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03-07-2017, 12:57 PM
I try not to do too many reviews about dramas that aren't on OS, but as I'm really hoping this one is added eventually and it's really good, I figured I should.

Goblin is a new K-drama about a Goryeo warrior, Kim Shin, who finds himself plagues with an immortal life, a gift of the deities, after he is betrayed (making him a goblin). The main story takes place about 900 years later but includes wonderful snippets of Kim's past in Goryeo. Kim Shin is now known by a different name and is looked after by the descendants of the family who has served Kim Shin since before he became the Goblin. After 900 years of watching those he cares for die, the Goblin is tired of his immortal life. However, the only way to end it is for the one known as the Goblin Bride to pull the sword from his chest.

So, Kim Shin is only one of the major characters in this story. The youngest member of the family to serve the Goblin is Duk Hwa. He is a corporate heir who has been cut off financially due to his frivolous spending habits. He decides to rent out a room of his "Uncle's," the Goblin, house. Enters a Grim Reaper. In this story, Grim Reapers are souls who have committed a grave sin and no longer remember their past lives. However, they have to save up money from funeral offerings and buy their own food and lodgings. Hence the current situation.

Also important to the story is Eun Tak, a missing soul. Eun Tak wasn't even supposed to be born, but thanks to the interference of the Goblin, her mother lived and so Eun Tak was born. She has the ability to see ghosts and they call her the Goblin's Bride. Eun Tak doesn't have an easy life, but things are about to change for her when she turns 19.

This story has pretty much everything. Lovable characters, humor, romance, historical fight scenes, magic, great character growth, and more. It was such a joy to watch and I was instantly in love from episode 1. But be warned: tissues will be needed.

So, does Kim Shin's long and eternal life finally come to an end? Who is the Grim Reaper? What part does Eun Tak play? Does Duk Hwa ever get his credit card back? I hope that you will watch to find out. ^.^