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My Vocaloid

It was a beautiful new morning for the bride and the groom. Zen smiled and blushed as the bride steps up. As the bride slowly steps forward, Zen felt each heartbeat coming from his chest. And to the unveiling of the bride. Zen could see his bride smile. Zen slowly unveiled her and to his surprise...

"Please take care of me." Hatsune Miku smiles.

"What the hell?!" Zen wakes up from his sleep, finding Miku on top of him, blushing she was.

"I'm melting for you." Miku tries to mesmerise Zen.

"Miku, get off me." Zen said with a rather angry face.

"Eh?" Miku, realizing her failure, stopped, "I just wanted to wake you up and suddenly, this happened."

Zen carries Miku, gets out of bed, places Miku back in the bed, gets dressed for school and rushes out the door. Miku, shouting aloud out the window for Zen forgot his bag and breakfast.

"Good morning." Hachune Miku just finished cooking, "We're having ramen today."

"Itadakimasu." Zen prays.

"Do you like it Zen?" Hatsune Miku smiles.

Zen drank the whole bowl of ramen, swallowed everything including the noodles, but left all the leek slices behind, "Gooitsusama-deshita."

"Eh?!" Miku, shocked at how fast he ate, then she cried, "Huhuhu, he left all the leek slices behind."

Hachune Miku jumps on Hatsune Miku, "Big sis, why are you crying just because Zen ate the food I cooked?"

"I cut those leek slices myself." Miku cries.

"You didn't want to use the stove becuase you got scared that your hair might burn." Hachune Miku wiggles around Hatsune Miku.

"Itekimasu~" Zen waves goodbye.

"Ah?!" The two Miku's scouted out for their stuff, chasing after Zen afterwards.

Along the way, Kagamine Rin appeared and said, "Hey Zen, you know what? I love you!"

"Uoh!!!" Hatsune Miku dropped down dead, being beaten in confession.

Zen immediately got pumped and runs away happily.

"Jake, what did you want me to say that to Zen for?" Rin asks.

Jake on the other hand wouldn't stop laughing. When he got back to his senses, he installed the kokoro back into Rin.

Rin, suddenly realizing what she did, started pulling Jake's arm agressively, "Jake! What did you make me do that for?!" Rin cries.

Jake laughs again, "Just for laughs."

Hachune Miku jumps up and down in a cute manner calling for attention.

"Aww, How are you chibi-Miku?" Rin picks her up and hugs her.

"My name is Hachune Miku!" Miku frowns.

"Whatever you say chibi-Miku." Rin continues hugging her.

"Hachune?" Chibi Rin came to play.

(Sorry, I don't know Mini-rin's name...)

"She suddenly heard Hachune's voice and ran off." Kagamine Len appears, smiling.

"Aha!" Hachune Miku smiles, "Chibi-Rin has a pimple!"

"Ah! NO~!" Chibi-Rin runs around trying to spot where her pimple is, but there really is no pimple.

"Hey Jake, where do you think Zen is?" Len asks.

"Who are you again?" Jake says in disrespect.

Len despairs, "Why don't you acknowledge me?"

At school, Zen drools on his table, trying to write legibly on his notebook, "Today, Rin said to me 'Ano ne? Aishiteru yo!'~" Zen continues smiling.

"Yo Zen." Keith comes over, Luka following after.

Still smiling and drooling, Zen turns his head around, greeting them back with something that barely sounded like hello.

Luka smiles, "So, Rin said that to you did she?"

Zen nods.

"I think Jake took out her kokoro. There's no reason for her to say 'I love you!' In front of you." Luka guessed correctly.

"I don't care." Zen smiles, "Today, a milestone has been moved!"

"I see." Keith realizes, "Dang, you're so smart Luka."

"No, really, I was just guessing." Luka smiles back.

"Yossu!" The group left behind finally came to class.

(Yossu is a greeting created by me. Play with words. The common "Yo" and the japanese "osu" put together. I will use it a lot in this story.)

"Zen, don't leave me like that ever again." Miku ran and hugged Zen.

Zen put on his lifeless face again.

"What's wrong Zen?" Rin came over.

Zen, blushing, covered his face and turned away.

"Hahaha, he's so shy." Luka smiles, "He actually likes you, you know Rin?"

"Ah? No way that could happen." Rin smiles, "Right Zen?... Zen?"

"Ah... Right..." Zen closes the notebook and hides it. Then after Rin looked away, he despaired.

