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"Disclaimer : I do not own Vocaloids."
Hey guys, so I made a short story a few months back that I forgot to put in here ^^

I cried while making this and I only recieved two comments of FB >.<

Anyway... Here it is... inspired by the song Kokoro by Vocaloid02 Kagamine Rin...


"Alright, open your eyes."

"System check, all systems are running."

"What is your name?"

"Rin Kagamine."

"Why were you built?"

"To sing."

"Who am I?"

"My creator."


And thus the miracle robot was created, Kagamine Rin. She looked exactly like a human. She didn't smile but she was beautiful. She was created by a lonely scientist who gave her life. Kagamine Rin was indeed a miracle.

But one thing was missing. She didn't have a heart nor was there any heart programs that were available. This is why Kagamine Rin didn't smile, she didn't know when to smile, here eyebrows never moved. Truly, her face looked lifeless. She was only programmed to sing.

The scientist who created Kagamine Rin was no longer lonely, for now he has someone to sing the songs he composed. He feared the outdoors so he never went outside to publish his works. He works at home and recieves money by the mail. He kept a pet parrot which he named Kokoro, for when it is not imitating, it says something that sounds like Kokoro.

A year has passed since the creation of the miracle robot Kagamine Rin. She was taught about the different events in the year, how to cook as well as the millions of songs she sang with the scientist.

But everyday, the scientist tried to make a heart, something which sould show Rin's true feelings. He programmed day after day whenever he wasn't playing the Piano with Rin.

One of those days also included the death of one.

"Is there anything I can do?" Rin opened the door, disturbing the scientist's work, "Dad?"

"Rin," The scientist wiped his sweat off and breathed slowly, "Why don't you play with Kokoro for a while to keep you from boredom."

"Can we sing another song?" Rin asked.

"I'm busy right now, you go play with Kokoro. Maybe you'll be able to find that amusing, what she can do." The scientist kissed Rin on the cheek and closed the door.

Rin went into the living room where Kokoro the parrot was. It imitated whatever Rin said until it came to point where Rin fel tired and wanted to sit down. Rin carried the cage in attempt to place Kokoro on the table. The threatened parrot got scared and started flying around the cage. Rin tried to control the cage but Kokoro just kept on going crazy. It came to the point where Rin dropped the cage and the impact killed Kokoro. Rin sat down on her knees and stared at what happened. She reflected on this, but she didn't know what to do. She just sat down.

"Rin!" The scientist shouted, "What happened here?!"

Rin explained everything, but then...

"What happened to Kokoro? She's not moving anymore or imitating sounds anymore." Rin lifted the cage.

The scientist sighed and understood Rin's thoughts about this, "Rin." He called her attention slowly, "Kokoro is dead."

"Dead?" Rin looked through her vocabulary, "What is dead?"

"Every living thing, has life, it is what makes them think, move, talk and all." The scientist open the small gate of the cage and took the parrot out, "It is also the time when it stops feeling."

"Dad." Rin tucked on the scientist's shirt.

"It's okay, Rin." The scientists smiled, "You are special. You are a miracle."

Rin didn't understand, instead, she followed the scientist into making a small coffin for the poor bird. And burying it afterwards.

"Rin," The scientist kneeled down, "Let us pray for Kokoro." He started crying.

"Why is water coming out of your eyes?" Rin asked.

"I am crying." The scientist explained, "When your feelings become bad, crying is only natural."

"Feelings?" Rin asked.

"You will know what I mean once I programmed I heart for you." The scientist got up and pat her shoulder.

"Heart, kokoro?" Rin became confused.

The scientist laughed, "Yes, you will one day understand."

It was finally Rin's birthday. The only event Rin needed to know left. It was the day she was created. The very minute she was asked to open her eyes.

"What is this?" Rin recieved a box from the scientist.

"This is a present, I give it to you during your birthday." The scientist smiled.

Rin opened it. It was a big cute heart plushie. Rin hugged it, "It is warm and soft. Thank you."

"Thank you?" The scientist was shocked, he started to ponder, "I never gave Rin any program to say thank you." The scientist was happy and he hugged Rin, "Rin, I will work hard, and program a real heart for you."

"Real, heart?" Rin looked at the plushie that was given to her.

But worse has come to worse. After a month, the scientist grew very ill and there was no medicine in the house. His money was already downed as his bills were paid.

Rin noticed his unusual and sick behavior. Rin entered the scientist's room and cared for him there.

"Sick?" Rin asked.

"Yes, my body is now very weak." The scientist coughed, "Rin, there will be a time when I will disappear. You have to stay here. Okay."

"Okay." Rin was made to obey after all.

A week has passed. While Rin was in sleep mode, the scientist dragged himself out of the house and the outdoors which he feared. His body wouldn't go on. He tripped on a rock, and as he fell, his weak body exhausted and he died.

"Dad?" Rin woke up the next day, looking for the scientist, "Where are you dad?"

But it was no use. Rin was ordered to stay in the mansion. She sat on a chair in an empty room and stayed there. She reflected on what happened. The events that flew by, the death of Kokoro, her birthday and lastly the disappearnce of the one she called dad.

Everything was silent. It may be exaggerating, but a thousand, yes, a thousand years have passed. The only thing Rin did was sit down in a chair, reflecting on everything that has happened. The lights turned off since the bills were due. In that dark room, Rin reflected on everything that had happened.

Then, Rin stood up, prayed and made a wish. The first wish this miracle robot made.

She prayed, "Allow me to have what that man wanted to give me until the end of his life. He tried to create for me. A heart."


Then a gear started spinning. A stimulating miracle. It began to move. "Why can't I stop the tears?!" Rin started crying. Her very first cry. She started crying for the one she called Dad.

Her body trembled. Her chest pounded. Could this be what she wished for? A heart.

The mysterious heart. Now she knows the feeling of joy. The feeling of sorrow. The feeling of love. And the feeling, of longing.

Rin was hurt so much by her deep and strong feelings. She cried more as she reflected deeply within her memory, her real emotions, her real feelings. She cried. Tears flowing more as she remembered more. For her, it was no longer a recording in her head, it was a beloved memory that she held on to.

Rin finally understood everything. She wasn't born to sing, she was born to relieve the lonliness of her creator, the scientist, the one she called Dad.

She knew now how lonely he felt, a thousand more times. The real reason of her creation. Lonliness is depressing. And Rin was as lonely as ever.

She even went outside to feel the world.

She understood the pain. In those days, at those times, her feelings dwelled. Her heart always exsisted, and was over flowing.

However now, she honestly said these words, to the creator who dedicated his life for her.

"Thank you."

She said it slowly.

"Thank you for bringing me into this world. For the times we spent together. For everything you gave to me."

And then she shouted.

"I will sing forever!"

But as she finished her song. She soon shorted. The heart was too big for her. Those feelings only lasted for a moment. But as she fell from short circuition. She was able to smile. She was beautiful. She looked like an angel. Kagamine Rin, was truly, a miracle.



I know I copyrighted a lot from the song itself but hey, it's my story tribute to the song!

+ it's a fanfic so I can copyright all I like...

Anyway, I'm in the mood for making more stories like this... a story based on a vocaloid song...

So if you have a vocaloid song you think I can make a good story out of... might as well leave it on the comments below...

And yeah >.>... I might have a few typos or so since I typed this down using my phone...

So yeah I hope you enjoyed it...

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