs.
He just tried to ignore it and he felt something soft hold his arm.
"Just ignore them Ken, remember, they are only visions." Aki said as she held his arm.
"Easy for you to say, these things left a bruise on my ankle and claw marks on my wrists." Ken looked over at her, seeing her lay her head on him. He blushed slightly and looked away.
"Alright, time for some shades." Aki said as they came to a small clothing store.
"Okay, we're buying you the most dark tinted shades here." Daiku was the first to enter since he was excited that he found a way to help Ken.
"I could buy them it's no problem." Ken said.
"Nope, we are buying you the shades." Aki smiled and walked other to the glass rack with Daiku.
Ken smiled and went off looking around.
Ken looked over to where his name was called and quickly found himself with a pair of really dark shades.
"Well? Dark enough for ya?"
Ken touched the glasses and saw that everything was really dark. "Holy crap, these are really dark." He looked around and even saw a spirit walk out of the store. "So it is true. All I can see now are spirits. No visions, just wondering souls." Ken smiled slightly and kept them on. "Guys...Thank you so much...for helping me." Ken smiled more as he over joyed to have realize he has doesn't have to see anymore evil visions.

"Alright, as you can see, the way to solve this equation is by..." The teacher was teaching class the next day, tomorrow being the test.
Ken tried to look through his shades but the lenses were fogging up. "Darn it."
Ken took them off and the instant he took them off he saw himself in the air being held by the biceps.
Ken looked down and saw that it was that thing again, the Envoy.
"So...You found the flaw in this curse. Very good." The Envoy threw ken across the room and he smashed into the wall and fell on his rear.
"I should of killed you when I had the chance. I had a bad feeling about you, and I was right." The Envoy kicked over teh desks in his way and walked slowly to Ken.
"Now then, time to for you to join those damned wondering souls!" The Envoy rose his hand having the sleeve fall down his shoulder and revealing the long swords like claws. The Envoy then pointed them at Ken and was about to deliver the final blow.
Ken closed his eyes and felt another sharp blow. Opening his eyes, he saw he was in the same place. On the ground, desks kicked over, students shaking and Daiku and Aki over him, but it was Aki who slapped him this time.
"Ken.Wha, what happened?" Daiku was also shaking.
"What...What do you mean?"
"Ken, I saw you take off your shades, and, you just...flew up into the air and you went flying into the wall. The desks were pushed over." Aki said.
Kens eyes widened. "So...He...is real...but...not real." Ken whispered.
"What on earth are you talking about?" Daiku asked.
"The...The Envoy."

Episode 5:The Gate
"Alright, so you're telling me that Envoy thing is trying to kill you?" Daiku asked.
Ken, Daiku and Aki sat in a circle in Kens room discussing the current situation.
"Yea, but he already killed someone though." Ken looked over at Daiku with his Shades on.
"Maybe there's something we're missing. Maybe after a certain number of kills it's able to do more than it was able to do back then." Aki suggested.
"Maybe, but what? If it can do something else, what can it do?"
Ken thought with the others, but he only remembered when he was almost killed. His eyes widened and he looked at the others. "Wait, when I saw him, his hand was open a bit, and it was aiming at my forehead."
"Sounds like he was about to grab your head." Daiku smirked.
"Why would he want to grab your head? Unless..." Aki thought for a moment. "Things like that involve either dispelling demons from ones body, get entry into ones mind, or use one as a portal to a different world."
"What do you mean different world?" Daiku asked.
"Well, I read that there were some mages a few decades ago that believed that one can use ones head to gain entry to new worlds. By focusing energy, they would concentrate on the persons mind and use a location in their heads and teleport there. But I don't know if it was real."
"Hmm, well, he sure won't banish demons from me, I don't think he would want my thoughts, then..."
"So...He...is real...but...not real."
Ken jumped up and finally knew the answer. "He is not from this world. He lives inside everyone's mind and he is trying to get out by using people that can see him."
"So. He plans on leaving the human mind and entering our world." Daiku shrugged.
"Looks like it." Ken said sitting down on his bed. "I can only imagine what would happen if he gets here. Being immortal, he'll kill everyone and everything till everything is in ruin I bet."
"That makes it sound the end for us." Aki shivered a bit.
"Well, lets ignore it for the moment. We can't let this get to us." Ken said as he held his hands and looked down at the floor. "How can we ignore this?"