"Zen?! Is that true?" Miku asks.

Zen nods, showing Miku his "Well Duh" face.

"Yay!" Miku, completely misunderstanding the situation, "Now I know that Zen loves me!"

"Wrong..." Zen says silently while sighing.

"Cheer up dawg." Kieth kicked Zen, "You'll get it sometime."

Zen made a lifeless face, "I don't want it..."

Meanwhile, at the elementary section.

"Chibi-Rin, aren't you old enough to walk by yourself to your classroom?" Len asks.

"But I want big brother Len to take me to class everyday!" Chibi-Rin smiles.

"Me too!" Hachune Miku raises her fist.

"I'm gonna be late for class." Len cried.

"Len?" Meiko appears, greeting him.

"Ah! Meiko-sensei!" Len greets her back. Apparently, Meiko is a teacher at school, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to defend Kaito from getting the kids' Ice Cream." Meiko smiles.

And as they open the door, there Kaito was fighting with the kids for their ice cream.

"Let go! My Ice Cream!" Kaito, being pulled by the kids.

"Kaito-sensei!... The Ice-cream is for later!" One of the boys who were struggling to pull Kaito away said. Kaito is also a teacher in the school.

Meiko comes in and smacks Kaito good, then dragging him back into the faculty room.

"Kaito-sensei is really a determined person." Len commented.

"I think so too." Chibi-Rin giggles.

"Nope," Hachune Miku disagrees, "I'd call him weird."

And so, the school bell rang and it's time for class.

"Alright everyone! Ohayo Gozaimasu!" Haku greets.

"Ohayou Gozaimasu Haku-sensei!" The whole class stood up and greeted her. And yes, Haku too, is a teacher.

(Haku doesn't have a voice bank... But I find her to be an adored character and I also found her speaking once on youtube... And so I like her)

"Ahh, there's nothing good to do today guys. I don't even feel like teaching you guys today..." Haku looked around for her Sake bottle, "Hey! Where'd it go?"

"I threw it away. Drinking early in the morning is bad for you." Hatsune Miku smiled.

"Why on earth would you do that?!" Haku despaired, "Ah! I need to drink now!" Haku sped out the door and into the faculty room, where she was dragged back into the classroom by the principal.

Anyway, after class.

"Impressionable?! Yeah right!" Haku continued pouring Sake for herself and Meiko.

"Put yourself together Haku." Meiko pat her back, "And just because I'm holding a Sake cup doesn't mean that you have to pour Sake for me!"

"Then get rid of the thing!" Haku complained.

"I don't want to!" Meiko emptied the cup, "It's a good design for my table. And how did you sneak a Sake bottle in the school?!"

"I don't know, I just brought it in." Haku then slept.

"Haku?! Hey! Get yourself together." Meiko shook her about.

Meanwhile, Len was talking with some girls.

"You know Len, you're pretty popular around our parts." The girl putting her arms around him said.

"Yeah, come over some time will you?" The girl who was just standing said.

"Ahahaha." Len laughed, "I'm just happy that I'm being acknowledged."

But then, through the open door, Len could see Rin and Kaito talking as if they were a couple. But in reality...

"Kaito-sensei, is it really okay for you to treat me to some Ice Cream?" Rin asks with hands behind her back.

"Yeah, it's about time I told someone about this really good Ice Cream shop. And you just happened to bump into me, so if you're not busy..." Kaito was interrupted.

"Ureshii!" Rin hugged Kaito.

Len, thinking of a way to get Rin back.

After some time, it's finally club activities. And in the manga club, the only thing you could hear is the typing on the keyboard, pencil sounds and ink painting.

Zen stopped typing and looked at Jake's drawing.

"Jake! What is Era doing with hair standing up?!" Zen complained, "I told you already that Era's highlights are his bangs with no standing hair!"

"That's not his hair! That's the stupid hankerchief around his head that you wanted!" Jake blasted out.

"That's not a hankerchief, that a party hat!" Keith added in while laughing, Jake followed.

"It's not a frick'n party hat! It's a hankerchief!" Zen yelled.

"Yeah, and that's a table napkin around his neck." Keith laughed.

"And that knife is going to be used to cut the cake." Jake added in and laughed as well.

"We're never going to finish a manga for 'Arcs!!!'" Zen cries.

"Then do the name already." Jake points.

"You're a genius! You don't need the name, and my drawings ain't any good." Zen blasted, "And I already drew the name! Why do you keep on doing the character designs?!"

