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02-06-2016, 04:39 AM
**i wrote this a year ago (i think) and submitted this for a contest, though i didn't won, but it's okay, since this is my first time to write a one-shot fic ^^ This is shounen-ai, but there's nothing intimate being written here, besides i'm not good in writing stories hehe. :)**


Characters: Sousuke x Shino [from “Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun”]

Summary: Sousuke has been love with Shino, he’s childhood friend, for almost 6 years now. Then one day, Sousuke finally decided to confess his feelings. What will be Shino’s reaction and reply?

--Sousuke's POV--

He’s always been in my mind. I was abandoned by my parents, and his parents took me in. Both of us are really getting along with each other. Since he was still 9 years old and i was 15 at that time when his parents took me in, we already considered ourselves as childhood friends. We eat together, play together, sleep together, we are together all the time and wherever we go. I’m just so happy whenever i’m at his side, it makes me want to protect him. I was so happy when he said that he has a brother who he can depend on. Yes, i was happy. But later on, i don’t know when it started but, i am slowly falling for him and i just want him to be all mine.

8 years has passed and we’re still together; it’s also been 6 years now that i fell in love with him, of course i still love him until now. That’s why this day is very important to me because today is the day where i decided to confess my feelings for him after all these years. Well, honestly, my feelings are already been flowing out, and it’s bad if i still keep on hiding it.

I’m 20 minutes early for our designated time to meet. I thought while looking at my watch.


I turned around when i heard my name being called by a familiar voice. Then i saw him and i smiled, seeing him really brightens my day.

“Sorry I’m late, i forgot to sound my alarm.”

“It’s okay, i just got here about a minute ago.” I smiled to him.



If i told him the truth that i was here about 20 minutes ago, then surely he will really scold me...even if it should be the other way around. I thought.

“So? You called me and wanted to meet. Why? What’s wrong?” he asked, his face shows that he’s really worried.

“Yeah, uhmm before that, let’s look for a place first where...uhmm...there are only....few people.” I replied, stuttering.


I already have a place in mind where i will confess to him.

I stopped, “here’s fine.”

He looked at the surroundings and then it hit him.

“Wait, Sousuke, isn’t this the place where we first met?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Since i will confess to him, i want to do it where we first met---The playgroud. We found a bench and sat there. There’s awfully a long silence between us. Did he already get what i will say to him?

He looked at me and said, “tell me, what do you want to say? And in this place too.”

I inhaled quite long then said, “I love you and......please be mine, Shino.”

“Wha-? Love? You mean that kind of love?” Shino asked, surprised.

“Y--yeah,” i stuttered.

“Wow, i was really surprised. You know--”

I cut him off, i touched his cheeks and when he looked at me, i kissed him.

“I love you for a very long time until now. Even if you’ll hate me, i don’t care, that’s how much i want you.”

“Idiot.” Shino said, smiling.


“I’m already yours since the start,” he said, and he kissed me back.

I’m so happy that i could die.