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09-23-2010, 04:09 AM
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*At a Brittanian Military base*
Officer: Sir Isaak, the preparations are complete. What shall we do now?
Isaak: That is good, to think it only took 18 years to clear all the annoying obstacles in our path. We are done for now, however prepare all units to get ready, tomorrow Japan becomes
ground-ZERO once again. *evil laugh*
*Scene ends and theme song starts*
*There are two people talking in the shadows*
?? *actually Lelouch*: So witch, has it been long enough for me to come back in to the light of society?
?? *actually CC*: Can't really say..... It has only been 18 years, the world may not need the real Zero yet.
??(Lelouch): who said Zero was coming back? The world may not need the real Zero back but I doubt it would mind one more face in the crowed of people behind the scenes
??(CC): So how exactly do you plan on making your comeback? Do you plan to go back to your old academy, back to Ashford?
Lelouch: *walking out of the shadows* That is exactly what I plan on doing
CC: *following behind him* I don't think that is a very good idea, someone may recognize you.
Lelouch: its been 18 years since I died.... I think It should be safe enough.
CC: 18 years or not, you haven't changed in the slightest, you still look like a school boy.
Lelouch: That is exactly why it will work with me going back to school. In fact it seems that a select few special people happen to be attending this year.
CC: And who might these be...?
Lelouch: from what I hear, it sounds like everyone I know has kids in school
CC: Is that so.... Who would have thought that you would one day be surrounded by the kids of the very people you grew up with.
Lelouch: Yes, it is ironic, don't you think?
CC: That it is, but you had better hurry, isn't tomorrow the first day back at school?
Lelouch: you are right, tomorrow is the first day, of a new beginning.
*scene ends*
*The next day at Ashford academy*
Lelouch: Looks like not much has changed.
CC: true, only fitting I say. But..... What name are you going to go by, you cant possible use your real one.
Lelouch: I plan on using Lelouch, Lelouch Lazarus
CC: Let's hope no one realizes the similarity.
Lelouch: now where was the headmasters office? *bumps into some guy with green hair*
Guy: oh sorry. Wait could I help you with something
Lelouch: yes actually, where exactly is the headmasters office?
Guy: well.... Headmistress Milly Cardemonde
*tells him directions* oh and by the way my name is Zach, yours?
Lelouch: um.... Zach, it's Lelouch
CC: mine's CC
Zach: well, be seeing ya around I guess *walks away*
Lelouch: well, looks like Rivalz finally got his way. Took him long enough.
CC: So what do you plan on doing once you meet Milly again?
Lelouch: I actually plan on telling her, she would be nice to have as an ally in the school
CC: I really don't think that's a good idea, you know, the whole "you're now immortal" thing.
Lelouch: I see your point, but soon enough the world is going to know so, I think it's only right that my friends know first.
CC: no way is this going to end well.
Lelouch: oh enough, you're too pessimistic sometimes
CC: and since when are you optimistic?
Lelouch: you will see why soon enough
*they are at the headmaster's office - he knocks on the door*
Milly: come in.
CC: *gulp*
Lelouch: ah, Milly, you seem to have become headmaster after all.
Milly: After all? Do I know you?
Lelouch: well.... I guess 18 years have been a long time. But at least time hasn't done you any harm, oh and how is Rivalz doing? I haven't seen him in years, either.
Milly: *her eyes widen* no way, this cant be possible, you're..... you're
Lelouch: I am what? Dead? No, not quite, hell wasn't ready for me yet
Milly: but I saw you...... Zero, he..... He.... Killed you
Lelouch: ah yes, you were the reporter there weren't you?
Milly: but I don't get it..... You look exactly the same as you did 18 years ago?
Lelouch: yes, I do, yet another benefit of a certain power.
Milly: ....?
Lelouch: Don't worry about it too much, I am the same person you once knew.
Milly: FIne...as you say...i wont ask too many questions right now...but why are you back here?
Lelouch: I have my reasons. But don't worry I wont be causing nearly as much trouble as I did before.
Milly: Let's hope not, we are finally at peace after all of that
Lelouch: and you're welcome, so could you um..... Fix up some paper work saying that I am who I say I am.
Milly: anything for you. But you should know, that there are a lot of kids that go to this school that you know the parents of, don't do anything stupid or to attract too much attention, you can't go getting caught again.
Lelouch: I know that already. But how is Nunnally doing?
Milly: funny you should ask that, but I won't say just yet, but I will say, that you should see the rest of the Senior class before asking too many questions.
Lelouch: so, who all should I know?
Milly: the entire student council, and anyone that looks like they are familiar or doesn't quite belong. You will know what I mean when you see them
*Lelouch & CC leave - are walking to their class room*
CC: well that wasn't as bad as I thought it would beLelouch: I told you, everything will be fine
*as they are walking into the room Lelouch sees something that catches his eye - bright red hair*
Lelouch: is that who I think it is?
CC: no way, it can't be, but, she looks just like her
Lelouch: I know, but it cant be!
*out of sheer curiosity he takes the empty seat beside the beautiful, red-headed girl noticing one small difference between her and Kallen Kousuki - she has brilliant purple eyes*
Girl: hey, you new here?
Lelouch: yeah, just transferred
Girl: hmm.... That's cool, by the way, I'm Reiko.
Lelouch: okay, I'm Lelouch, but I know I don't know you but, you look so familiar
Reiko: that's odd.