"So I will know how to draw the character." Jake replies.

"I hate you... More reasons than 1." Zen says quietly.

"OK, I'm done sketching, should I ink this masterpiece?" Keith shows Zen his drawing.

Zen looks at the sketch, he looks at it closely then says, "What's with the face?"

"I can't draw the face man!" Keith started inking.

"What do you mean?! Your sketches are the best in quality I've ever seen!" Zen points out.

"Yeah, but they got no face so it's bad man." Keith dips the brush into the ink.

Zen draws a quick sketch, "There! That is how you draw a face!"

"See, you're drawings are good." Keith points out.

"It's not good in any way!!!" Zen yelled.

Then a guest comes in the room, "Senera Yuuka here?"

"Yes, that's me." Senera Yuuka, Zen's Pen Name.

"Your cover art has been chosen for the online light novel. Over 10,000 people on the internet voted for your cover." The guest bows, "I just wanted to inform you." Then he leaves.

"See man, you can draw!" Keith taps Zen's back.

"They are sympathetic people! They knew mine is bad so they pitied mine and voted for it!" Zen straightened it out.

Jake stood up and pat Zen's back as well, "You don't need me." and he left, Keith following after.

Zen, after despairing, shouted, "Fine! Who needs you guys?!" And suddenly, Hatsune Miku appears from out of nowhere, "Ah! Miku!"

"Did I startle you?" Miku asks.

"Yeah, you did." Zen put on his lifeless face again.

"You need help with the manga?" Miku asks,

"Yeah..." Zen looked away, "Kinda..."

And so, after 2 long hours...

"Miku..." Zen, crying.

"Yes?" Miku asks.

"Don't... Ever... Try... To... Draw... Manga... Ever... Again..." Zen said slowly.

And so, upon going home, the street home is always crowded with eager fans who await the beloved vocaloid to sing.

"Hi Everyone!" Hatsune Miku smiles on the small stage that was built for her. Lot's of people eagerly giving money for her singing. And Zen, ignoring everything and heading straight home. Miku chases after Zen, but the crowd just keeps her on stage to sing.

And so, arriving safely at home.

"It's 4pm... I have 2 damn hours." Zen rushed to the computer, after turning it on, he rushed down again to lock the door and grab an apple. By the time he went back up, the login screen has just appeared and Zen typed in his password. He munched on the apple as the desktop was starting up. Zen quickly opened his Internet browser.

The afternoon for Jake however...

"Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?" Rin asks while smiling.

"Ahh..." Jake lays off a bit from the computer, "You know, I'll just have some water."

"Ah, I don't have any water." Rin apologizes.

"Here you go Jake." Len serves Jake some water.

"Ah, that's okay Rin." Jake, completely ignoring Len, "Cuz these glasses of water just appeared and you should drink some yourself, and give this third glass to Chibi Rin."

"Sure." Rin smiles.

Len, completely ignored, "Ah... That's mine...?... Nevermind." and he goes to play with chibi-Rin and after to take a bath with Rin.

Rin quietly played with a Hachune Miku swimming toy while bubbling.

"What's wrong Len?" Rin asks.

"I saw you talking like sweet hearts with Kaito-sensei this morning." Len turns his head away.

"But he likes sweet things." Rin smiles.

"And I like spices." Len continues playing with the toy.

"If you like, after work, I'll treat you to some Ice Cream at a shop Kaito-sensei introduced me to." Rin smiles.

"Ah?!" Len, shocked, "That's just what it was?!"

And after doing so. Len smiles along with Rin as they head off to work at a construction site. Len and Rin in charge of flattening the surafce with road rollers.

The evening was a time for Keith and Luka...

"Ahh... I wonder what's gonna happen to me at home. Luka's gonna get mad if she knew I'm late." Keith sighes. As he opens the door, he realized no one was home. Not even Toeto who always stays at home. So Keith decides to call it a day and sleep. But in the bedroom...

"E-eto..." Toeto smiled, "You feeling good today Keith?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna sleep now." Keith smiled and pat Toeto's head.

"To-eto!" Toeto reacted to Keith's pat on the head.

"Goodnight!" Keith waved. As he lay down, he faced Luka.

"Welcome back! Please get out of the bed and change into your house clothes." Luka said in a demanding voice, "I don't want the bed to be all sweaty."

"WAAAH!" Keith screamed.

Next Chapter. Chapter 2 - SPICE!

I'm no good at fanfics, correct me wherever I'm wrong.