"Alright, today we have a test, let's just forget everything and focus alright?" Ken said as they entered the school grounds.
The sky was now Grey and dark, yet no rain now.
"Yea. Focus, focus, focus." Daiku said as he grinned.

"Clear your desks, pencils out, time for the test."
The class listened and had nothing more than a pencil out.
"You have the whole class period to finish the test."
The teacher passed out tests and sat back at his seat as the class fell silent, only the sound of pencils writing could be heard.
"Focus Ken, focus." Ken thought as he looked down at the paper with his shades.
Sweating, his shades fogged up and he lifted them slightly to wipe his head, but right when he did so, his eyes widened. And something grabbed his arm, throwing him to the back of the class.
The class saw him fly and Aki jumped form her seat. "Ken!"
"Now, I won't let you escape this time." The Envoy walked up to Ken and knelled down grabbing his head. "Now then Ken, take me to your home...Grant me passage to the human world."
"NO!!" Ken screamed.
The class was freaking out and the teacher came to his side. "Ken, what's wrong!?"
Ken struggled and his eyes opened wide, showing white eyes. "AHHHH!" Ken cried.
In an instant, a small burst of energy sent everyone back and the desks were forced back and the windows were blown apart.
Before Ken, was the Envoy, holding Kens forehead and releasing it, and started to slowly rise up. Looking at his hand, the Envoy moved his fingers. Then removed his glasses, revealing dark brown eyes. "Finally, free. I can finally roam the human world once again."
Daiku and Aki were shaking and stepped back.
The Envoy looked over at them and smirked. "Now then, let the killing begin."

Final Episode:Reality
The Envoy smirked as he looked at Daiku and Aki. There was a long silent pause, but was broken by a girls scream of terror. The students started to run out of the class and so did Daiku and Aki.
The Envoy looked back at Ken as he got up. "I thank you Ken. Thanks to you, I am free." The Envoy turned towards Ken and rose his claws."Now die!" Ken was frozen moved rolled to the side to dodge the claws. "Come on Ken. Worry to your death."
Ken got up and ran out of the class room.
Students of the other classes looked into the halls and left their classes to see what was going on.
Ken was speechless, he couln't tell the others to run. The Envoy stepped into the halla nd saw the students freeze, then scream and began to scatter. He had a very evil grin and lifted his wrist raising only his long claws. The Envoy walked through the halls and took his time, enjoying seeing the terrified students.
Ken stopped in his tracks in the middle of an empty hall. Bending over and holding his knees, he looked back and saw nothing. Looking forward he started to walk. Students cries echoed and more and more classes were leaving the classes seeing what was wrong.
The Envoy dragged his claws on the wall and left long claw marks on the walls.
A teacher was in the middle of the hall with a chair. "Get...Get back!" The teacher yield.
The Envoy smirked and kept coming closer and closer. The teacher used the chair as a giant club and swung it at him. Hitting the Envoy with hard force he smashed the Envoy into the wall.
"Pathetic human." The Envoy said pushing the chair away and raising his claws, bringing them down and slashing the teacher. Blood shot out of him and the teacher fell back onto the ground, dead.
The Envoy held his left arm and rubbed it, pondering. Ignoring the sourness he kept on walking through the halls.

