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06-25-2018, 04:46 AM
Hello, OS. For someone who's been an OS-member since 2012, this is my first post ever on this site. I'll just say, I love this site as it has lots of anime titles to watch for free. However, this post may be kinda long, because I'll be trying to explain as good as I can. :)

I live in Norway. Several days ago, the Norwegian Government has passed a new law that prohibits streaming movies that have been uploaded on illegal streaming sites. That includes Kodi-boxes, Popcorn Time, and sites such as Putlocker and Movie4K, and I guess illegal anime sites like Kissanime and Gogoanime come under such category. Streaming on such sites may result with fines. The law is scheduled to start Sunday 1. July. EU is also working on similar laws.

In addition, I've read about the legality written on following sites:

While others say that Otaku-Streamers is probably illegal. According to an Anisearch supervisor I've talked with, OS is basically illegal according to EU laws, only the site has not been discovered, not yet.

So, for someone who don't want to be fined for streaming illegally, I want to ask you something, if you don't mind. Is Otaku-Streamers actually legal, and safe to use, despite some people claiming it to be illegal? Hope for an answer, thanks. :)

Also, instead of the "all cookies cleared" message, I've been getting the "502 Error - Bad Gateway" message whenever I log out from this site. Why does that happen?

Sincirely, Peach2012. :)

06-25-2018, 10:23 AM
Kodi itself is legal. What makes them illegal are the 3rd party addons behind them. The same applies to many sites. When it comes to anime, the legality depends on the license behind the anime & whether or not staff adhere to DMCA/C&D notices. Many anime are licensed.Some are still under the CC0 (no copyright) or unlicensed (still not exactly legal). However, CC0 licensed content can eventually become licensed in the future.

Some anime publishers who declare copyright set up a contract with smaller sites to share anime in exchange for revenue-sharing. A popular legal anime site had a DMCA against it a few days ago because the Python code (nothing to do with anime) used to develop a plugin for Kodi users didn't belong to the site, but to another company.

The best thing you can do in your position is to assume that no site is safe - that includes OS. There is a lot of illegal content on YouTube, but it isn't considered an illegal site (e.g.) because it has various copyright enforcement tactics like VERO & adheres to just about any complaint. With a law like that in your country, I would invest in a paid VPN to avoid ISP data throttling, spying, & government intervention, so you can stream privately.

As for the error you're getting, its nothing you're doing wrong. 502-504 codes generally fall under network server problems, such as the site taking too long to process a request. I don't think it will be worked on due to the OSv3 update coming eventually.

06-25-2018, 12:23 PM
Okay, thanks. But I have always known about the Kodi itself being legal, along with the many illegal contents on YouTube and the takedowns of such content, because I've been interrested in following copyright cases and such topics, as I've always been a "movie addict" since I was 3-year-old. So allow me to ask, does OS have some contracts with any anime company or vice versa, since I don't see anything related to DMCA. Do any of the companies get paid for any of the anime titles uploaded on this site? Is it okay for any copyright holders for any of their stuff to be uploaded by the OS users for free viewing?

As for the VPN, I'll admit, I'd like to invest in at least one, mostly for privacy and the spying thing. But the thing is, I don't have enough money for something like that. And I've been told from some friends of mine that even with VPN, I can still be discovered and eventually caught if the police, copyright holders or any others are interrested in working harder than normal. And because of this, I have no other choice than to watch content in sites like Netflix, Viaplay, Crunchyroll, as well as some free but legal sites that have crappy amount of movies. So this is why I've been hoping if the OS actually is legal, even without any deal or contracts, so I can watch anything on your site in peace since I can't effort to invest in any VPN. Is the OS legal, then I'm in heaven. :)

On the other side, I must obey the Norwegian laws, no matter if I want it or not.

However, I don't mind if all cookies are cleared whenever I log out, but what is the reason for this, if I may ask?

