View Full Version : How to get your PC always running smoothly.

Cho Hakkai
04-03-2009, 06:31 AM
Here are some tips i know and also some helpful software that will keep your PC in tip-top shape.

Keep your operating system up to date. - this would be my number 1 tip because microsoft aims to protect its customers trust in them so they always make fixes for the products they made. (The customers trust = $$$$$)
Keep your anti-malware softwares up to date. - Anti-malware software can only protect your PC if it is kept up to date because everyday black hats today are always finding ways to harm your PC and even steal money/online ID/etc.
Always keep your PC "clean" - My use of the word clean means that you should put all your files in order so that if in a case that a worm/virus penetrates your system, you will instantly notice "extra" files that have popped out of no-where. This will also lessen the work needed to eradicate malware by just deleting these "extra" files. This will also work for you to ensure you will never forget where you place usually used files.
Use the windows restore system/restore points or Deep Freeze to keep your PC from getting malware. - The system restore system in Windows XP is a great tool for you to use in order to avoid being over run by malware. You can save your settings regularly so that if you notice a malware penetration you can instantly restore back to the latest settings your saved from but it also has its downsides being that certain viruses will also use this in the process to save a scenario where even if you restore all you want the virus will still stay on yoru PC. Deepfreeze solves this problem by saving a setting you have and no matter what a malware does while the PC is still frozen nothing can dent it. The downside being that it will also negate any changes you want to change while it is still frozen so you will regularly thaw your computer in order to make changes to it and you also have to restart your PC everytime you change your settings.
Always be updated on tech news for information on latest threats to your PC. - Information is a weapon you can use against malware because sometimes you can take care of malware manually if you knew what you are doing. Also you will also be well informed of things that are going on in the world of tech.
Never download suspicious files from the internet. (Even MP3's can be virus that have been edited to have the .mp3 file format) - This may come as a shock to some that the beloved MP3 file can also do you harm. Sometimes viruses disguise themselves as your regularly seen files like .exe .msi and of course media file formats like .mp3 .mp4 and such. Obviously you will always feel safer if you knew the file format you are dealing with so might be tempted to open an mp3 of your favorite song but realize that you already unleashed something nasty on your PC. So never be trusting no matter what site your are visiting. Even OS hehehe. Someone might come here and post a file in the forums saying its a game or what-not and since you feel safe enough in OS you open that file and BAM! Game-over.
Preferrably use geniune and "Paid-For" software to insure safety (Also preferably never use cracks) - This goes out to all of those who are just like me who use cracks and/or download from torrents. It is preferred to buy your software than to download them from torrents because you do not know that the uploader might have tweaked the software into install nasty things into your PC. So please buy your software if you have the money.
Reformat your PC once in awhile - This one is an optional thing since most of us have certain software and settings that we are already accustomed to and are too lazy to set up these things when we start over lol. But it is very good to reformat once in awhile to keep your PC clean from malware and such.

So there you have it folks sometips on how to keep your PC in tip-top form and keep it running smoothly.