Ken leaned against a wall and slowly sat down. His body shacking and screams still being heard. "Is...Is this even real?" Ken asked himself. "Please god. If...if this all a nightmare, then please. Wake me up!"
Students started running into the hall Ken was in and students were begining to get evacuated out of the building. Police were called and were on their way to the school.
"Ken!" A voice called out.
Ken looked to where the voice called his name. "Aki?"
Aki and Daiku were running to him fast. "Ken, we...we have to go."
Ken got up. "Aki." Ken grabbed her shoulders. "Is...Is this a dream? Please say it is."
"I...I wish it was Ken. But this is real." Aki started to tear up and cry. She hugged him tightly and buried her face into his chest.
Daiku watched them and sighed. "Come on guys, we have to get go..." Daiku stopped and coughed up a gush of blood.
Long claws were sticking out of Daikus chest, and behind him, was the Envoy. Daikus body was raised into the air and thrown aside. Blood was every where from Daikus now lifeless body.
Aki and Ken looked at him and shook in terror and fear. "Daiku!!!" Aki Cried.
"One down, two to go." The Envoy laughed and rose his claws again, but Ken grabbed Akis wrist and started to run.
"Stop running boy! You can't Escape!"

Outside, cops pulled up and so did the SWAT team. Surrounding the building and breaking in. The students were brought to safety but bodies of others were found.
Ken and Aki ran up the stairs and kept going till they reached the top.
"Ken, what's going to happen to us?" Aki asked as she kept crying.
Ken stopped on the second floor and looked around. ken walked into a class room and looked around. Grabbing a chair he chucked it at the window and shards of glass flew. Leaving the class, he picked up a large shard and gripped it, but doing so, his hand started to bleed.
"Ken, what are you doing!?" Aki saw him bleed and started to freak out.
"There's nothing lethal here at school, so broken glass will have to do. Now let's go." Ken said as he now started to walk up the stairs and onto the roof of the school.
A gust of wind blew and Ken looked up. "God...why? Why is this happening?"
"Because humans are evil." A voice said.
Ken and Aki looked back and Aki backed away.
Ken glared at the Envoy and tightened his grip. "I won't forgive you, you monster. You killed my friend. You killed innocent people."
The Envoy grinned and walked to Ken. "So what? It's only one life."
"One....Life?" Kens grip tightened even more and he looked down as he started to cry. "Then I guess," Ken looked up and his eyes were flowing with tears, "It wouldn't matter if you die to!" Ken ran to him with the sharp glass dagger and the Envoy rose his claws. But his hand was blown off by a sniper from down below. Blood was blown every where.
The Envoy held his arm and screamed in pain. "Why!? Why does it hurt so much!?" The Envoy fell to his knees in pain.
"Because, you have no power here. You are now nothing more, than a psycho path....Human." Ken looked down at the Envoy with a small smirk.
The Envoys eyes widened and he started shacking. "No! Please, don't kill me. Don't kill me!"
Ken rose his dagger and brought it down, slashing, and stabbing at the Envoys head and face. Blood gushing and shooting out every where. Ken was quickly covered in it and stopped shortly after butchering the Envoys face.
Dropping the glass, he fell back onto his rear and looked at the dead and bloody body. "Finally...It's dead." Ken smiled.
"Guess again." The body jumped up and smacked Ken to the ground. "I won't die so easily." The Envoy rose his hand and aimed his claws from Ken face. Ken watched, as the claws came down, and his life flashed before him.

"AHHHHH!" Ken cried out as he looked up. "What was that for!?" His hand was on his cheek after feeling Aki slap him again.
"You fell asleep again."
Ken glared at her and Daiku. "Geez, some friends." Ken got up from his desk and grabbed his bag. As hd did that, Aki quickly kissed his cheek.
Kens face blushed as he looked over at Aki. "That's for helping me out with my story yesterday." Aki smiled and was the first to leave.
"So Ken, think of anything good." Daiku asked.
"I guess. Thought I'd us the villages legend and kick it up a notch." Ken smiled in achievement and walked out with Daiku.
"So, what are you calling it?"
"It was hard but I came up with a good title. The Envoy."