Thanks. :-)

06-25-2018, 01:01 PM
Its best to assume that copyright holders act on All Rights Reserved copyright policy. OS doesn't currently have talks with them as far as I'm aware - meaning you should not consider OS a legal source since it doesn't tell you what is & isn't licensed/authorized, or has a DMCA removal feature.

I still think you should invest in a VPN whenever you can. Laws like the ones in your country seek to create a blacklist that will make ISPs screen traffic for these violations automatically, which will result in warning letters sent to your home directly. VPNs make it extremely difficult to do that to you. Not all VPNs are created equal & some VPNs do allow law enforcement & government to access its data, but its usually for serious things like counter-terrorism operations, pedophilia, or hosting high-profile (think Game of Thrones, trending music, trending video games, etc.) copyright content. In cases like that where a person is persistent, a subpoena can exploit you.

I doubt you're that type of person. ;p I'm pretty sure you're just streaming, so I wouldn't worry that much about being discovered.

As for the logout problem, its a network related error on the server. Unfortunately I can't give specifics because there are lots of reasons for why it happens & I don't have access to it. ><

06-25-2018, 02:00 PM
Yeah, I'm a guy who's just streaming. I had to quit downloading torrents and such stuff when a stricter law against illegal downloading got enforced back in 2013. Too bad I shouldn't consider OS a legal source for whatever reasons you gave me, but well well, so it seems like I should be fine with it. I'm fine without Kodi, Popcorn Time and the likes, but as long as I avoid Putlocker, Movie4K, Gomovies.ia, KissCartoon and such illegal sites when the streaming law gets enforced from 1 July, I should be ok, but I will see what I can do when the time comes.

Thank you for the answers you could give me. Those clear up my minds. ;-)

Again, sincerely, Peach2012.

06-26-2018, 11:30 PM
The content on this site is legal from the Japanese standpoint if it is used as a cultural learning tool. People who write fansubs are allowed to show their work as subtitles add a significant educational benefit to those studying Japan and its culture. When a copywrited work gets liscensed to a foreign company that releases an official subtitled work in another country, the company may have rights to block other subtitled versions in it's country. It still does not break any law in Japan but in the country where it is viewed it might. If the subtitles are disabled it then becomes illegal in Japan and possibly in the country where it is viewed as well. Subtitles on OS are "burned-in" so they cannot be turned off. It is non-Japanese subtitles which creates the fair use of an otherwise copywrite work. It is the burden of the viewer to know which shows you can legally watch, typically if there is no liscensed product of that show in your region. Much of the older stuff and lesser known titles are less frequently liscensed. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in most countries. Most countries have fair use clauses that might make it legal regardless of lisence. Downloading is against the site rules.
That is to my knowledge the status of the works on OS. Forgive my run-on sentences and incomplete thoughts. I appreciate positive criticism if I'm wrong.

06-27-2018, 03:08 AM
From my viewpoint, we consider it as legal because of the learning tool even our own universities allow us to watch Japanese movies or it's called Egasai. We learn from their culture and they also benefit from us through learning English. We also encouraged learning their language here since it will be an advantage for both parties in the future.

06-27-2018, 04:26 AM
Licenses usually tend to be based on Geo (Geolocation - what country OS's website host is in).

If OS's servers were based in the US (it isn't), it would be considered illegal because major competitors have purchased a license for much of the anime content in that location & can therefore go after sources like OS. The same applies in EU countries (However, if you live in the EU, Article 11 & Article 13 may very soon create copyright laws seeking to go far beyond that).

As long as a company doesn't purchase a license in the host country of OS, it will remain in an unlicensed gray area.

But the problem is, for OS to be considered usable for learning purposes, it would need a Disclaimer notice & Terms hyperlink at the bottom of every page with certain clauses disclosing educational purposes. It also needs a DMCA report section. And some licenses require OS to block multiple countries from access.

So its hard say that the entire site is outright illegal or legal. There are many variables involved. So its best to assume that legality depends on where you live & the copyright laws of your country.