CC: what is? *taking the seat behind Lelouch*
Reiko: It's just that, you seem oddly familiar to me too.
Lelouch: (oh no it can't be, but it has to be) So Reiko, anything I really need to know?
Reiko: yeah, one, I am on the student council, I'm the secretary
Lelouch: *to himself* (no surprise there) - so who is the Pres?
Reiko: you must be new, it is none other than the Headmaster's daughter.
Lelouch: (once again, no surprise) so, who are the other people?
*just then, a guy with spiky blonde hair with a "drop dead attitude" comes in*
Guy: hey kid you're in my seat!
Lelouch: am I? (I should......)
CC: (oh no, not now) um.... Excuse us we didn't know.
Reiko: hey don't be mean to my new friends, Takashi!
Takashi: Friends you say, well, *turning to face Lelouch* sorry about that then, I will just take the other one then.......for today.
Lelouch: *leaning in to whisper into Reiko's ear* what's his problem?
Reiko: oh, don't mind him, my boyfriend here has.... jealousy issues.
Takashi: I don't have "issues" I am just overly protective *with slight sarcasm added*
Lelouch: don't worry I completely understand
Reiko: oh yeah by the way he is also Vice - president of the student council
CC: (how the hell did he get that!!?) hmm....
Lelouch: wow! That is the same office I held back at my other school
Takashi: sweet, hmm.... I may end up liking you after all
Lelouch: that's good to hear (who does this brat think he is? Talking as if he owned the place or something)
Reiko: and don't worry, he gets nicer the more you get to know him
Takashi: oh and if you didn't guess, I am extremely nice to her.
Reiko: *blushes* oh don't say that, they might get the wrong idea
Takashi: but that's the whole point.
*just then an explosion goes off*
Reiko: What the hell was that
Takashi: nothing good if I had to guess
Lelouch: oh boy, not good (why did I have to be right)
CC: don't tell me (it can't be... not on the same day we get here)
*TV is turned on*
-Announcer: this just in, there has been an attack staged on the government building - Queen Nunnally and King Zero were not in the building but only because they were both still on their way there.
Lelouch: oh no!! (who ever done this shall pay!! )
CC: this really isn't good
Reiko: who would want to harm Zero or Nunnally
Takashi: yeah they were the best things that ever happened to Japan
Lelouch: oh, I take it you're both Japanese
Takashi: and what of it? (if he dares calls me an eleven I swear I will kill him now)
Lelouch: oh I meant nothing by it, I was just asking
Takashi: well, not completely, we are both half Brittanian
Reiko: yeah my mother is Japanese but my father was, full blooded Brittanian
Lelouch: was? You mean
Takashi: don't ask about him, he died at the end of Lelouch Vi Brittania's reign
Lelouch: oh I am sorry
Takashi: by the way what was your name again?
Lelouch: um.... I was named after him, my name is Lelouch
Reiko: *eyes water a little* that's sad
Takashi: there you go, you made her cry
Lelouch: I am sorry for what he has done
Takashi: what do you mean? not like you could have helped it. Hell you were probably even born after the bastard was dead.
Lelouch: about the same time, but......
CC: but nothing, it wasn't your fault, deal with it (don't ruin it now)
*TV is still on*
-Announcer: we have no reports yet as to who these terrorists are but they seem to be using siege techniques used by Zero during the Black Rebellion. Okay Zero is on the scene, he has just released the Black Knights, wait it's the Zero Squad, with the nigh ancient yet famous Guren leading the charge.
Reiko: HEY there's my mom!
CC: (you mean to tell me that she really is hers)
Lelouch: so your mother is Kallen Kouzuki? I hear she is quite the pilot
Takashi: that's an understatement, she was Zero's #1 since the beginning
Lelouch: oh I know about that (all to well)
Reiko: well if they are releasing mom this soon then they must be desperate or really pissed.
Lelouch: knowing this Zero, I say both
Takashi: maybe, but he is a mastermind, he should get rid of them in no time at all
CC: well we will see won't we?
Announcer: WHAT THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT, sorry but there seems to be confusion with the viewers at the scene, they say that the new terrorists are winning.
*just then the TV cuts out and is replaced by the silhouette of an unknown man*
??: My name is Isaac and I have made my stand, the whole world shall bow before me!! You don't stand a chance, even your great "miracle worker" stands in awe before me, I have even taken down the beloved Guren, and its pilot Kallen Kousuki
Reiko: NO!!! no way mom could be beaten, no way!!
Isaac: But no harm shall come to anyone. I am giving you my demands, and if they are not met in a week's time I shall come again, this time, sparing no one.
My demands are as follows:
Return the world's government structure to what it was under Charles Zi Brittania's rule
Second: all non-pure blood Brittanians shall be enslaved
Lastly: all forces known as the Black Knights, of any level, shall now be under my control
Good bye, I hope you willingly comply to my demands, because it would be a shame to see the entire world fall into the chaos it just so recently escaped from.
*TV returns to normal news*
Reiko: no they won't do it
Takashi: no they can't, we won't let them
Lelouch: but what can you do to stop them?
Takashi: I don't know..... We will just have to think of something
Reiko: but... there's nothing we can do
Lelouch: for now.... Soon enough I'm sure everything will be taken care of
CC: ( I don't want to know what he means by "for now") hmm.... Soon enough